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Revolutionize Your Financial Journey with "The Ultimate DeFi Course"

Embark on a transformative learning experience and unlock the full potential of Decentralized Finance (DeFi). This comprehensive course is your gateway to a realm of financial opportunities, offering profound benefits that will reshape your approach to blockchain and decentralized ecosystems.

Transformative Skills for Financial Empowerment:

1. Seamless Navigation of DeFi Networks

- Gain confidence and eliminate confusion as you effortlessly navigate DeFi networks and platforms.

- Unlock the power of decentralized platforms, bridging, and peer-to-peer borrowing & lending without overwhelm.

2. Master the Art of Trading BTC

- Trade Satoshi's or BTC pairs with precision, positioning yourself strategically in the ever-evolving crypto market.

3. Cutting-Edge Web3 Proficiency

- Harness web3 tools and solutions to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly advancing world of decentralized technologies.

- Dive deep into decentralized ID and AI, gaining insights that set you apart in the blockchain landscape.


4. Blockchain Staking Expertise

- Seamlessly participate in blockchain native staking, ensuring you maximize your returns with EVM networks like THETA and more.

5. Early Project Spotting and Research

- Sharpen your skills in fundamental research, empowering you to spot promising projects before they become mainstream.

- Stay ahead of the market with insights that give you a strategic advantage.

6. Technical and Onchain Analysis Mastery

- Utilize advanced tools for technical and on-chain analysis, positioning yourself with high-potential projects.

- Make informed decisions backed by thorough analysis and strategic insights.

7. Strategic Planning for Success

- Develop robust trading and investment plans, ensuring you navigate the volatile crypto market with confidence and purpose.

8. Profitable IDO & Presale Strategies

- Dive into the world of Initial DEX Offerings (IDO) and presale strategies, unlocking opportunities for significant gains.

- Leverage insider strategies for successful participation in early investment rounds.

9. Blockchain Scans and Top-End Onchain Analysis

- Navigate blockchain scans effortlessly and perform top-notch onchain analysis using advanced tools, gaining a holistic understanding of blockchain projects.

10. NFT Mastery for Real Digital Ownership

- Explore the lucrative world of NFTs, understanding how to leverage them for real digital ownership and fast-tracking your success.

Enroll in "The Ultimate DeFi Course" and witness a paradigm shift in your financial knowledge and strategies. Empower yourself with skills that transcend traditional finance, opening up new avenues for financial success in the decentralized era!


The Ultimate DeFi Course IS SELF PACED

- Modules include workbooks and downloadable resources to make life easy

- Gain Complete Confidence Navigating Decentralized Networks, Protocols and Platforms

- Generate Returns from Staking, Yield & Liquidity Farming without Regulatory Risk

- Cutting-Edge Tech, Tools & Strategy to Powerhouse your Portfolio



Order today and receive immediate access:

1. 6 months access to pre-recorded coursework and all new video updates

2. 6 months access to Telegram Channel for course updates and announcements

3. 6 months access to Weekly Live Training calls through Zoom

Ultimate DeFi Course Discovery Call

Discovering how we can best serve you by constructing a step-by-step process to better assist you in achieving your goals in real time without constant headaches and friction points along your journey.

To prepare for your call, spend some time thinking on what you truly want to achieve through DeFi and what you want your life to look like. We can take these concepts and reverse-engineer solutions pertaining to residency, income establishment and taxation strategy that will keep you aligned with the end vision in mind so you don't have to revisit these topics later on AFTER generating considerable gains. A big part of what we're looking to establish here is transitioning expenses to income streams, and making the most out of what the crypto industry has to offer - past, present and future.

We will be assessing your current portfolio and focuses, and look to align them with your end-vision if they aren't already. From there we can identify any gaps that need to be filled in your current strategy, as well as key focuses on what to improve upon.

Please note that not all answers will be provided on this call in particular, but this will lay the foundation and ground work that you will build upon throughout the course


What we don't cover:

· Scalping - Please refer to the HODLNOTS Scalping Course at BitcoinTAF

· Trading / Indicators - Please refer to Ultimate Trading Course at BitcoinTAF



Our videos ARE NOT financial advice!

All of the content available through this channel is for educational purposes only.

