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BTAF Complete Asset Management Workbook

BTAF Complete Asset Management Workbook
📅 Publish Date : 01-10-2021

The BitcoinTAF Complete Asset Management Workbook (AMW) is a comprehensive document that provides a quick and effective way for you to analyze your portfolio to ensure that it is well balanced, and you have the right coins in the correct proportions to achieve your financial goals. 


With the #AMW you will have the ability to review your portfolio from several different perspectives to ensure that it is balanced.  As an example, using the Market Caps Spreadsheet you’ll be able to perform a risk analysis on your current portfolio and make adjustments if needed.  Using the Asset Management Spreadsheet, you can compare your portfolio against the Asset Allocation Pyramid and perform a rebalancing of your assets to achieve your desired financial goals. At the same time, you are keeping your coins in one single document from multiple exchanges and NOT on anyone else' online database. Your privacy is 100% protected.  


Also included in the AMW is a Portfolio Total and Coin Categories page. This document gives you an at a glance view of how you’ve spread your coins across the major crypto currency categories.


Simply follow the instructions in the attached guide to assist with completing the various spreadsheets.

If your coin holdings do not match 100% with our suggested coins, that's not a problem. 

The coins and projects that we recommend are suggestions and and ultimately you make the decision as to which coins, tokens and projects that you hold and how you trade them.

The BitcoinTAF Complete Asset Management Workbook is a great tool for our more experienced members to help you create a balanced and well thought out portfolio.  For our newer members we offer the Asset Management Wheel which is a product designed to help you balance your portfolio against an ideal assortment of coins .

With your purchase today start taking control of your financial future...your portfolio will thank you for it.

12 Month Active Access. Non subscription. Once off payment. Not Recurring. Once paid, the document is yours. 

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Nicely done!

Love this product thank you. Will definitely make use of this to align my portfolio.