HODLNOTS Scalp Trading & Foundational Course with Live Support

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HODLNOTS Scalp Trading & Foundational Course with Live Support

The next live course will commence on Friday, 19 July 2024.


26 Ratings & 26 Reviews

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The 2024 Year Schedule Course Dates:

19 July 2024 (open for registration - Book Now)

13 September 2024

25 October 2024

10 January 2025


The HODLNOTS Scalp Trading & Foundational Course was created by Wendy Landman in 2016 to offer a unique approach to trading cryptocurrency markets on fast timeframes for rapid profits. Over the years, the course has evolved with new market trends. Wendy has trained several trainers who provide hands-on support and guidance to ensure students understand the course content, methodologies, and techniques to understand how to trade cryptocurrency, read indicators and achieve profits daily in minutes. The course is ideal for beginners and experienced traders, alike, looking to acquire a new skillset. The step-by-step, LIVE interactive training equips you with the knowledge to trade safely with minimal risk, protecting your capital. 

This course is like no other you have ever taken...how could over 3000 students in the last 5 years be wrong?


Scalp trading is the skill and strategy of scalping or 'scooping' profits on shorter timeframes, in both trending up and down markets. Many small profits can quickly compound into significant daily gains. We teach you to trade safely, with minimal risk, using a stop loss to protect capital. 


Scalp trading offers every trader a way to make profits daily. Investors will buy and hold cryptocurrency for the long term, however scalpers will trade coins every day to make money. This enables them to pay bills, make supplemental income (such as students while they are studying), or add monies to their retirement funds. No matter the market, bullish or bearish, knowing how to scalp trade means you can take advantage of either direction. In addition, because one is only in a trade for a few minutes at a time, your capital is safer than if you were in longer term trades.


The course fee Includes the HODLNATOR Indicator, a powerful trading tool, along with one month access to each of the following: the DEN & LODGE (our trading and training communities), access to the BB Rider Bot signals, and access to the HODLFIRE Indicator (spot) and Bot Tips for increasing income on higher time frames. Your entire time learning with us is approximately seven weeks.

  • You will learn how to use different trading exchanges and platforms, and how to understand the indicators and time frames to make quick profitable scalp trades. Scalp trading can become your main trading style while you wait for your day or long-term trades to play out. You can also apply the knowledge you gain to trade on higher times frames. 
  • Live training classes with trainers and Wendy are conducted over 2-3 weeks, via Zoom. The course times vary according to the participants' global time zones. The course consists of the following combination: 
  • Six classes (each approximately 1.5 hours long) split over six days,
  • Additional days and sessions where class material is reviewed and reinforced.
  • Live support in a dedicated Telegram group.
  • The Den: Also included in your course fee is 1-month access to the Den (our 24/7 global trading community), which you will enter after graduation. Your entire time learning with us is approximately seven weeks). Your Den subscription also includes access to our BB Rider Scalping Bot to help you find running coins for potential trades.
  • The Lodge: Once you become a certified HODLNOT, after your course, you will also get access to our Lodge (permanent training room), where you will have access to live training support, additional live weekly training sessions, the 3M Challenge, and our Certified Academy. These are critical to your practice and continued learning for four extra weeks after the course—the perfect combination to start your trading career. The above will apply as long as you have an active Den subscription.
  • The HODLFIRE: You will also learn, as part of your course material, how to use the HODLFIRE Indicator with which you can trade on the higher time frames to diversify your trading style. 
  • 3M Challenge: As another bonus, after spending 2-3 weeks in the DEN, you will be eligible to join our 3M (Minute Money Masters) Challenge, where you will learn how to take $40 and turn it into $2500 (a whopping 6150% total portfolio growth!) This will enable you to easily trade with $1000 or more per trade, and also join in with Wendy, and the other members of the exclusive Black Bear cave, during their group trading sessions.
  • Time: It is advisable to clear your schedule for 2-3 hours a day for the duration of the course, so that you may benefit from all the live events on offer. You will be expected to spend a reasonable amount of time in front of the computer to give you the best opportunity in which to grasp the foundational elements of the course material. 
  • Participation: To make the most of this learning opportunity, we highly encourage active participation during this course. We have noticed that students who actively engage in both the live sessions and Telegram chat by asking questions, have a better chance of success.


  • It is recommended that you do the course on either a laptop or desktop - phone screens are too small to see the course material clearly. (If you have a 2nd device with a large screen, that is beneficial, but not required).
  • A basic understanding of how a mouse / trackpad works (left click / right click and scrolling).
  • A Zoom account and an understand of how Zoom meetings are conducted. (mute / unmute, start and stop video, Zoom chat function).
  • A Telegram account and general, basic knowledge of the program.
  • A stable internet connection is required. 
  • A program that has the ability to capture images from your digital screen. (For example - Windows: Snip & Sketch / Snipping tool , MAC: Screenshot) , and an understanding of how to to use it. This means capturing, locating and marking up a graphic.



