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COMBO - Barney BOT and Hodlnots DEN

COMBO - Barney BOT And Hodlnots DEN
đź“… Publish Date : 26-04-2022



Exclusive BOT channel on Telegram

BARNEY is the Lagging Span Indicator

Bots are coded to coins on KuCoin and Binance coins

Bots for Barney will signal when BARNEY/Lagging meets the Top Bollinger

Bots for Blue Candle will signal when there is a Cup & Handle seen

Consists of 10 bots (6 Barney and 4 Blue Candle/Cup & Handle). Timeframes for bots: 1m, 15m and 1hr 

BOT signals off the Lagging Span and Top Bollinger Band 

MUST know how to trade and understand indicators. 

This is an automated BOT running on servers that you can use to identify potential trend tips. 

Please note the following:

This is not a signals product.

Watch the video before purchasing.

This product does not include a chat support group. It.

No refunds are allowed. 

No exchanges are allowed. 

You accept the Terms and Conditions when you purchase the product.


The DEN is our private, global, Scalp TRADING community and Telegram chat channel. It is available to both Certified and non-Certified HODLNOTS™. It is available as an add-on to your Long Term Report or as a stand-along product. It's ideal for those interested in 3 minute to 20 minute trade signals <1 hour. 

In the DEN you have access to calls about coins that are currently moving and tips from our seasoned Trainers, Traders and Coin Spotters. Make profitable quick scalp trades safely - see our members reviews.

You will be allowed to participate in all DEN contests with potential to win monthly subscriptions and/or BTC/USDT prizes. 

Wendy Landman will live trade with you frequently here. These are not training sessions - you will need to know how to trade. 

Ad-hoc live Zoom trading with the Trainers occur periodically.

Trading with an ever growing community of experienced scalp traders, 24/7, as traders and trainers support the DEN. 

With your subscription, you also get access to the HODNOTS™ Bot Tips. Our Bot Tipis identify potential scalping coins from two locations on the 1 minute, 15 minute and 1 hour timeframes to keep you continuously updated.  

Donations from each subscription will go into the Help Fund and Academy for HODLNOTS™ to access if there is a need within the community. 

Scalp Trading experience is required before joining. If you would like to learn how to scalp trade, please take the HODLNOTS™ Scalp Trading Course listed in our Online Store. 

What is NOT included with the subscription if you have not yet completed the HODLNOTS™ Course:

Live support and training - you will not be able to access our permanent training room - The Lodge. 

The tools we use and give to those who take the course: (HODLNATOR™, Profit Planner, Rapid Fire Trainings and live TRAINING support by Wendy and the Trainers.)

You will also not have access to the Academy nor any of the recorded training videos.