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RapidGrowth - App To Grow Your Business Centre

📅 Publish Date : 24-02-2022

Welcome to RapidGrowth

RapidGrowth is BitcoinTAF's online social media and marketing network sharing and tracking APP that can be used to build a BitcoinTAF affiliate business much easier and faster. 

BitcoinTAF's team of experts have designed a proven, powerhouse business builder tool right in your smartphone! The RapidGrowth App is filled with everything you need to make it incredibly easy to connect and share the company story no matter where you are, right from your mobile device. A powerful and specially designed app saving you lots of money.

This product is built for ease of use, to inspire you, helping you innovate and lead with an attitude of customer service, transparency and kindness, making RapidGrowth your "go to" product in building a solid network foundation in BitcoinTAF.

We want every Business Affiliate we work with to be able to connect easier and grow your business centre more successfully, through the power of the RapidGrowth App and the Authentic Sharing Technology products provided through this App powered by RapidFunnels.

The Team At BitcoinTAF 

Basic Instructions

Follow the purchase process here on BitcoinTAF. 
Once complete, you will receive an email with instructions to download the RapidFunnels App (similar image below).  Your RapidGrowth App is powered by RapidFunnels. 
Click on the link provided in the email and download the RapidFunnels App from the App Store and then follow the basic setup instruction.   You will receive log-in details and instructions in the email. 



Help and Support is provided within the App once downloaded. 
RapidFunnels App support - Based in Denver Colorado, USA
RapidGrowth Support - Support provided via [email protected]




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Johan Steenkamp
Missing piece in building my BitcoinTAF Business! Well done.

I have downloaded and reviewed the App. Its a great way to build a customer base, keep in contact and automate my customer base. By the look Read More s of it, this is the missing piece in growing my business, well done to the team at BitcoinTAF. Great live Zoom call too. Love it!
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