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Another week has come and gone and it was surely a week to remember - the market brought us huge announcements, huge challenges and huge predictions. To separate fact from fiction, your ever-present team at Bitcoin Trend & Forecast scoured the charts and scoured the news to help you navigate through all the noise. You, hopefully, joined our analysts and trainers as they discussed the theories behind the news (and the rumours) and listened as they provided opinions and direction to make sure you were well equipped, both emotionally and technically, to succeed in this roller coaster of a market.

Now more than ever it's important for you to have the right partners and we think getting to know the people behind our products, learning what makes them tick and why they are so good at what they do will only serve to instil confidence in us further. To help provide more insight, this week we will be continuing our 20/20 series. Twenty questions and answers, that take less than 20 minutes to read.

This week we learn about our next dynamic duo - Elmarie du Preez and Charl Van den Berg– the team who bring you our fast, furious and fantastic Salsa Signals product. As well as Salsa Signals, Elmarie is also the brains behind our unique and insightful Emotions Detector product.

Before we get to the questions, though, let’s have a brief reminder about what these two products are all about.

If you are a trader with only a little bit of time on your hands, the team at Salsa Signals will do all the technical analysis for you for those shorter-term (or what we call Snuggle) trades.
Between 60 and 80 professional crypto trading signals are provided every month, via Telegram, for trades that last between 2-48 hours. At the top they short the market, and in the dip, they enter spot trades, making profit regardless the direction of the market.

Our SALSA Signals TA Team shares two to five crypto spot or short trade signals with you per day, so you can grab the opportunity and start trading cryptocurrency like a pro.

Now, to find out if using signals is for you, it’s essential that you understand your own emotions and subsequent patterns of behaviour when you are trading.

Without awareness of your core fear, blind spots, triggers, and reaction to triggers, your unconscious mind may run the show and your reactions and thinking may be on autopilot. The power of identifying your underlying emotions lies in your ability to be aware of them and to be in choice.

This is where the BTAF Emotions Detector comes in. The program creates meta-awareness at a uniquely individual level and uncovers the emotions and patterns of behaviour that subconsciously drive and motivate you to act in certain ways. In making these emotions, patterns, and motivations conscious, you will be able to develop and transcend these.

In essence, it will figure out why you do what you do and how it could influence your trading and trading style - the perfect first step in understanding why Salsa Signals or any of our products is the perfect fit for you.

Now that you know a bit more, let’s get to know the two analysts behind these great products and services...onto 20/20 where the tough, and not so tough, questions were asked:

QUESTION 1: What or who is your inspiration?

ELMARIE: Elon Musk

CHARL: My family and to get a chance to travel and to trade remotely from any place in the world.

QUESTION 2: How did you get into Crypto?

ELMARIE: I had a bad experience with a network marketing pyramid scheme but was introduced to TONOIT at the time at one of their workshops.

CHARL: I’ve always been interested in some form of trading, but never knew how to start. A few scams happened in the beginning, but this still allowed me to learn about Bitcoin and cryptos and I quickly understood this is the future. I then stumbled across the HODLNOTS, did the course and that paved my way forward.

QUESTION 3: Why did you choose your particular style of trading?

ELMARIE: The first training I did was the scalping course with HODLNOTS, then the day-trade course with Trendsig. My Trading Style sits right in-between the two strategies; hence SALSA Signals was born.

CHARL: Because of my business I couldn't spend as much time in front of screens as I wished and that led me to look at slightly longer timeframes. But I am still a scalper deep down😂.

QUESTION 4: What is your favourite crypto coin and why?

ELMARIE: BTC, because it dictates the entire market. If your study BTC’s moves, you can multiply and apply it to most of the other bigger market cap coins.

CHARL: I have no favourites, I trade what is on the table.

QUESTION 5: What is your favourite indicator?

ELMARIE: The Fib Retracement tool. It shows you valid and unbiased horizontal support and resistance areas on all timeframes.

