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published on: August 12th, 2022

Create Your Independence with MTT

Today, in 2022, it’s not inaccurate to say that we are living in a world that has changed dramatically over the past 2 years. 

After the entire planet was locked down in 2020, due to a virus we knew very little about, 2022 now sees us living in a world of the new normal. A basic handshake has become something that may no longer be acceptable, gatherings have been replaced with policed streets and once carefree children now fear an invisible enemy. Along with all these strange social changes in our world, many people have become victims of the economic devastation caused by these lockdowns and are left with either no income at all or a lot less than what they had before.

Will things ever return to the old normal…only time will tell.

Now, before you reach for that box of tissues, thinking that the remainder of this blog is going to be as depressing as the start, reach for a notepad and pen instead and ask yourself these two questions:

“What opportunities did the last 2 years provide?”

“If locking down the planet has become accepted by the masses and governments choose to do it again in the near future, how could I better position myself financially should we have a repeat of these lockdown measures?”

Based on personal experience, the answers to these questions could differ from person to person. To help you answer, though, let’s have a look at some of the opportunities that cryptos and blockchain have historically presented and how we might take advantage of similar situations in the future.

The Ethereum 40x Train: On 13 March 2020, Ethereum hit a low of $86.00 and traded under $120 for days after the crash, giving traders and investors more than enough time to get into ETH. It took less than 20 months for ETH to hit its all-time high of $4878.00 and give a 40x return to those who jumped on the ride.

The ADA 100x Cardano Bullet: Also, on 13 March 2020, ADA hit a low of $0.0193 and traded under $0.03 for a few weeks after the crash, giving ample time to traders and investors to get into the coin. It took less than 18months for ADA to hit its all time high of $3.09, giving a 100x return to those who pulled the trigger.

The Solana 200x Rocket: May 2020 saw a then “small cap” gem called Solana trading at under $1. In fact, Solana revisited $1.03 on 23 December 2020 (Merry Christmas to those who bought!). It took Solana less than 11 months to hit its all time high of $259.96, for a 200x + return and took those who purchased it to the moon.

The sad fact of the matter is, though, that only a very few well researched individuals saw these trends and took advantage of them. The majority who were looking for an additional income, panicked because of the unknowns that came with lockdowns and gladly handed their hard-earned funds over to Ponzi schemes or individuals promising insane returns. Unfortunately, many of these schemes folded and people were left with nothing.

Looking at these three examples above, though, perhaps you’ve now realized that there were indeed positive avenues during the uncertainty of the lockdowns.

However, the questions remain…how will you identify them next time? When is “next time,” and will you be ready to take advantage of them?

Well, one company can help. Marius Landman, founder of Bitcoin Trend and Forecast (BTAF) started the company in 2016 with the vision of training and educating people to take advantage of these moments that come along in crypto. Building on this, we here at MTT Crypto Reports work tirelessly to identify these occurrences for our subscribers.

As a member of MTT Crypto Reports, you are in full control of your own funds and are supported by our weekly reports, live weekly Zoom calls and trade setups, sent directly to your smart devices. Creating your own financial independence means training and educating yourself with our help.

Along with the potential of making profits from medium-term trade setups that are covered in the reports, you can also share the good news with friends and family. If they decide to subscribe, MTT will pay you a referral commission. And, it gets better…Bitcoin Trend and Forecast has recently included an additional bonus! If you refer 10 new subscribers within a calendar month, you’ll get an additional once off bonus of $250.

Considering the potential of another lockdown and employment options becoming more scarce, would it not be worthwhile to upskill yourself, so that if you are caught within your own four walls, with nothing more than a smart device and an internet connection, you are still able to make an income through trading and referrals?

We believe that MTT Crypto provides you with all the necessary tools to make an additional income or even a sole income. Our Lead analyst at MTT have years of trading experience and is constantly on the lookout for the best trade setups. Ryan van den Berg, who recently joined the MTT team as research analyst, is on the lookout daily for new crypto opportunities for our subscribers. We look forward to journeying with our current subscribers and growing the MTT subscriber base.

Join our community @ MTT Crypto Reports, as we provide analysis of fast-moving cryptocurrencies that has the potential to outperform Bitcoin. MTT trade setups are best used for 7- 45 day cycles whereas new reports are provided 2-3 times p/week.

Join our social channels at BitcoinTAF and stay in touch with what’s happening in this space.


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