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BitcoinTAF Independent Product Offerings (IPO) Membership

BitcoinTAF IPO Memberships
📅 Publish Date : 21-03-2023

Exclusive Access to BitcoinTAF Independent Product Offers (IPOs)

What is this IPO Membership all about?

This membership will act as your gateway and entitles you to exclusive access to exciting new BitcoinTAF Products which are not available to the general public, as they become available.

Products may include, but are not limited to, all or some of the below items: (Each Product will be uniquely packaged)

1.  Exclusive BitcoinTAF products

2. Special offers on BitcoinTAF products and services 

3. BitcoinTAF will be purchasing allocations of ICOs, Seed Rounds and Angel Investments, and offering these purchased items as part of some products

4. BTAF Tokens

5.  Airdrops 

6.  Contests and Giveaways.

Membership Price (Only available to persons holding 50,000 BTAF tokens, in one wallet, on day of Product purchase)

1.  Diamond Membership - $1500/300 days access

2.  Platinum Membership - $750/300 days access.

Eligibility / Terms & Conditions:

A membership must be purchased and the prospective member must also HOLD 50,000 BTAF tokens, all in one wallet, by the day of membership purchase. After purchase, these same 50,000 BTAF tokens held can be staked but cannot be sold, traded, transferred or encumbered for the duration of the membership period. Non-compliance with this condition will result in termination of membership and no refund of membership fee.

After termination, re-entry into the IPO Membership Product will require purchase of a new membership and the holding and management of the required number of BTAF Tokens.

There can be no expectation of a minimum number of products offered during the membership period.

How it works: 

When new products become available, the details of the product will be provided in a Private BitcoinTAF IPO Telegram Announcement Channel.

Diamond Membership will secure the right of first refusal and thereafter, subject to volumes and availability, products will be offered to Platinum Members.

A date and time for submitting the EOI (Expression of Interest) forms and purchasing the products will be advised and, if there is a limited number of the product available, priority will also be given, within the Membership level, by timestamp of receipt.


Members are advised to seek independent legal, financial and taxation advice and consider their particular investment objectives before making a decision to take up any Product Offers presented.

Cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency markets are largely unregulated and not backed by Governments or other legal entities.

The cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile and involves significant risk.

Cryptocurrency prices traditionally fluctuate significantly and might result in large swings in value.

Due to the significant risk associated with Cryptocurrency markets, BitcoinTAF does not warrant or guarantee the content of any information provided on the Projects and does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage, direct or consequential, which the member or anyone else, may suffer in connection with or arising from the member's taking up of the Product Offer.

 In the course of participating in this project the Member will receive confidential information and agrees to keep confidential, and not directly or indirectly, divulge or communicate or otherwise disclose the Information to any third party.

Further Terms and Conditions may apply.