BitcoinTAF Wolves of Rome Packages - BitcoinTAF Member Public Offering

BitcoinTAF Wolves of Rome Product Package - BitcoinTAF Member Offering


BitcoinTAF Wolves of Rome Packages - BitcoinTAF Member Public Offering

BitcoinTAF Wolves of Rome Product Package - BitcoinTAF Member Offering


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PLEASE ignore any of the deadline dates in the PDF information below - We've been fortunate and you will have until this SAT, 23 Sept 2023, or until the additional allocation is exhausted, to purchase the packages, whichever happens first.

Many of our Bitcoin Trend & Forecast members have asked and we have great news! We are pleased to announce that, after a successful sale to our IPO Members, we have secured an additional allocation of Wolves of Rome to offer to our non-IPO BitcoinTAF Members.


The name of this project is Wolves of Rome and the token is WOR.

The project details are now accessible for viewing below:

Project information: HERE

Additional Information: HERE

How To Purchase: HERE

Utilise this information to determine whether you want to acquire one of the below packages. We highly recommend conducting your own research (DYOR) to ensure you make an informed decision.




Please note, this is a small allocation so the product sale may need to end earlier than scheduled.


The buy-in will be on a first-come, first-served basis, and the order in which they arrive will determine the outcome if demand outweighs supply. 


You will need to pay for the package at this time of purchase.


You can combine multiple packages to suit your token number requirements. To do this, put all required packages in your cart and pay simultaneously. 


If you would like a considerably larger number of tokens than you see in a package, don't hesitate to contact us directly via a support ticket with your requirements. This also MUST be lodged and the transaction completed before the deadline occurs.




(Packages 1 - 4 were reserved for our IPO Members)


Package #5: $1320

- Includes a 28-day access to the HODLFIRE Indicator and Bot, $1200 worth of WOR tokens (30,000), 200 BTAF tokens and administrative and transaction fees.


Package #6: $2640

- Includes a 56-day access to the HODLFIRE Indicator and Bot, $2400 worth of WOR tokens (60,000), 450 BTAF tokens and administrative and transaction fees.

 Package #7: $5280

- Includes a 112-day access to the HODLFIRE Indicator and Bot, $4800 worth of WOR tokens (120,000), 1000 BTAF tokens and administrative and transaction fees.



IF YOU DO NOT ALREADY HAVE A HODLFIRE SUBSCRIPTION, shortly after purchase, you will be emailed a Google form that asks for your Tradingview Username and Telegram Username. It will also contain instructions detailing gaining access to the HODLFIRE Indicator and Bot. The HODLFIRE INDICATOR and BOT work in tandem - Your subscription to the HODLFIRE BOT will begin the same day as purchasing any of the packages above. HOWEVER, access to the HODLFIRE Indicator will only occur after you send in the required details on the Google form. (So, completing the Google form ASAP is of utmost importance).

If you already have a HODLFIRE subscription, we have your details, and the relevant days will be added to your current subscription.

Thank you for reading, and Ad Glorium Romae!



Before considering any Product/Package, it is advisable to consult with independent legal, financial, and taxation experts and thoroughly evaluate venture objectives. It is important to note that cryptocurrency markets and regulations often lack sufficient support from governments and legal entities. When deciding to invest in cryptocurrency, it's important to keep in mind the high volatility of the market. It's possible for projects to fail, which could result in financial loss. Please note that Wolves of Rome (Product) information about cryptocurrency markets may not always be accurate or reliable. BitcoinTAF cannot be held responsible for any losses or damages incurred by members or other product users. Packages must be obtained and paid for by Tuesday, 19 September, 2023, at 12 PM UTC. BitcoinTAF reserves the right to discontinue the Product in the first 30 days and issue a full refund. Throughout your involvement in this project, all data must be kept confidential and not disclosed to any third party, either directly or indirectly. Further Terms and Conditions may apply as stated on the website under Terms and Conditions. 


What payment types can I use to purchase this product?

Cryptocurrency is the only payment method accepted for this product. You will see your options at checkout.

What is the HODLFIRE Bot and Indicator?

The HODLFIRE is an Indicator with an accompanying BOT designed to help with intraday (2-12 hour trades) and swing/long term trading. It uses custom coded pivot points to show the Tops and Bottoms for farming coins and trading monthly for additional profits. Fore more information:

When does the sale finish?

The particular sale finishes on Tuesday, 19 September at 12 PM UTC.

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Great Indicator
I have been using HODLFIRE all day and it seems to be a valuable trading indicator tool that may become my favorite.