This is not financial advice and BitcoinTAF is not liable for the outcomes of your investments or trades.

Make sure you understand the risks involved in trading.

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Do you accept Crypto payments?

Do you accept Crypto payments?

For who is this course intended?

The Course has been developed to suit Beginner, Intermediate and even more seasoned Traders and Investors. No matter your skill level - You will find great value as the trainer delves deep into every facet of DeFi.DeFi is an ever-evolving technology and the trainer updates relevant courseware frequently. You get the newest information and skills first hand.

How is the Ultimate DeFi Course structured & delivered?

The Course is prerecorded and a workbook or cheatsheet is supplied with each module for the student to go back and reflect as well as apply/practise/study everything they learned in the corresponding chapter before moving on to the next chapter. These activities will apply the knowledge that you gathered in an efficient way.

Will I have contact with the trainers if I have a question?

The trainers have live zoom calls every week where they answer any questions you have regarding the course, these Links will be shared in the events section of The Ultimate DeFi Course so please add it to your calendar. These zoom meetings will only be open to subscribers of the course and are not to be shared publicly. For more personal questions you can Direct Message (DM) through Telegram or email the trainer at any time.

Do you cover coding in the course?

No, coding and blockchain development are not covered in this course, though we do use some basic CLI at times.

What is the end expectation of the course?

After completing the course you will have complete confidence in navigating blockchain networks and using DeFi to the fullest capabilities. You will have fine-tuned strategies that are proven-profitable over time, and a diversified approach that will ensure proper risk-assessment and profit planning..

Do you pay a referral commission and where can I find the Revenue Plan for Affiliates?

Download the Affiliate Revenue Plan by going to HELP CENTRE > Downloads - see Documents. There are also a number of videos that can be downloaded to be used as marketing on social media.

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The Ultimate DeFi Course
The Ultimate DeFi Course is my goto to translate my nonexistent DeFi - “french” into understandable english. On top of that, I found Cory to be super approachable and has helped me clear the confusion around various DeFi related questions in an easy and practical manner. Very glad to have found them and to be part of that community.


Real DeFi experience
Yesterday was the first time I attended the DTM Essential DeFi zoom call with the team, which was truly incredible. It is packed with new information that you don't often hear. It was a great experience and look forward to attending each week.


Well done, plenty of knowledge
First time I've been on the Essential DeFi course, very well done and for sure something everyone will benefit from.


Navigating the Future with The Ultimate DeFi Course - A Must for Every Crypto Enthusiast
As someone deeply immersed in the crypto and blockchain space, I've encountered numerous educational resources claiming to offer comprehensive insights into this complex and rapidly evolving world. However, after experiencing "The Ultimate DeFi Course" offered by BitcoinTAF.com, I am compelled to share my exceptional journey through this unparalleled learning experience. From the outset, the course distinguishes itself with its in-depth coverage and practical approach to Decentralized Finance. It's not just a course; it's a deep dive into the heart of DeFi, blending theoretical knowledge with hands-on applications. The curriculum is meticulously crafted, ensuring that both newcomers and seasoned traders find value and insight in every module. What sets this course apart is its forward-thinking approach. The exploration of Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks in Module 3, Chapter 8, for instance, is a testament to the course's commitment to cutting-edge content. It offers a visionary perspective on how blockchain can revolutionize real-world infrastructure, a topic seldom covered with such depth and clarity elsewhere. Moreover, the course's focus on practical skills like Web3 proficiency, blockchain staking, and NFT mastery equips learners with the tools they need to not just understand but actively participate in and shape the future of finance. The technical and on-chain analysis techniques taught are invaluable, offering insights that elevate one's trading and investment strategies to new heights. The diverse range of topics, combined with expert instruction and an engaging learning platform, makes "The Ultimate DeFi Course" a standout offering in the crypto education space. It's more than just a course; it's a gateway to the future of finance, unlocking opportunities and empowering learners with skills that transcend traditional financial boundaries. In conclusion, whether you're taking your first steps in the crypto world or looking to sharpen your existing skills, "The Ultimate DeFi Course" by BitcoinTAF.com is an investment in your future that I cannot recommend highly enough. It's not just the best DeFi course out there; it's a crucial tool for anyone serious about mastering the art and science of blockchain and cryptocurrency.