Bybit HODLFIRE Indicator and Pivot Bot Signals are used together to identify TOP and BOTTOM entry/exit positions for LONG/SHORT Leveraged trading opportunities - FIRE UP with NEON candles to maximize your trades.


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Bybit TRADING (For Bybit users)

Introducing the Bybit HODLFIRE Indicator and Bot Signals!

The original spot trading HODLFIRE has now been redesigned specifically for leveraged trading, using exclusive PIVOT/Neon Bot Signals coded to the Bybit Exchange to assist traders in identifying opportunities for Long/Short Leveraged trading on any timeframe or chart on Tradingview.

The Bybit HODLFIRE is a complex coded indicator designed as a visual aid to assist the seasoned leverage trader in deciding when best to enter the trades and take profit using Pivot Points and LONG/SHORT Tags.

How the Bybit HODLFIRE works: Our private intellectual property, using merged indicators, identifies unique PIVOT POINTS and FIRE CANDLES. These signals FIRE UP when price rules, volume, support and resistance targets, and fib circle/zones are met at our specific settings that have been back-tested and dialled in on various timeframes to capture the best WIN RATE.

WIN RATE Calculation: This is a bonus feature requested by BYBiT for their seasoned leveraged traders, showing the win rate percentage.

Bybit HODLFIRE Candles: The indicator will display FIRE neon candles when the correct coding combination is reached. Neon Lime Green indicates a stronger uptrend momentum, while Neon Yellow indicates a stronger downtrend momentum. The indicator settings can be modified to match your trading screen colour preferences, as we know many traders like different coloured screens and backgrounds. The default setting is NEON GREEN for a Stronger UPtrend and NEON YELLOW for a Stronger DOWNtrend volume.

PIVOT POINTS: The pivot point tags appear for high and low support and resistance targets based on price changes, volume, and technical analysis, where a pivot point or reverse in the trend is expected. The Bybit HODLFIRE has been upgraded to display LONG/SHORT tags to help identify the best possible BUY/SELL points. The Leveraged PIVOT POINTS are dialled into a closer setting for high-risk management, preserving the best win rate possible.

PIVOT/NEON BOT TIP SIGNALS: The Bybit HODLFIRE has its server with its own BYBiT Bot Signals when the TOP, TEMP and BOTTOM Pivot Points are generated on crypto coins exclusively on the BYBiT Exchange. These upgraded signals are maximized with higher volume to lower the signals received and ensure better-profiting possibilities.

Yes, the Bybit HODLFIRE works on other forms of trading (like Spot) and on all time frames. However, the BYBiT Signals are exclusive to cryptocurrency coins and only coded to BYBiT Exchange coins.

Bybit HODLFIRE Original Strategy:

  1. Using the Bybit HODLFIRE Bot signals channel or other methods, watch for a BOTTOM Pivot signal and Tag to appear to find running coins. The recommended timeframes are 15 minutes and 1 hour.
  2. Once showing - right-click on the BOTTOM Pivot Tag and set an alert for a NEON Candle.
  3. When the alert comes in for the first NEON Candle – this is your BUY candle for a LONG trade. It should be confirmed with a LONG tag.
  4. Once you have bought into a coin, return to the BOTTOM Pivot tag, right-click, and set an alert for both the TOP Pivot and the SHORT Tag to minimize the risk of missing the exit price.
  5. The alert for the TOP Pivot, confirmed by the SHORT Tag, is your exit point for a LONG trade.
  6. As time permits and if the coin is in profit, we suggest moving up a Stop Loss to ensure profit is taken in case of a sudden change in volume or direction.

REVERSE these steps for SHORT trades. You will seek the TOP PIVOT signals, Yellow Neon candles and Short tags to find Short signals. You will seek a Bottom Pivot alert with a LONG tag to exit the trade.

NOTE: A Pivot Point Tag, followed by a LONG or SHORT tag, strongly confirms the trend.

FIRE UP your trading profits today for a great indicator to help you trade more significant percentage gains.


  1. If you do not already have a account, use this link to join:
  2. After purchase, you will receive an email with instructions to activate the indicator and the signals and a unique link to join BYBiT. If you can't wait to join BYBiT, use this link:
  3. A video will also become available to watch, explaining how to use the Bybit HODLFIRE.

Please also note the following before you purchase: 

This is not a signals product - The bot does not trade for you. You must understand how to trade to use both it and the indicator. Watch the video after purchasing. This product does not include a chat support group. No refunds or exchanges are allowed. LEVERAGE TRADING IS HIGH-RISK TRADING, and you should fully understand and know the risks. If you need to understand how to trade and want to learn - please look into the HODLNOTS COURSE to learn how to read indicators and buy and sell cryptocurrency. does not teach Leveraged Trading skillsets now; please look at the Bybit Exchange platform for further instructions and guidance to understand leveraged trading and the risks before you begin. Bybit SPOT Trading can be used as you start trading with less risk until you are fully trained and confident for leveraged trading. You accept the Terms and Conditions when you purchase the product.


Can I use a Credit or Debit Card to pay for the Bybit HODLFIRE?

Yes, you can pay via VISA or Mastercard at checkout.

Can I pay for the Bybit HODLFIRE using Cryptocurrency?

Yes, you will be provided with an option to pay for the Bybit HODLFIRE with crypto via CoinPayments at checkout.

How do I get access to the Bybit HODLFIRE Indicator and Bot?

After you purchase the Bybit HODLFIRE, you will be emailed instructions explaining how to add it to your Tradingview screen and also how to join the Bybit HODLFIRE bot on Telegram.

Does the Bybit HODLFIRE Product come with any training?

You will have access to an explainer video detailing the sections of the Bybit HODLFIRE, how to use them and also several different strategies that have been tested by Bybit Traders. Bybit traders will also be holding regular calls that you can join, where they will be discussing the indicator and bot.

On what type of trading can I use the Bybit HODLFIRE?

The Bybit HODLFIRE was specifically designed for intraday, leveraged trading (2-12 hours in length) but also works very well on all time frames and with most trading strategies, meaning that you can use it for scalping, day, medium and long term trades as well.

What is the difference between the HODLNATOR and the Bybit HODLFIRE indicators?

The HODLNATOR would be your choice if you are going to Spot trade the shorter timeframes (scalping) or would like to follow Nico/Marius' charts when they use it on their charts (DTM, MTT or LTT). The Bybit HODLFIRE is designed for intraday leveraged trading (2-12 hour trades) on the Bybit exchange.

What is the difference between the "green" HODLFIRE that I saw on the product page and this Bybit HODLFIRE?

The "green" HODLFIRE is the original and was developed for use by Spot Scalp traders who wanted to trade for a longer period of time. It's dialled in to 15-minute and 1-hour time frames (although can be used on all time frames). The accompanying Bot Signals are running 3 exchanges - Binance, Kucoin and MEXC. This Bybit HODLFIRE was developed for leveraged traders who are taking Long and Short positions, with the Bot Signals running exclusively on the Bybit exchange.

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Sunstar P. (VERIFIED)

Works as described
I've been using the HODLFIRE for two weeks and wish I had found this bot two years ago. It's great for scalp, day, and 4-hour trades.

George F. (VERIFIED)

Best Indicator by far
I got it two days ago, and I am ecstatic! It works as described.