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The BitcoinTAF EmotionsDetector

The BitcoinTAF EmotionsDetector
📅 Publish Date : 12-07-2022

BTAF Emotions Detector – Emotional Management and Development

Understanding your own emotions and subsequent patterns of behavior will help you be more aware of the ways in which you will react on trading outcomes (good or bad), especially when not awake and aware.
Without awareness of your core fear, blind spots, triggers and reaction to triggers, your unconscious mind may run the show and your reactions and thinking may be on autopilot. The power of identifying your underlying emotions lies in your ability to be aware of them and to be in choice.

Why the BTAF Emotions Detector?
The program creates a meta-awareness at a uniquely individual level and uncovers the emotions and patterns of behavior that sub-consciously drive and motivate you to act in certain ways. In making these emotions, patterns, and motivations conscious, you will be able to develop and transcend these.

With the help your Guiding Report and your Accredited BTAF Emotions Detector Coach, you’ll gain a very powerful understanding of your development and integration path, starting from your core motivational pattern. You will be empowered to take responsibility for your own emotional management, growth and behaviors from a greater understanding of why you act and react in certain ways, especially in harsh market conditions.

What are the long-term benefits?
The BTAF Emotions Detector is based on a system that has over the past four decades, proven to be one of the most powerful tools in the Personal and Emotional Development space. It will not only fast-track insight, growth, and integration, but will also give durability and magnitude to your development process over time. The Program is not a superficial framework to provide just a quick and short-lived insight. The depth and layered approach of the program will enable you to develop yourself over time, as it continues to resonate more deeply as you change, and your emotional management improves.

- Creates meta-awareness at the level of motivation
- Increase consciousness and confidence
- Enables clearing of core emotional issues
- Provides a framework for understanding functional and dysfunctional behaviors that stem from core motivations
- Increases compassion for self and others
- Uncovers pathways to emotional development and integration
- Positions these individual emotional patterns and behaviors within current and historical context
- Increases productivity, emotional management when trading, and motivation.
- Creates language and sensemaking framework that stretches deeper than a personality-trait-based approach.

Emotions in the market: Some Examples.
Does any of the following sounds familiar?
- You buy an asset simply because you see the price is rising
- You avoid opening a trade because you are fearful of what will happen, especially after suffering a loss.
- You regularly extend your stop loss to prevent it from being triggered.
- You are over-cautious (putting your stop losses too close), or not cautious enough (FOMO Trading).
- After suffering a loss you have an urge to enter a trade with the same pair in the hope of making a lot of money or making back the money you lost (Revenge Trading)
- You calculate your profits before even entering the market.
Emotions play an essential role in trading indeed - Traders often loose money not because they don't know how to trade, but because they failed to manage their emotions. The main reason for failing to manage their emotions is usually that they're not aware of what those emotions are. 

Do you know your triggers, blind spots, strengths, fears, weaknesses?
What drives you, what makes you anxious, how will the market take advantage of your emotions (and it will)?
Are you able to keep the following emotions under control?
- Boredom, leading to a lack of focus
- Depression, Hope
- Doubt, Fear, Greed
- Anger, Frustration
- Anxiety, Excitement

Investing in your own Emotional Development will be one of the smartest decisions you'll ever make in your trading career. Not only will you receive a comprehensive 42 page report after completion of the 45min assessment covering all of the above plus suggested growth paths, your Purchase will also include an One Hour Free On-line debriefing session with an Accredited BTAF Emotions Detector Coach.





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Amazing tool!

This product delivered so much more than I was expecting! The process was seamless and well-managed and the report had incredible depth and Read More detail. The recommendations in the report are also very helpful if you do not know where to start working on something. The coach was also fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed the debriefing session. Well done on an excellent product that completely over-delivers!
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Great way to learn more about your own emotions and behaviours

I did the questionnaire and learned so much from Elmarie about my blind spots, my weaknesses, and also my strengths in a Professional, Priva Read More te, and Trader capacity! It is definitely worth doing to have a better understanding of emotions and behaviours and the exercises have helped me tremendously.
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Marius Landman
Amazing discovery about my own emotions

I've completed the Emotions Detector and highly value the feedback and detailed PDF report I received. The questions are second to none, the Read More feedback and action plan and/or workbook is most valuable and I understand my decision-making process much better. With this knowledge, I am now more confident in making trade decisions without fear because those decisions are now based on factual information I've learned about myself. I can only highly recommend that each person undertake this Emotions Detector. The value surpasses the cost 10-fold. For sure 5-stars from me! Marius
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