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HODLNOTS is proud to introduce its unique, privately coded new Indicator and bot signals, the HODLFIRE, explicitly designed for trading on mid-level timeframes. HODLNOTS refers to this new indicator as the INCOME Indicator. It works on Pivot Tags and built-in Alerts allowing profit gains to be made daily to weekly, dependent on the time frame used.

The HODLFIRE is a complex coded indicator designed as a visual aid to assist traders in deciding when best to enter the trades and when to take profit. It can be used by itself or maximized in combination with HODLNATOR.

Watch the video below for more information:

How the HODLFIRE works: There are 20 pages of hidden coding (our private intellectual property) used to create the most dialled in Pivot Points with a super high win rate, which help determine the potential Top and Bottom points of each time frame. These Pivot Tags indicate when price rules, volume, support and resistance targets and outside sourced zones are met to trigger the Tags.

HODLFIRE Candles: When the correct coding combination is reached, the indicator will display FIRE neon candles which show a higher strength in buying or selling action. Neon Lime Green candles indicate a stronger uptrend momentum, while Neon Yellow candles indicate a stronger downtrend momentum. The indicator settings can be modified to match your trading screen colour preferences in the settings for use on dark screens.

PIVOT POINT Tags: appear for high and low points based on price changes, volume, and built-in technical analysis coding. The HODLFIRE includes the same Buy/Sell tags as the HODLNATOR uses. When the Pivot Point Tag appears followed by either a Buy/Sell tag, it's a strong confirmation that the trend/direction will "pivot" and go the opposite direction.

BOT TIP Signals: The HODLFIRE has its own server with Bot Tip Signals which tell when a coin has a TOP or BOTTOM Pivot Point showing up. Currently, the signals are on 3 exchanges: Binance, KuCoin and MEXC for 15 min (Scalpers Only) 1 hr and 4 hr timeframes.

KEY NOTE: The HODLFIRE works on all asset classes (i.e. Gold, S&P, Stocks, Forex, etc.) However, the Bot Signals are only given on cryptocurrency coins on three exchanges at this time. FIRE up your trading profits today.

BEFORE YOU PURCHASE: Please be aware you will need a Tradingview account in order to use the HODLFIRE indicator with the Alerts. Tradingview is a charting platform widely used by traders to do technical analysis and use indicators. A free version will allow you to access the HODLFIRE indicator to practice using it, but the HODLFIRE alerts will not work unless you have a minimum paid subscription.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After purchase please do the following to access the indicator and the bot signals channel:

  1. If you haven't given it to us during the checkout process, please create a support ticket advising us of your Tradingview Username so that we can give you the indicator. If you are not sure where to find it - it's in the upper left-hand corner of your Tradingview screen under your username icon. We cannot give you access without your TV User Name.
  2. Access the @thebitcointafbot (via the "JOIN TELEGRAM" button on the left-hand side menu in your BitcoinTAF account) and follow the prompts there to access the HODLFIRE Telegram Announcement BOT channel,
  3. Watch the explainer video which will be made available to you after purchase. This will be located in the video section of the HODLFIRE product. This video will explain how to use the HODLFIRE in detail.
  4. If you are a NEW trader or not used to trading, there is a new video upcoming this month with helpful information. If you want to practice and paper trade we have also added a practice spreadsheet for you to trade a few coins to see how the alerts work and give you confidence in the Pivots. We strongly recommend that newer traders use the 4HR timeframe which should play out within the week.

Please also note the following:

This is not a signals product - The bot signals do not trade for you.

BitcoinTAF.com is training and education and we do not trade for you.

Watch the video before purchasing.

This product does not include a chat support group - but if you need support, please use the help center to put in a ticket.

No refunds or exchanges are allowed.

You accept the Terms and Conditions when you purchase the product.


Can I use a Credit or Debit Card to pay for the HODLFIRE?

Yes, you can pay via VISA, Mastercard or Coinpayments at checkout.

Can I pay for the HODLFIRE using Cryptocurrency?

Yes, you will be provided with an option to pay for the HODLFIRE with crypto via CoinPayments at checkout.

How do I get access to the HODLFIRE?

After you purchase the HODLFIRE, please create a support ticket advising us of both your Tradingview username and Telegram username. You will be given access along with instructions explaining how to add it to your Tradingview screen and also how to join the HODLFIRE bot.

Does the HODLFIRE Product come with any training?

After you purchase the product, you will have access to an explainer video detailing the sections of the HODLFIRE and how to use them.

On what type of trading can I use the HODLFIRE?

The HODLFIRE was specifically designed for intraday trading (2-12 hours in length) but works very well on all time frames, meaning that you can use it for scalping, day, medium and long term trades as well.

What is the difference between the HODLNATOR and the HODLFIRE indicators?

The HODLNATOR would be your choice if you are going to trade the shorter timeframes (scalping) or would like to follow Nico/Marius' charts when they use it on their charts (DTM, MTT or LTT) The HODLFIRE is designed more for intraday trading (2-12 hour trades) and swing/long term traders to help show the Tops and Bottoms for farming coins and trading monthly for additional profits.

What is the difference between the Leveraged HODLFIRE that I saw on the product page and this HODLFIRE?

This HODLFIRE is the original and was developed for use by spot Scalp traders who wanted to trade for a longer period of time. It's dialled in to 15-minute, 1-hour and 4-hour time frames (although can be used on all time frames). The accompanying Bot Signals are running 3 exchanges - Binance, Kucoin and MEXC. The Leveraged HODLFIRE was developed for leveraged traders who are taking Long and Short positions, with the Bot Signals running on both the Bybit and MEXC exchanges.

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Training Videos
Wendy thank you very much for your step by step guidance on how the HODLFIRE works, extremely helpful!

Samael H. (VERIFIED)

Perfect Trading Indicator
From Nigeria, we love you because this indicator has changed my life. God bless you.

Johannes Bacht - VERIFIED

Hello from Netherland
I've downloaded the 7-day free version and used it for seven days. It works as stated. Very happy with it. I have already renewed. Thank you

Sean P (Crypoto11767) - VERIFIED

Very Nice APP...
I just want to say thank you for a very lovely developed indicator. It is working as stated. Appreciate the support as well.


Best Indicator Ever...
I got the Hodlfire indicator 21 days ago and put it through a stress test. It got my approval. Never seen anything this good!


What an amazing indicator Great job done by all involved


Love these videos, between 12 Jan and 23 jan, there would be no reason why anyone subscribed to the HodlFire would not be making good money here......


Finding the top and bottom of any trade has never been easier.
I have been using the HODLFIRE Indicator for over 30 days now. The indicator bot has a user-friendly interface and provides real-time data when used on Tradingview. I use it as a tool for managing risks and protecting my portfolio, locking in gains when necessary. Finding the top and bottom pivots has never been easier. Great job on developing this excellent indicator bot! - Marius Landman.


Hodlfire is on fire
Whoever created this Indicator is a genius! Jack


Best Trading Tool
I have been using the Hodlfire trade indicator for 30 days, and it is amazing, to say the least. I've made 17 trades and won 15 of them. Simply amazing. The best is the price! 🦁🥳🙇🏼

Mathew Daw

Review left by Mathew Daw Hodlfire
I love there HODLFIRE Bot; thank you to the team. It is good and pretty much very helpful for the 15-minute trades.

Sean Mithuba (VERIFIED)

Best Indicator
This is the best indicator I have ever come across, and I've been trading on Tradingview for +12 years.


Great Indicator
I have been using HODLFIRE all day and it seems to be a valuable trading indicator tool that may become my favorite.