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MTT Crypto Reports - Medium Term Crypto Trade Reports (MTT)

Medium Term Crypto Trade Reports (PDF and Video Reports)
📅 Publish Date : 20-05-2021

What MTT Crypto Reports provide (MTT)

MTT Crypto Trade Reports provide analysis of fast-moving cryptocurrencies that has the potential to outperform Bitcoin.
MTT trade setups are best used for 7- 45 day cycles whereas new reports are provided 2-3 times p/week.
We provide expert technical analysis along with our proprietary MHGO algorithm (Historical Gold Oscillator)
Reports are delivered quickly (or as market dictates) and you get notified immediately via the Subscribers Private Telegram Channel when a new report is available.
For any further updates and Questions & Answers, we provide a weekly LIVE Q&A on Wednesdays.
See the latest report and your members login page area at for the Zoom Webinar access information.

Profit and/or gains could easily be transferred into your Foundation Coins, or re traded over and over within the 7 - 45 day period

The recommended rule is to trade between 5 and 10 coins at any given time, and roll profits over continuously

Medium Term Trades are different than Long Term Trades where trades are normally 30, 60, 90 and 180 days long.

Analysis of fast-moving cryptocurrencies that has the potential to outperform Bitcoin

Daily Private Telegram Updates consisting of major news events, ready to move coins, indicating entry and exit points in a easy to read chart format

Interactive weekly private Zoom calls which are recorded, including Q&A from members

Weekly PDF Reports consisting of the top MTT Cryptocurrencies we follow, with clear entry, buy and sell targets

Additional Special Coin Picks not within the PDF report, posted on Telegram

Data is easy to understand, simple while entry and exit points are clearly explained

We are focusing on major growth cryptocurrencies taking advantage of 5 top trends

1. Gaming Blockchain - set to explode as over 3 billion people are moving into the gaming industry
2. METAVERSE – similar to WAX and ONT as an example with a constant growing list. As an example, WAX is now up 4000% since one of our analyst called. 
3. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO)
4. NFTs
5. Cross-Chain-Interoperability

At the dawn of this new financial age, how prepared are you to navigate through the ups and downs of the most dynamic period in human history?
At MTT our goal is to provide you, with up to the minute data that our team has researched that suit your needs. The information and analysis form a solid foundation executing trades within a 7-to-60-day timeframe, in some cases much faster. 

Grow your portfolio

In addition to the top 10 coins we follow, our team looks for new trends in the crypto space and provides a highly researched fortnightly PRE-BUILT PORTFOLIO that members can use to build a micro portfolio within their macro portfolio. 

We don’t stop here and every week our members have the opportunity to submit their FANTASY 5 PORTFOLIO PICKS chosen from a list of up to 75 of the hottest trending coins that have the potential to be a 10x, 100x or 1000x gem.

Interactive Weekly Zoom Call Explained

In addition to the above, you also have access to a private INTERACTIVE WEEKLY ZOOM CALL where you can ask our team any questions (every question gets answered). On this call, we provide an overall analysis of the market to help you gain a better understanding of trends and opportunities as well as special coin picks that we don’t publish in the weekly report.

Subscribe now and take advantage of a 12-month membership. Once subscribed, you’ll have immediate access to all PDF Reports, Video content, Blog Posts and the Private Telegram Channel.

More info

We cannot state this strongly enough, the cryptocurrency space is changing faster than any one person can keep up with. As an investor, you need a cohort of trained and skilled analysts and consultants on your team to keep you updated, current and educated on the hottest coins and new projects. 
At MTT that’s what we do, we do the research, investigating, and vetting so that you don’t have to. There has never been a better or more critical time to align with a team of industry professionals whose goal is to help its members create generational wealth, since 2016. 

Principal Analyst: Inus de Bruin 

The Team @ Medium Term Crypto Trade Reports (MTT)
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Marcus Cryptocurrency
Unique and to the point trading report

Awesome content. Love the product. You have my recommendation.

Easy to follow set-ups ...

The reports give easy-to-follow guidelines on multiple trade set-ups with entry/exit points and stop losses... The general overview of the Read More markets gives the information needed to navigate these tricky markets... There are multiple indicators supporting the information provided for each set-up which in turn helps to make a well-educated trade... I have found the new additional MGHO indicator to be of great value and a telegram channel giving you a heads up of current possibilities in a timely manner is extremely useful... In addition to the telegram channel, the pdf reports, and the weekly zoom webinars are invaluable sources of information... Being part of this group gives the confidence needed from the beginner all the way up to the most advanced trader to make well-informed trades...
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My subscription expires today. I've paid--twice. My dashboard says I'm active, and yet I still cannot get into the webinar. I've been tr Read More ying since it started. It's now 10:51 and I've missed the whole thing. The rating isn't for SCBG but for the website. It's confusing and very difficult to navigate. It would be so much easier if the current event popped up on the first page as soon as you log in rather than having to search the entire site to find it. Also, if my site says I'm current, it would be great if the rest of the site caught up in real time so I could watch the webinar. Thank you.
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Excellent Excellent service

