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BB Rider PREMIUM Trading BOT

BB Rider PREMIUM Trading BOT
📅 Publish Date : 16-01-2023

The BB Rider BOT is a SCALP Traders Dream

Designed as a Premium Bot to help find the RUNS where green candles are already on the upper Bollinger Band. 

The BB Ride has specifically been designed for Scalp Traders looking for daily profits on the shorter, faster timeframes.

The runs will already be in progress when The BB Rider signals GREEN check marks, signifying there are green candles on the relevant timeframe. The BB Rider is coded for the 1 minute, 5 minute and 15 minute timeframes ONLY. 

Seeing 3 Green Check marks means a stronger run for profit potential. If Green candles are not yet found on a timeframe there will be a Red X.

The BB Rider was recently upgraded to include VOLUME at the time of the signal.  As the Volume increases the Bot will continue to signal on the same coin.

The BB Rider is coded for coins running on KuCoin and Binance.

This is a PREMIUM Bot for Scalp Traders who need to find the front of the mountain Bollinger runs as taught in the HODLNOTS Course.

For highest potential gains, we strongly recommend taking the HODLNOTS Course to receive the HODLNATOR Tool and it’s buy/sell tags for further confirmation.

Please note the following:
This is not a signals product.
Watch the video before purchasing.
This product does not include a chat support group.
No refunds or exchanges are allowed.
You accept the Terms and Conditions when you purchase the product.