HODLNOTS Hodlnator - Indicator ONLY

HODLNOTS Hodlnator - Indicator ONLY


HODLNOTS Hodlnator - Indicator ONLY

Powerful 15-in-1 indicator used in the HODLNOTS Course for intraday trading.


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HODLNOTS Hodlnator - Indicator ONLY 


The HODLNATOR is a private script designed for Tradingview that combines many indicators into one code to simplify the trading process for locating potential buying and selling points. The indicator works on any timeframe and any form of trading chart (not just cryptocurrency and scalp trading) in Tradingview - you may have seen Nico, DTM, or Marius from Long Term Trades use this indicator on their calls! Previously, you could only get your hands on the HODLNATOR if you took the HODLNOTS Scalp Trading Course. Still, we now offer the HODLNATOR as a stand-alone product for those who wish to purchase a 2nd HODLNATOR for their partner or 2nd Tradingview account or to follow along with Nico and Marius.


1. Buy and Sell tags help a trader determine the best entry and exit point based on how the coin is running, and often, they even come in early (well before the moving average crosses) for maximum profit gains. The tags are coded with other indicator signals to work ideally on the minute chart. They are incredibly helpful in the death cross during downtrends to gain profits in a down market.

2. Several Moving Averages have been included to indicate when a coin is either in a Golden Cross (ready to buy) or in a Death Cross (not ready to buy) and also show when the coin is in a HODL cross, which we dial into our BOT Tip Signals for notification. (These signals are free when you join the HODLNOTS DEN). The Moving averages combine 4 x EMAs and 1 x MA, whose values can be changed for different trading preferences. The HODLNOTS Course teaches moving averages in-depth and discusses using them for scaling, snuggles (intraday trading), signals, and swing trading.

3. The Bollinger Bands are a key indicator, and knowing how to read this band and what happens when it breaks out is taught in detail in the HODLNOTS Course.

4. The Ichimoku Clouds are simplified in the HODLNATOR and are designed to show if the coin is strongly trading above or below the cloud. Understanding the Lagging Span (Barney Indicator) is critical to knowing how long a trade may last. The Ichimoku Clouds work much differently on shorter time frames, and the HODLNOTS Course teaches the use of this indicator in trading the different styles.

5. The TD Sequential has been added to indicate the trend position and strength of the trend for scalping and helps to count candles and signal runs on different time frames.

6. The Cup and Handle has been added to indicate a continuing upward trend. This is a great tool used in technical analysis, and the HODLNATOR will display a BLUE mark when one has been formed, saving time and allowing you to know ahead that there is a more substantial potential for gains in the immediate uptrend run.

7. New Support and Resistance indicators have been added, which means you can view a line on your chart where the trend will struggle to go further in either direction - allowing you to take profits early or move your Stop Loss closer to manage risk.

8. The Look and the Feel - This HODLNATOR settings have been left open to allow you to change all the colours and some of the ways to view each indicator to adjust to your trading screen and style.

9. ALERTS - the most powerful feature of all is the open coding, allowing you to set alerts on each coin for many signals. HODLNOTS provides additional training on this section of the HODLNATOR, and the Explainer Video (which you can view after purchase) demonstrates how to set some of the best alerts, such as notifying you when a BUY or SELL tag is in or when BARNEY signals a run is happening. There are many ways advanced coders can set alerts using the HODLNATOR.


After purchase:

  1. Please create a support ticket advising us of your Tradingview Username and Telegram username so that we can give you the indicator,
  2. Watch the explainer video, which will be available after purchase. This will be located in the video section of the HODLNATOR product.


This HODLNATOR product does NOT include training, so if you are unfamiliar with the indicators included in the HODLNATOR, we strongly recommend taking the HODLNOTS Course, where you receive the HODLNATOR for free (included in the Course) along with live support to help you learn how to set the alerts and trade on shorter time frames for more consistent and successful trades.


This is not financial advice, and BitcoinTAF is not liable for the outcomes of your investments or trades.

Make sure you understand the risks involved in trading.

Only 1 HODLNATOR Indicator is given with the Course. If you wish a 2nd indicator, you may now purchase it for a discounted price here.

The instructional material and indicators provided by BitcoinTAF.com are protected by intellectual property and copyright laws.

There is no coding to our indicators allowed for resale publicly or privately. Any such activity found to be used will terminate your access to the indicators without a refund.

Please respect the intellectual property and coding belonging to Bitcoin Trend & Forecast Pty Ltd.

Any violation of these terms may result in accusations of copyright infringement and a perpetual prohibition from accessing the indicators.


Can I use a Credit or Debit Card to pay for the HODLNATOR?

Yes, you can pay via VISA, Mastercard or Coinpayments at checkout.

Can I pay for the course using Cryptocurrency?

Yes, you will be provided with an option to pay for the HODLNATOR with crypto via CoinPayments at checkout.

How do I get access to the HODLNATOR?

After you purchase the HODLNATOR, please create a support ticket advising us of your Tradingview username. You will be given access along with instructions about how to add it to your Tradingview screen.

Does the HODLNATOR Product come with any training?

After you purchase the product, you will have access to an explainer video detailing the sections of the HODLNATOR. No training is provided on the individual indicators contained within the HODLNATOR,. If you are unfamiliar with the indicators, we recommend taking the HODLNOTS Scalp Trading Course, during which how to use all indicators will be discussed in detail.

On what type of trading can I use the HODLNATOR?

The HODLNATOR was specifically designed for scalp trading but works very well on all time frames, meaning that you can use it for scalping, intraday, day, medium and long term trades.

What is the difference between the HODLNATOR and the HODLFIRE indicators?

The HODLNATOR would be your choice if you are going to trade the shorter timeframes (scalping) or would like to follow Nico/Marius' charts when they use it on their charts (DTM, MTT or LTT) The HODLFIRE is designed more for intraday trading (2-12 hour trades) and swing/long term traders to help show the Tops and Bottoms for farming coins and trading monthly for additional profits.

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Johann Stapelberg (VERIFIED) 🏆👑

helpful indicator
This is the best helpful indicator I have ever come across, and well done to the team.

Sean Mithuba (VERIFIED)

Excellent Indicator
This is an excellent indicator for trading on Tradingciew. I like the combination of indicators and I can use it on my free Tradingview account.