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Top 3 strategies that grew my portfolio 10x: Long Term, Day Trade & Elliott Wave!

From the Trade Group who called the 2017 high, 2018 low, 2021 top. Their next trade call is about to hit the market1 Join their Channel NOW!
📅 Publish Date : 21-02-2022

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Use these 3 strategies to grow your portfolio:

1. Long Term Trades

2. Day Trade

3. Elliott Wave Count

How do we TRADE?

A winning strategy in 5 minutes.

From the Trade Group who called the 2017 high, 2018 low, 2021 top and keep making incredible trade calls.

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To help you trade like a pro, without fear, and make profit, know when to buy and sell, you'll have immediate access to:

1. You'll get access to the world number #1 Bitcoin Trend Forecaster, Marius Landman and have access to his proprietary algorithm data.

2. You'll get immediate access to the crypto Day Trade Signals. We make anywhere between 10% and up to 80% in a few days. 

3. Free access to Elliott Wave Count Charts for 90 days. This info will blow your mind. You'll trade without fear and like a PRO!

4. Bonus: How to setup a Model Portfolio

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Let's dig into some more details for you:

This CoinDesk special consist of four (4) products that you will benefit from:

        1. Long Term Trade Reports by Marius Landman, including the algorithm that predicts the future price and targets for Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies. Know when markets moves long before it happens.

        2. Day Trade Masters (Day Trade Signals) including a Private Broadcast Telegram Channel where we post the Day Trade Signals.

        3. The sort after Elliott Wave Count Charts. Expect 3 PDF Reports per week.
        How to claim your free Elliott Wave Subscription: Once subscribed, go to the Help Centre, create a support ticket and request your free 90 day access. 

        4. How to setup a Model portfolio, document and videos included.

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        YOU SAVE $120 on the 12 month option and get the Elliott Wave Count Charts FREE for 90 days (Saving you $165).

        Price comparison - saving $120 (In addition saving $165 for 90 day Elliott Wave Charts) on 12 month option

        We recommend using the 12 month option as Long Term Trading will provide you the base and foundation to trade a portion of your coins longer term, then use the Day Trade Masters ALT coin Signals to provide extra income.

        The profits made by Day Trading should then be moved into the foundation coins and the Long Term Trade Report will provide the best selection of coins.

        You will be provided access to the Model Portfolio. Within this portfolio is a video where we explain how you could use 5x blocks of funds to trade 5 coins at any given time, and how those profits are then moved into your foundation coins.

        This trade system has been proven and works. Marius Landman, our Principal Analyst, uses this exact system.  

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        Long Term Trade Reports:

        Day Trade Masters:

        Elliott Wave Count Charts:

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        Marius Landman & Nico le Roux

        The Team @
        Day Trade Masters and Marius Landman long Term Trade Reports 
        Know the market long before it happens. 

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