  • Self-paced, pre-course orientation video training is now offered. Immediately after payment and registration, you will be granted access to a short series of videos to help prepare you for the course.
  • Then, prior to the live course starting, there will be a live Welcome Orientation Coffee Chat (an informal Zoom call) where you will meet your trainers and fellow students. You will also be shown how to use your Telegram classroom for the duration of the course. It is highly advisable to attend this session as the first week's class schedule will also be discussed.
  • Watching these pre-course videos and attending the pre-course orientation call is highly recommended so that you may be better prepared and ready for Day 1 of the course.


  • Day 1 Class: Tradingview and Candles
  • Day 2 Class - Indicators – Part 1 – Moving Averages, MACD
  • Day 3 Class- Indicators – Part 2 – Candles Selection, Support & Resistance, Bollinger Bands, Ichimoku for Scalping and your Intro to the HODLNATOR (exclusive indicator).
  • Coffee Chat (Indicators) - HODLNATOR & MACD review and discussion
  • Day 4 Class: An in-depth look at time frame analysis, retracements and front of the mountain
  • Coffee Chat (Time Frames) - Front of the mountain and time frame application
  • Day 5 Class - Finding coins and setting alerts
  • Coffee Chat (Paper Trading) - Use of the HODLNOTS scalping checklist
  • Coffee Chat (Exchange set-up) - Exchange orientation call and initial set-up
  • Day 6 Class - Buy / Sell / Stop Loss training on the exchanges
  • Interactive class - Yay or Nay (Quick decision training session)
  • Target Chase (community trading competition) - Accelerate your trading with a focused community target chase where students and trainers attempt to scalp 100% in an allotted period of time in the Telegram classroom.
  • Review and Trading session with Wendy where you can see everything come together, in real-time, at the hands of a master scalper and ask questions from any part of your training
  • Live Graduation, overview of the BB Rider Indicator, and access to the Den, Lodge and the Certified Academy
  • Post graduate AMA and Planning to Profit session
  • HODLFIRE Indicator and Bot Tips training session
  • Coin Snuggling Training with Wendy post graduation video access

  • Note:  During most days, homework is assigned and quiz questions are presented to aid you in the understanding of the course material. We strongly recommend the homework to ensure you are learning each day and we can assist with your questions.


If you would like to start your training sooner or would like the flexibility of 1-on-1 training around your preferred time and schedule requirements, our HODLNOTS PREMIUM COURSE might be the answer.

Please have a look https://bitcointaf.com/product/hodlnotspremium

If you have any questions or are still unsure which course is right for you, please email [email protected]

Other Planned Course Dates for 2024*

19 July 2024

13 September 2024

25 October 2024

10 January 2025


Information in our course, DEN, and Lodge products should NOT be taken as financial advice. We teach you how to trade but it's up to you to learn and make your own trading decisions. All of the content available during the course is for training and educational purposes only.

BitcoinTAF is not liable for the outcomes of your investments or trades.

Make sure you understand the risks involved in trading.

The course is not transferrable to another person if you do not finish it.

The course includes one HODLNATOR Indicator. However, you may now purchase a second indicator at a discounted price.

Ensure that the registration details are correct as they are used in our systems to verify your payment.

The instructional material and indicators provided by BitcoinTAF.com are protected by intellectual property and copyright laws. Enrolling in this course constitutes acceptance of these laws, and you commit to adhering to them.

Violating these terms may result in copyright infringement and a perpetual prohibition from accessing the course content and any associated indicators, as well as BitcoinTAF.com


Can I use a Credit or Debit Card to pay for the Course?

Yes, you can pay via VISA, Mastercard or Coinpayments at checkout.

Can I pay for the course using Cryptocurrency?

Yes, you will be provided with an option to pay for the course with crypto via CoinPayments at checkout.

When do I get access to the Pre-Course Videos?

Immediately after successful payment, you will receive an email with instruction on how to access the Pre-Course Video content.

Does the Hodlnots Scalp Trading & Foundational Course have any prerequisites?

No trading knowledge is required to complete the course, in fact it's perfect for everyone - complete newbies or seasoned traders alike. We do, however, suggest the following: 1. Access to a PC/Laptop and a stable internet. 2. The time to compete the live sessions over the 2-3 weeks. These weeks are jammed packed with live Zoom and telegram chat events. It's recommended that you block off time in your calendar so that you can attend these and participate as much as possible. We find that our students who participate learn the most and get the most value for money.

