LIVE TRAINING: Hodlnots Scalp Trade Course (7 Nov 2021)

LIVE TRAINING: Hodlnots Scalp Trade Training Course 

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    NEXT LIVE COURSE DATES: 7 - 11 November 2021

    The Hodlnots Training Course equals to a 30 days ACTIVE subscription.  



    The skill and strategy of scalping involves 'scooping' profit on a regular basis. This means you buy a coin at a lower price and sell at a higher price in a short time frame. Many small profits can easily compound into large gains and, with a tight stop loss, capital can be protected. 



    We teach you how to make profitable quick scalp trades safely - the average is 5% per day

    To learn the HODLNOTS™ mentality, you attend a training course set at 5x1 hour training & education sessions split over 5 days, and participate in an EXTRA 7 days of support in a dedicated Telegram group.

    The training course is conducted each month.

    We want to ensure you are equipped to trade together with 300+ successful traders already in our DEN.

    We give you the inside scoop on how to set up and use your Tradingview account with our exclusive indicator that is dialled in specifically for scalp trading.  This indicator is only available to our certified members.

    The initial 5 x 1 hour training sessions, once completed, can be retaken or reviewed at any time at no extra cost. 



    Duration: 12 days total  - consisting of 1 x pre-training chat, 5 x days of classes & support events and  6 x days of additional dedicated support and events). 

    Class: 1 to 1.5 hours each class presented by live ZOOM session & recorded for you to review.

    Additional Support Week: Consists of Zoom training sessions, quizzes, homework, and live chat participation to further cement what you learned on the 5 day course. 

    Recordings: Course videos are accessible in our HODLNOT Academy private area.

    Dates: The Course will be conducted each month.

    Goal: Scalp trade the markets for daily profits in both uptrends and downtrends.

    Prerequisites: Basic Crypto knowledge of how to buy Bitcoin/USDT and own a wallet management. (Please let us know if you require Basic Crypto help).

    Prior trading knowledge is not necessary as we will teach you the basics of trading - how to buy/sell coins. 

    Technology: Zoom, Telegram and Google are used and a stable internet connection is required.



    Pre-training Essentials Videos & Chat:  After registration, you will be granted access to a series of Pre-Essential Course videos to watch to help get you set up for the Course.  Then, 2 days before the Live  Course starts, there will be a live Pre-Training chat where the video content will be discussed and where you will be able to ask questions.  Here is a breakdown of what you will learn in the Live Course.

    Day 1: Indicators – Part 1 – Moving Averages in-depth & additional indicators.

    Day 2: Indicators – Part 2 – Candles & Patterns, Intro to the HODLNATOR™ (exclusive indicator).

    Day 3: In-depth look at Time Frame analysis and scalping differences.

    Day 4: Coin pairing, buying, selling, Stop Limit, OCO.   Focus on STOP LOSS (SLOSS) and finding coins.

    Day 5: LIVE trading with Q&A.

    Day 6-7: Weekend Practice & Support.

    Day 8: LIVE trading with Q&A & Quizzes, dedicated Trainer support.

    Day 9: LIVE trading with Q&A & Quizzes, dedicated Trainer support.

    Day 10: Q&A's, Quizzes,  dedicated Trainer support.

    Day 11: Graduation, Q&A's, dedicated Trainer support .


    Note: During the 11 days, there are also additional live training chats scheduled throughout.  NOT included in the Course: Access to the DEN. (See DEN tab above for more information).



    PRE-COURSE video training is now offered and included prior to the start of each live course.

    For those who are a bit unfamiliar with exchanges and charting websites, we give you an exchange and charting overview and show you how to start setting up your charts for the course.  It is highly recommended to watch these videos and attend the Pre-Course Essentials Chat to be ready for Day 1 of the course.




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    The best trading course money can buy!

    Wendy and her team of HODLNOT trainers provide the best on-hand support and guidance for scalp trading. The course is well structured so tha Read More LNOT trainers provide the best on-hand support and guidance for scalp trading. The course is well structured so that any level of trading experience is accommodated. Covering the basics of Tradingview, exchange use, indicators, time frames and various strategies and more to support your trading game. You cant forget the included HODLNATOR indicator which ties all the courses teachings to take your trading to the next level. At the conclusion of the course, you will be well equipped to take to the markets and start earning money whenever you please. That's the beauty of scalp trading! Follow fundamentals and make emotionless, profitable, trades! I can't thank Wendy and the team enough! If you haven't done the course, don't hesitate as I did, take the plunge and don't look back.
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    Pierre Oliver
    I hope this will inspire people22 Feb 2021

    Hell Marius, team, lot to say so Testimony. I hope this will inspire people who failed previously or struggle to get result in crytpo. I am Read More say so Testimony. I hope this will inspire people who failed previously or struggle to get result in crytpo. I am a member since fall 2017. I thank you Marius from the bottom of my heart and Wendy and your team for all the training and explanations in free webinars I made mistake a lot in crypto, most of the time it was greed and inexperience and i had not a plan. In theses 3-4 years i learned so much. I always dreamt to be financially free and being trader / investor in crypto and precious metals and i now have a plan. it is written on a piece of paper and look at it each day. For the last decade i was looking to learn and master this spheres but before being a subscriber I really did not know where to look as most of advice is mainstream style to take your money and defraud you. How things really works it is a well kept secret for a small group of the so-called elite that i call the Usurpators. Since the last 3 months, I applied more your method, trading a portion long-term, another more scalp or day trading and i doubled my portfolio! It was sometime tough as i work a 8 to 5 job plus commute, but i spend most of my free time listening to your webinar, reading reports and working my trades. It is now a sideline but the goal is that the sideline become my main stream of income in 1-2 years. Because of you, i feel i learn how the things really works in many aspect of our financial system. I knew for years it was corrupted and designed to rob us, the little guys, but what you do with Wendy and your team helped me a lot. I settled my goal and want to reserve a seat (motivation) for a class of hodlnots for my birthday as a gift to my self and my wife and my 3 kids by no later December 19 th 2021 as a motivation, but would be really nice being ready before but I cannot miss a whole week outside of my vacations... hence why I hope you will make something for Christmas holydays this year as i think i am not the only one in this situation. My goal is that in a year or two I will have 25 months of living ahead of me and leave that work and get full time on it and I am looking soon to incorporate myself to lead my own management fund with probably real estate and such thing. it is written on plan . I remember what you said about telling you what you think and you will tell me where I will be in five year. The first time I heard that, i started my 5 year plan no so long after. What you do for people is inspiring and uplifting. Especially when you shared your personal story, your origin and your life as orphan in Africa. To see all what you've done, especially form where you started is a great example of what a determined human being can accomplish. Thank you Marius, Wendy, team God bless you all. Pierre Oliver Europe
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    There is no better Crypto Training to lay a good foundation

    I wish I had the opportunity to start my Crypto career with this training 5 years ago. But better late than never. Great hands on content. Read More ity to start my Crypto career with this training 5 years ago. But better late than never. Great hands on content. Wendy is a genius and very talented trainer - always full of passion, joy and fun. The whole team is incredibly supportive and competent. The team dynamics are vibrant, kind of a cool family supporting each other. I particularly appreciate the vision and heart behind Hodlnots to empower and set people free to be blessed and be a blessing. The HODLNATOR Tool is just incredibly helpful for Scalp and Swing Trading alike - the Hodlnator is worth thousands of $ for me.
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