Cryptocurrency Medium Term Trade Reports (MTT)

Fast Moving Cryptocurrency Medium-Term Trades between 7 to 45 days


Cryptocurrency Medium Term Trade Reports (MTT)

Medium Term Cryptocurrency Trade Reports (MTT), are cryptocurrencies that could jump in price much faster than other cryptos, especially compared to conventional older-style cryptocurrencies. Since 2016 Bitcoin Trend and Forecast has been one of the most trusted sources for thousands of traders who look to us to provide training, technical data, and fundamental research at every skill level. This product is ideal for the beginner, advance and expert traders. We prefer you use the MTT Cryptocurrency Report with Day Trade Masters (DTM), day trade signals, or the Hodlnots Scalp Trades.


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MTT Crypto Reports (Medium-Term Trades)

MTT Crypto Reports analyze fast-moving cryptocurrencies with the potential to outperform Bitcoin.

Trade setups are best for 7-45 day cycles, and new reports are provided 2-3 times weekly.

MTT provides advanced and expert crypto trading technical analysis, which includes time cycles and pivotal dates.

Reports will contain the BitcoinTAF proprietary algorithm data.

A recommended Bitcoin Trend & Forecast core product: Medium-Term Trade Reports

We offer several educational products and recommend adding MTT reports to your subscription.

Benefits of Medium-Term Trade Reports

- 2 to 3 PDF / Video Reports weekly (or as market demands)

- Reports are delivered quickly with notifications sent via the Subscribers Private Telegram Channel

- Reports include the top best-performing Cryptocurrencies' straightforward entry, buy and sell targets

- For any further updates and Questions & Answers, we provide a weekly recorded LIVE Q&A on Wednesdays

- Private Zoom Webinar access information is posted once logged in to your subscription area

- Private Telegram updates consist of significant news events, ready-to-move coins in an easy-to-read chart format

- Medium Term Trade Charts show the short-term cycle top and targets (never miss a TOP exit again)

- Private Blog Post Access

- Trusted since 2016

- No lock-in contracts, fast, efficient service, Help Centre private support

- Immediate access once payment is made

- Secure payment via Visa, Mastercard, and Cryptocurrencies.

Data is easy to understand, while entry and exit points are clearly explained

Profit could easily be transferred into your Foundation Coins or re-traded over and over within 7 - 45 days.

We trade between 5 and 10 coins at any given time and roll profits over continuously to increase portfolios.

Medium Term Trades differ from Long Term Trades, where LTT may typically be 30, 60, 90, and 180 days long.

Medium Term Trade Reports are best used between 7 - 45 day cycles.  

We focus on significant growth cryptocurrencies, taking advantage of the top trends.

1. Gaming Blockchain - This industry is set to explode as over 3 billion people are moving into the gaming space


3. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO)

4. DeFi > To learn more about DeFi, take the Mastering DeFi course here

5. Cross-Chain-Interoperability / Multi-Chain

6. Web3 / L1 / L2.

The cryptocurrency space is changing faster than anyone can keep up with.

As an investor, you need trained professionals and skilled analysts on your team to keep you updated.

At MTT, we research, investigate, and vet you.

There has never been a better or more critical time to align with a team of industry professionals at BitcoinTAF.

At MTT, we continuously look for new trends in the crypto space and provide highly researched analysis.

This product is brought to you by the team @ and has been trusted since 2016.