Will this course teach me how to long-term trade as well?

While our exclusive indicator , the HODLNATOR, can be used for long-term and day trading as well, the course give you the building block to trade on longer time frames as well.

Will I be able to scalp trade after the course?

The HODLNOTS course will provide you with the knowledge to start your scalping career. After the course you will enter the Den with the confidence to practice what you have learned. As with any new skill, you will continue to practice and find your rhythm and with time will be able to scalp trade successfully. Everyone's time table is different.

How much time to do I need to scalp trade?

Scalp trading is a very active form of Trading - it's not set and forget. It requires you to be present in the moment and watch the charts minute by minute, hour by hour. You will need a reasonable amount of time in front of the computer to scalp successfully. The HODLFIRE, however, will assist you to trade on a more leisurely pace.

Can I scalp 24 x 7?

Where the crypto market does operate 24 x 7, it is influenced by other factors - institutional traders and futures markets taking "time off". It is also influence by outside factors. Historically, there are better times of the day and better days to trade, so you will need to organize your time accordingly.

Do you pay a referral commission and where can I find the Revenue Plan for Affiliates?

Download the Affiliate Revenue Plan by going to HELP CENTRE > Downloads - see Documents. There is also a number of videos that can be downloaded to be used as marketing on social media.

Ratings & Reviews


Total 26 Reviews



Fast Paced yet Manageable
While this was my first ever trading course, I have taken many courses on a wide variety of topics over the years. This was absolutely the best designed course of them all! A lot of material was covered in a short period of time and presented in a way that was easy to absorb and understand. I highly recommend it.


Highly recommend!
This course was so much more than I expected; I was so impressed by how they made trading feel accessible to everyone regardless of their prior experience. Not only was the course well organised, structured and delivered; the trainers were enthusiastic, professional and shared freely with the group. I was able to integrate the information way more easily than I thought. Furthermore, Holdnots also have a support platform (Academy) and Telegram groups that one can join post course to continue the training. The community felt like one big happy family, one that we were welcome to join! Thanks for such a delightful experience! Now lets see how well I can apply what I learned, I am ready!!! :)

Petra Mcmahon (VERIFIED Trustpilot)

I have a great appreciation for this…
I have a great appreciation for this community. The content and team are truly exceptional. I suggest starting with the Hodlnots Course before moving forward. The recent website update is fantastic - many thanks for your hard work. Date of experience: 18 January 2024

John Tavares (VERIFIED) (GOOGLE)

Great Course
John Tavares Reviewer stats1 review • 0 photos Review left by John Tavares starstarstarstarstar Yesterday Great course!!

Tanya Huddleston (VERIFIED)

The content and team are truly exceptional
I have a great appreciation for this community. The content and team are truly exceptional. I suggest starting with the Hodlnots Course before moving forward. The recent website update is fantastic - many thanks for your hard work.

65A_18_17_มนต์มนัส สีนวน (VERIFIED)

The team is excellent
I completed the Hodlnots scalp trading course. The team is excellent and I plan to be a lifelong member.

Krishna Mohan (VERIFIED Google)

I've completed the Hodlnots scalp trading course
I've been interested in cryptocurrency for almost two years now. I've completed the Hodlnots scalp trading course and found my place. The team is excellent, and I plan to be a member for life. Thanks

John Holmes (VERIFIED)

I've never encountered a course where…
I've never encountered a course where so much detail are shared. Everything are taught to the tee! I'm blown away with the standard of the presenters! I so wish I could start with this course 5 years ago when I started with my crypto journey. I could save myself a lot of headaches, lost funds etc etc. Well done guys! This course is a must for every beginner, intermediate and experienced trader. Thank you so much! I'm forever grateful! Date of experience: 03 November 2023

John Holmes (VERIFIED)

I'm blown away with the standard of the presenters!
I've never encountered a course where… I've never encountered a course where so much detail are shared. Everything are taught to the tee! I'm blown away with the standard of the presenters! I so wish I could start with this course 5 years ago when I started with my crypto journey. I could save myself a lot of headaches, lost funds etc etc. Well done guys! This course is a must for every beginner, intermediate and experienced trader. Thank you so much! I'm forever grateful! Date of experience: 03 November 2023

Harvey Owens United States (VERIFIED) )Trustpilot)

I’m a new subscriber but the little…
I’m a new subscriber but the little trade and training i learnt from BitcoinTaf is easy and understandable. All the members are very friendly they make sure I got all what I needed. Date of experience: 21 October 2023

Dorra Mattes (VERIFIED)

Hodlnots is a good training course
The Hodlnots training course was really good, thank you


Wendy is an excellent teacher
I've been interested in cryptocurrency for almost two years now. I've completed the Hodlnots scalp trading course and found my place. The team is excellent, and I plan to be a member for life.

