published on: June 17th, 2022

Knowledge Is Power with the Ultimate Day Trading Course

Knowledge is Power! “You must either modify your dreams or magnify your skills”- Jim Rohn

Here is a question…

Assuming you are not a doctor – Would you perform surgery on someone…? NO!

Would you consult with GOOGLE on how to perform such a procedure…? Definitely Not!

Why not?

Other than the fact that you might be arrested for assault or attempted murder….

You haven’t studied for 10 years to be a surgeon. You haven’t had any experience as a medical student, medical resident, fellowship, or any practice under the watchful eye of an expert.


You have a vision, you have your reasons and you have your why. You may need to look after family, you may have just been retrenched or you may just want an extra income.

You want to be a well-rounded trader and know how to trade on any timeframe regardless of the market conditions. You may want to scalp, day trade and/or long-term trade. You want to do the correct technical analysis that will not take hours. You want to follow Marius Landman’s reports as an expert. You want to be successful and generate wealth for your family.

But, where do you start?

When it comes to trading, a firm path of education and experience is key to becoming a successful trader and BITCOIN TREND & FORECAST has made such a path possible. The bonus? It will not take you 10 years!

We always recommend that all our new members start their crypto education and training with the BitcoinTAF HODLNOTS SCALP TRADING COURSE.

After gaining a firm foundation, scalping knowledge and experience there, the next step will be THE ULTIMATE CRYPTO DAY TRADING COURSE (UCT).

In 2021, BTAF DTM (DAY TRADE MASTERS) Lead Analyst Nico le Roux recognized a huge void in QUALITY, COMPREHENSIVE AND IN-DEPTH cryptocurrency training – especially day, intraday & position trading. Cryptocurrency technology was evolving rapidly but no good education existed – the exception being HODLNOTS.

Nico himself struggled when he started on his path to learn trading, chart analysis, and markets. There was just no good material available that taught you everything you needed to know about day or position trading. He, himself, fell into the trap of Googling Crypto Celebrities and lost a lot when he applied what he learned from them to his trading. He also tried all of the so-called “best indicators in the world”, just to end back at square one. He came to realize that you first need good and sound knowledge as well as education of trends, correct technical analysis, risk management, and trading psychology in order to make any indicator work for you. He also realized that this type of online theory was just the tip of the iceberg and that a lot of valuable information, as well as the truth, was withheld from the public.

In November 2021 Nico, together with BitcoinTAF founder Marius Landman, launched the Bitcoin Trend & Forecast Ultimate Day Trading Course (UTC).



The extensive syllabus presents a no-fuss, easy academic method to teach anyone a thorough and comprehensive skillset in the day and position trading arena. Well-prepared video chapters are prerecorded and each one has an accompanying workbook, with fun questions and tasks, to help teach all the necessary trading skills. Students can study at their own pace.



The course has an announcement channel where all relevant news and updates are posted. For students who would like to interact live with the trainers, there is also a weekly course webinar – a first for any crypto course – for all relevant questions and demonstrations.



Nico has tested a lot of indicators in his trading career and came to know the handful that really works. He designed and, with the help of our BitcoinTAF coder, developed a proprietary indicator with several scripts, that proved to be very accurate in Day & Position Trading.

This indicator, called the DETONATOR™ Indicator, is now INCLUDED FREE with the Ultimate Day Trade Course.



Keeping up with a changing Crypto world and being totally innovative, Nico soon realized that the DETONATOR™ had the ability to have a BOT programmed to run with its built-in oscillator.

The DETONATOR™ BOT was born in FEBRUARY 2022 and, since JUNE 2022, made available to The Ultimate Day Trade Course students as a separate add-on product. This BOT, gives the user a TELEGRAM CHANNEL with ongoing crypto signals, on the 4hr timeframe, on two exchanges.

The DETONATOR™BOT works only with The DETONATOR™ Indicator.



The Ultimate Day Trading Course teaches you everything you need to become a skilled and trained analyst as well as giving you access to tools that will greatly help you in your path as a well-rounded trader. Time-tested strategies and material that works!

All that is needed is your dedication!

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