The “Secret Sauce” Behind Day Trade Masters

published on: July 4th, 2023

2022 was devastating for a lot of crypto investors and traders in the space, yet there were some out there who consistently THRIVED despite these conditions. Read through to the end to discover the “Secret Sauce” behind how the Day Trade Masters team generated an accumulative profit of +2525% with an 87% average yearly win rate during the worst year the crypto world has ever seen.

“All I can say is WOW”

There has never been a better chance at true freedom than we have today – Bitcoin has opened the doors to an entirely new way of generating income streams and maintaining financial sovereignty.

Crypto markets are open 24/7/365 so there are no restrictions like those in the traditional markets, and we can easily implement the most cutting edge tools we need to make educated decisions. There is no limit to the opportunities we have access to, and that in itself is truly a miracle for those who are willing to put the time and effort in to look and take action on these opportunities as they present themselves.

If you haven’t seen these types of gains consistently, don’t worry we’ll break down our complete strategy for you here:

1.  Time Invested vs Reward

Nobody wants to work themselves into an additional full time career just because they want an additional income stream that can free themselves from a job or boss they don’t like. The goal here is to make a drastic improvement and start living the life that we and our loved ones truly deserve.

Day Trading isn’t necessarily this solution for everyone, but I have yet to see someone complain about making a Full-Time Income in under 10 hours per week. We purposely designed our trade setups to give our community time to take action, from a few hours to a few days advance notice typically. With 2-10 setups per week, you can pick and choose how many setups you take and directly control the potential gains you can make.

This is perfect for those who are looking to grind out generational wealth to build a legacy, as well as those who are looking to supplement their retirement income and take the edge off rising costs of living.

We have purposely designed DTM setups so that you can simply set alerts and go about living your life, without needing to look at any charts until you need to. This is a huge and welcome improvement over the traditional sit-in-front-of-the-desk to profit strategy, where we are grinding away for profits and not generating income in our sleep with the set-and-forget and compounding strategies we have perfected.

2.  Reducing Risk to Zero

Rule #1) Don’t Lose Money – As easy as that may sound, the markets are much more difficult to navigate consistently without taking excessive losses.

This is done through proper Stop Loss Management and patiently positioning ourselves using momentum indicators to gauge when the markets are transitioning direction. Fancy words for saying we enter and exit the markets at the most ideal times to consistently guarantee profits.

Rule #2) No Risk = No Reward – There will ALWAYS be losses, but the idea is to minimize those losses impact on your portfolio to near-zero or literally zero, while ensuring you still have exposure to opportunities which does indeed take some risk.

This is where the consistent approach with Day Trade Masters really comes into play, we do the work for you so you can just set alerts and enter/ exit the market when we show to, or get behind-the-scenes-access to our analysts and copy our trades with DTM Premium.

Rule #3) Never Forget to Lick Your Ice Cream – Managing emotions can be the most difficult part of trading and investing, and this is the perfect analogy we often refer to. Licking your ice cream before it melts helps people visualize our Take Profit Strategy, where we strategically take profits off the table BEFORE the markets turn and “melt our ice cream” or steal our gains. The only thing that is worse than giving back your hard-earned profits is taking a loss on top and having to earn your way back to break-even.

3.  Consistently Profitable Strategy in Any Market Conditions

Living creatures crave consistency – we eat, sleep and crave systems to make life easier. Humans are no different, and we can’t be slaves to the markets. Bear markets can take months or years to play out, yet we still need to eat, pay our expenses, and live a good life. In other words, we can’t be waiting around forever to generate some income and nothing is worse than selling your foundational or Long Term positions in a down market.

This is where the Day Trade Masters strategy comes in, where we can consistently generate income multiple times per month if not multiple times per week just by taking advantage of the crypto market volatility and taking profits at routine intervals.

Risk management should be your #1 focus, with #2 being Proper Diversification Methods

We post on average 2-10 trade setups per week, with weekly live market updates to help position for the most value on each setup. We were able to accumulate up to 2525% in the 2022 bear market, imagine what we can achieve together during the next Bull Cycle.

4.  Flexible Approach Across Multiple Time-Frames

“Be water, my friend.” – This famous Bruce Lee quote can be used in many situations, and Day Trading is no exception. As the markets mature towards the next Bull Cycle, the question on everyone’s mind is “How do I transition my strategy to best harness the opportunities to their fullest potential?”

That is exactly what we set out to answer when we included Medium Term Trade Reports (MTT) as a Limited-Time added Bonus to Day Trade Masters subscribers as well as DTM Premium for Advanced and Mastery Level Users. This ensures you can transition your strategy with us, while compounding and farming along the way.

Our analysts regularly reflect on watching projects like AAVE grow by over 1000% in just a few months, which ties back into our “Time Invested vs Reward” and “Earning Income in our Sleep” discussions above. It is impossible to try to hop in and out on every pullback and expect to consistently outperform this level of growth in a Bull Market.

Even if we could, why would we not have a few of these coins on the backburner and accumulate MORE Day Trading and Swing Trading?

5.  Unlimited Potential

This is exactly why we introduced DTM Premium – for those looking to reach their peak potential working Shoulder-to-Shoulder with our Expert Analysts and trainers. The most high-impact way to fast-track your portfolio is moving away from gauging wealth in Fiat currencies like USD and start measuring wealth in Bitcoin. This mindset shift transforms the way we look at the markets and gets us excited for pullbacks (farming opportunities) while adding extra motivation during every Bear Market.

DTM Premium includes 14+ Day Swing Trades and the mystical and elusive “Double-Double Swing Trade” that was implemented just for Premium subscribers. Copy our Take Profit & Stop Loss Strategies on every setup while getting a sneak peek into the minds of our Industry Experts with the Real-Time Analyst Chat.

Our Mission is to accumulate MORE Bitcoin, more high-impact Altcoins, and Ultimately Achieve Financial Freedom for our Entire Community through education and coaching.

Free Weekly Setups & Training

We are so confident that our strategies and setups will make a positive impact on your portfolio growth while generating additional income streams that we give away the training and even a weekly setup for FREE. Not only is it free, we even add additional incentive by rewarding you through our Monthly Contest with chances to win Subscriptions, 1-on-1 Strategy Sessions, and even BTAF tokens just for participating (no purchase required). What do you think of the “Secret Sauce” Behind Day Trade Masters?

Simply go to, set up your Free Trial Account and join our Public Telegram to Get Started Today.

The DTM Team! 

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