Wayne du Preez

5 Stars Great Course
This course was truly impressive, valuable, and informative. My only regret is not taking it earlier.

Sandra M. South Africa

Great beginners to advance course
I am one of the first people to complete this training course. I am a happy customer and a proud team member for life. Keep up the great work!


Best value and a great course
I finished the course around 36 months ago and recently reviewed the updated material. The content is fantastic, and I now cannot trade without it. I utilize it for all types of trading, including Long Term, Short Term, Day Trade, and Scalp trading. The team behind it is exceptional. Thank you for all your help.

Morné Basson

Excellent Scalp Trade course
I highly recommend Wendy's Scalp Trade course. It was a truly mind-blowing experience that enabled me to make numerous trades with maximum gains ranging between 5% and 21%. The work, typically lasting between 5 and 20 minutes, has empowered me to take control of my finances and crypto portfolio. The course's BOT is exceptional, and the support provided is second to none.


I am very grateful to Bitcoin Trend and their team. In particular to the HODLNOT team. Wendy and her trainers are exceptional - they are always improving the course to make it as easy as possible for anyone to learn how to scalp trade. Not only that, they have an incredible community that all support each other to be successful. It really does feel like a family. They are also committed to you


Hodlnots is one of the best Communities available in the Crypto space …. Real people making a real profit... with Real support... Together with Crypto Cares a charitable leg of HODLNOTS... making a difference in people's lives... They are all about Crypto... as well as people... Just love being a part of the team.


It is a life changing skill that they teach us here. I did the course and the support from Wendy and the team of trainers are the nest. They simply do not give up. Always someone in the Den to assist me, always willing to help and to top that I have to admit they make it fun :-) Thank you all for your hard work for a great program and for helping newbies like me and others to find our way and get profitable.


A must have for serious Scalp Traders!
I have been trading stocks and crypto for a long time now. This is the first time I have felt like you can remove the emotion from day / scalp trading and just follow the fundamentals of the tools. Beware! This is an intense multiday course which will get you into the right mindset. Amazing team of trainers at hand to assist you! Thanks to all!


Life changing
This course is the perfect place to begin your cryptocurrency journey. The course is comprehensive, the support is unmatched and the Hodlnator Indicator is a must have!

Recent Course Participant from S. Africa (W)

I am a bit familiar with charts as I have been day trading for some time and trying to do my own training (YouTube). This course and the group support is just unmatched.




LOLS , Well basically everything i wanted to touch on is been said already by other students. EVERYTHING that's been said is true by students regarding the INSANE CORRECT KNOWLEDGE & SUPPORT. There is a lot of false info on YouTube (I WAS LOOKING HENCE I KNOW THIS) with This group of HUMAN BEINGS you get it ALL. The overwhelming amount of knowledge you gain to literally change your life at the speed YOU CHOOSE TOO. You get the support too. I have attended many sales conferences , courses etc & once you finished your support ends there. I can honestly say , here with the Trainers and Wendy herself. It DOES NOT STOP AFTER the course , it is there during the course and as well as AFTER the course. YOU HAVE 24/7 SUPPORT from them to such a HIGH LEVEL there is NO COMPETITION. I highly recommend if you are looking at learning a new skill that will change your life (that's why you're here) GO FOR IT !! DO IT!! You not only learning a new skill , you are meeting new people/friends MENTORS. When they say they want to help you succeed and get to your personal goals , they don't just say it. THEY MEAN IT SINCERELY. They do it !! Thank you for such an amazing Journey & all the incredible TRAINING you have supplied me with to better my life. To ALL Wendy , Jon , Vikki , Marcel , Charlene , Carla , Karin , Marlize , Charl , Liezl , Liza & EVERYONE ELSE in the FAMILY..Thank You & God Bless you. Justin #blue


Not everyone learn at the same rate and in this course you accommodated everyone. We all have life to do and we all have the opportunity to see all the live training when we had time. Thank you


Scalping course feedback
Wow ! What a course - my life has been changed ! The number of lightbulb moments are astounding ! In short ... I received high-level, technical, yet simple information and skills to improve my life. I received exciting information to open a whole new world ! The level of training is top-notch, but the best of all ... is the unbelievable commitment of trainers giving support and tips, sharing their knowledge in a completely unselfish manner. Being a trainer myself, I have NEVER in my life seen such dedication from any team. I am blown away ! THANK YOU to Wendy, Vikki, Charlene, Jon, Marlize, Marcell and everyone else in this amazing team !