I am happy to be part of the BitcoinTAF community more especially the small cap big gains 💪 🙌

Best Subscription

I bought this product and subscribed 4 weeks ago. Its the best decision I have ever made. I have already made profit just on following the c Read More alls and reports. They are easy to understand and follow. I only found you now, wish I knew about you a year ago. Will be a member for life. Thank you. Wayne du Preez Pretoria, South Africa
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connecting to BSC

My name is Rick Young and I have been with Marius for about 3 years and Holdnots for 2 years. Today I bought a 3 month subscription to BCSG. Read More I am attempting to get set up to get on the whitelist for the exciting TFA Token. I live in the United States and do not have a Binance account. I have completed the Metamask and now attempting to do the BSC connect. Do I need to setup a BinanceUS account and will all the info still work for that site to get BNB and send it to MetaMask? THANKS
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SCBG Telegram Channel

Hello ! I am sure that it is the infamous "operator error" on my part but with the switchover, I have seemingly "lost" access to the SCBG Read More Telegram channel :( As always, thanks for your time and efforts in assisting me ! Jim
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Pierre-Olivier Dubreuil
happy being part of the bitcoin TAF community

Hi team, first of all, just say how much i am happy being part of the bitcoin TAF community, SCBG and lately trend sig. This is so great Read More content and educative, and i feel grateful to you and life being part of this. Just want to share some though with team and Marius, so that you understand why I appreciate thi so much and maybe some people will think like me on this. I think the most precious resource we have is time. I have a 8 to 5 job plus a family, so time is scarce. You can hire someone else to spend time doing something for you or the opposite, but you cannot had an extra hour to your day. You can't print time like fiat. We all have a life span, hence why to me it is the most precious resource for a human being. I think that the worst crime is actually the power in place is stealing our time or wasting it, i.e dragging out the market, making us work for peanuts compared to the money they make on us with taxes and mortgage and compound interest rate on us, destroying our purchasing power...make sure we just get by... My point is that your work is so precious because the time you guys put in all BitcoinTaf, is allows a little guy like me who are squeezed in the time to benefit for a really affordable price,a brilliant synthesis of all we have to learn and focus on and help us put aside what could be a distraction, like social media or TA on youtube or whatever... That allow me to spend well my so scarce time :) The reports and webinar help me as time goes by to become smarter and gradually financially free (my portfolio is up 200% this year overall) Thanks for this
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So Thankful!

Can't express how happy I am to be a part of this community! The information is easy to understand and everyone is extremely helpful! The im Read More pact BitcoinTAF has made on my life is astronomical. Wish I would have found you sooner. Trading by yourself can be a scary endeavor. With this community, you will build the confidence needed to make those big trades and chase your passion in life!
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Thank You

Good evening Marius! I´m writing to you and your team to show our appreciation and gratitude! We (me and my wife) have been with you since Read More the beginning of Signals. We are both life time members and now we have also added Trendsig. Next step will be Small cap big gains. We owe it all to you! From the bottom of our hearts: THANK YOU! You are a life changer! Take care! Kindly regards Mikael & Sofia
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50% gains of my portfolio in 2 months with SCBG.16 Apr 2021

50% gains of my portfolio in 2 months with SCBG. I’m an osteopath and trainer based in Bondi, Australia. Financially it’s a humble exist Read More ence, and with a small family I needed to find another stream of income and a way to save for the future. I felt the crypto market could offer me this and so started trading about 1 year ago, with varying degrees of success I would average 10% monthly gains of my portfolio. I then got introduced to the SCBG team just 2 months ago which has had a huge impact on my trading. To put this into perspective, over these 2 months I’ve increased my entire portfolio by another 50%! The operation is slick, there’s ample information throughout the week, it provides excellent support, advice and expert analysis that not only increased my capital, more importantly for me it has abated the psychological stressors that often go hand in hand with trading.
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Brian W
Small cap big gains report

Marius this is a great supplement, and good timing for us needing to see some profits from these slowed down Alt coins. The TEAMwork is obvi Read More ous and inspiring. Brian in Canada
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All the best, great product, thank you.

Thought I would say thank you for keeping the dream alive! In 2018 I sunk my "Entire" pension, about £180,000 into a BTC and Eth ETF fully Read More backed by purchased Eth and BTC. I bought at Eth $600 and BTC $9,500! March 20 Covid crash I watched my fund go to £38,000, and had a meltdown cashed out £10,000 on an emotional whim. I remember it well as to make matters worse I was on holiday at the time. Fast forward a year and on my Birthday May 12th 2021 I cashed out £1 million of a £1.4 m fund! Wow what a difference a year can make. I learnt lessons from this. Don't Capitulate to fear! Don't get too greedy (look at the price of Eth on 12th May) Look long Term to see the bigger picture. Follow Marius Landman All the best, many thanks for all you do.
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Great product

Thank you I love this product.