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DTM ESSENTIALS - Wallets & Secure Storage

DTM Wallet Essentials
📅 Publish Date : 18-05-2022
Whether you're a Bitcoin Beginner or a DeFi Degen, this course will expand your knowledge on Secure Storage and erase bad habits you may have picked up along the way.

THIS COURSE IS SELF PACED and is a prerequisite for the Mastering DeFi Course OR purchase both in the combo package today (great value).


Pre order today and get access to the following:

- 12 months access to training videos and tutorials
- Bonus 12 months additional access
- Top Resources on Wallet Choices and Networks
- Step-by-Step Tutorials and Walkthroughs
- How to navigate MetaMask, NFTs, and Tokens
- Hot, Cold & Browser Extension Wallets
- Workbooks, Tools And MORE!

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