CHARL: I am a trendline kind of guy. Can't go without them.

QUESTION 6: Binance or Kucoin or Bybit and why?

ELMARIE: Bybit – Excellent support, great reward system, user friendly platform and tutorials, more derivative contracts than any other exchange, good volume on leveraged pairs.

CHARL: BYBIT all the way. Love the platform.  I also do Leverage trading and in my opinion it’s one of the easiest to use with some great features making things a lot simpler.

QUESTION 7: What is your favourite trading snack and drink?

ELMARIE: Flavoured water and a bowl of peanuts and raisins.

CHARL: I love Chips/Biltong. Coffee in the mornings. In the afternoon I might have a Whisky or Captain Morgan Rum. That is purely to calm the nerves 🤪

QUESTION 8: What does your trading setup look like? Show us a picture!


CHARL: A very simple one...I am not "there" yet. A PC and a Laptop....still have the dream of multiple screens😄😄

QUESTION 9: What would your ideal Trading Set up look like?

ELMARIE: Ideally, I dream of a set up where I had 3 screens mounted on the wall in front of me, a very good sound system and my laptop on my desk also in front of me. Oh, and GOOD music!

CHARL: I suppose three nice big screens in front of you would be nice...hopefully I can upgrade next year!

QUESTION 10: What was your best trade ever?

ELMARIE: The PAID IDO – 32 x’d my investment.

CHARL: I had a nice scalp trade of about 50% once, forgot coin’s name though.

QUESTION 11: Dog or cat and why?

ELMARIE: Dogs – I’m allergic to cat fur. I have a Weimaraner and a Jack Russel – love them to bits.

CHARL: Love both! I have a beautiful "naughty" Great Dane that owns the house and my bed for that matter...and we have two cats that rules the house, they also rule the Great Dane🤣. I never liked cats before, but changed my mind drastically since we've had them😄.

QUESTION 12: What is your favourite crypto news site(s) and why?

ELMARIE: Twitter and Telegram, best place to find all the rumours, gossip, news and so on without having to work through a ton of jargon.

CHARL: There are so many YouTube channels that feed news very often. At some point I decided to not listen to them all…they just make your head spin. I am sort off trying to cut out the noise...it’s just too much.

QUESTION 13: Where in the world do you live?

ELMARIE: Krugersdorp, South Africa

CHARL: Richards Bay, KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. The North coast about 2 hour’s drive from Durban.

QUESTION 14: Forest or Ocean?


CHARL: Ocean, but I love the bushveld also.

QUESTION 15: What is the best crypto advice you could give someone?

ELMARIE: No trade is better than a bad trade.

CHARL: Accumulate your cryptos for the long run.

QUESTION 16: What is your crypto routine?

ELMARIE: I’m not a routine person. I’m a strong supporter of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. When, where and in what order it happens is not as important as that it happens at a time and place that suits me.

CHARL: My days change in an instant sometimes because of my business. But normally I would have my morning coffee, look at the trades of the previous day, flip through some charts, and look for new opportunities.

QUESTION 17: What is the colour of money?

ELMARIE: Green for Grace.

CHARL: Is this a trick question? lol, let’s go with green.

QUESTION 18: If you could compare yourself with any animal, which would it be and why?

ELMARIE: An Elephant. Steady and secure. Not much threaten it. It protects its children and the herd. It’s not noisy. Nothing stops it.

CHARL: They didn't call me Nemo for nothing😂. A pelagic fish, I think, you can pretty much travel the world, there are no boundaries!

AND FINALLY…QUESTION 19: What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

ELMARIE: Boutique Hotel owner at the coast.

CHARL: I always wanted to be a marine biologist. I wanted to study in that direction and ended up being a medical technologist...but never liked it. I should have stuck with my 1st choice, but now being a trader is what I enjoy and would like to perfect that.

Oh ya, Question 20: Would you like to join our family?

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