Hodlnots PREMIUM Course with Private Trainer

Hodlnots PREMIUM Course with a Private Trainer


Hodlnots PREMIUM Course with Private Trainer

Hodlnots Premium Trading Course. Private and tailored 1-on-1 Scalp Training.


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This course is designed for those with a more demanding lifestyle or who prefer private Training.

Once purchased, you will have a private consultation with management to secure the best Trainer for your time and learning preference.

You can learn as fast as you like, but we block off a 30-day window to lock in the Trainer for your sessions.

The original Course is a group course at a set time, but the same material is covered and presented at your learning pace with the PREMIUM Course.

See the Original Course product for details to learn more about the Training.


  1. Once purchased, you will receive a private consultation with the Team, who will work out with you and your needs the best suitable trainer and work out a schedule based on your desired learning preference, times and dates available for learning.
  2. Your Course will consist of exclusive and private, live 1-on-1 training sessions with an Expert HODLNOT Trainer at times that suit you.
  3. You will have access to a private Telegram chat where you will be guided throughout the training period and can ask questions and interact with your assigned trainer.
  4. We give you full training on setting up and using your Tradingview account with our exclusive indicator - THE HODLNATOR - that is specifically for scalp trading. (However, it can be used for other styles of trading as well). This indicator is yours to keep after you graduate. 
  5. You will also receive a 1-month free subscription to the "DEN and Lodge" (our private Trading/Learning Communities), with support from our other experienced trainers and community members. This benefit will kick in after you have completed your Training. You will also have access to our 3.0 BOT TIPS, which finds potentially more significant scalping runs.
  6. As well as the 1-month DEN subscription, you will also receive 30 days of access to our scalping BB Rider Bot (which finds scalping runs already in progress) and our newest offering, the HODLFIRE Indicator and Bot. (which is used for intraday trading), giving you the best chance at maximising your profits.
  7. Wendy Landman will assess and test you after your Course is completed and before you Graduate to ensure you have learned the methods and your questions are answered.
  8. You will have two additional follow-up sessions with your assigned Trainer during your time in Den/Lodge to ensure your progress. We want to ensure you can trade with other successful traders already in our DEN & Lodge.
  9. You will also be able to apply for our 3M Challenge, where you will learn how to Scalp trade as an expert and feel comfortable scalp trading with more significant money.


  1. Training Duration: Minimum 7 to 30 days - you and your Trainer set the pace, fast or slow based on your learning preference. The average Course is two weeks.
  2. Training Delivery: Consists of Zoom training sessions, quizzes, homework, and live chat participation to cement further what you learned. Extra sessions are also held at a time that suits you. 
  3. After learning the material, you continue into the DEN (and Lodge), where you can take advantage of all it offers for a month of trading, learning and support with our existing members (included in your course fee). So that is up to 60 days total with us with your course price.
  4. Goal: To learn how to successfully and safely Scalp trade the markets for daily profits in both uptrends and downtrends.
  5. Prerequisites: Prior trading knowledge is unnecessary as we will teach you the trading basics during the Course. You begin with our self-paced Pre-course Essentials videos to help you get started. 
  6. Technology: Zoom, Telegram and an internet browser are used, and a stable internet connection is required.

Here is a breakdown of what you will learn - All this will be discussed with your Trainer during your orientation call: 

  1. Pre-training Essentials Videos: After payment and registration, you will be granted access to a series of Pre-Essential Course videos to help set you up for the Course. 
  2. A consultation meeting will be held for us to select the best Trainer and get the times set up for appointments on your schedule.
  3.  Indicators – Part 1 – Moving Averages, RSI for Scalping & MACD
  4.  Indicators – Part 2 – Candles Selection, Support & Resistance, Bollinger Bands, Ichimoku for Scalping and your Intro to the HODLNATOR™ (exclusive indicator).
  5.  An in-depth look at Time Frame analysis, Retracements and scalping differences.
  6. Overview of the Exchanges, Coin pairing, finding coins to the Scalp and setting alarms on the HODLNATOR.
  7. Buy/Sell, Stop Limit, OCO. Focus on STOP LOSS.
  8. LIVE, Quick decision TRAINING sessions with Q&A and homework, dedicated Trainer support.


  1. We will decide on the best Trainer for your needs and time zone and set up an introductory meeting.

The information, quality and attention you receive will remain the same as all our Trainers are expert scalp traders and have taught premium classes as well as group classes.

If you have any questions or are unsure if this Course is right for you, please email [email protected]'re always happy to help! 


  • It is recommended that you do the course on either a laptop or desktop - phone screens are too small to see the course material clearly. (If you have a 2nd device with a large screen, that is beneficial, but not required).
  • A basic understanding of how a mouse / trackpad works (left click / right click and scrolling).
  • A Zoom account and an understand of how Zoom meetings are conducted. (mute / unmute, start and stop video, Zoom chat function and share screen).
  • A Telegram account and general, basic knowledge of the program.
  • A stable internet connection is required. 
  • A program that has the ability to capture images from your digital screen. (For example - Windows: Snip & Sketch / Snipping tool , MAC: Screenshot) , and an understanding of how to to use it. This means capturing, locating and marking up a graphic.


Our Course is NOT financial advice!

All of the content available during the Course is for educational purposes only.

This is not financial advice, and BitcoinTAF is not liable for the outcomes of your investments or trades.

Make sure you understand the risks involved in trading and understand that you will be making trades yourself and decisions to trade/buy/sell will be yours to make.

The Course is not transferrable to another person, and no refunds are permitted as the Trainer receives payment to block off time.

Ensure that the registration details are correct. We use those in our systems to verify your payment.


Can I use a Credit or Debit Card to pay for the Course?

Yes, you can pay via VISA, Mastercard or PayPal at checkout.

Can I pay for the course using Cryptocurrency?

Yes, you will be provided with an option to pay for the course with crypto via CoinPayments at checkout.

When do I get access to the Pre-Course Essentials Videos?

Immediately after successful payment, you will receive an email with instruction on how to access the Pre-Course Video content.

Does the course have any prerequisites?

No trading knowledge is required to complete the course, in fact it's perfect for everyone - complete newbies or seasoned traders alike. We do, however, suggest the following: 1. Access to a PC/Laptop and a stable internet. 2. At least a rudimentary knowledge of Zoom.

Will this course teach me how to long-term trade as well?

While the HODLNOTS Premium Course does focus on learning about 1-minute scalping, this premium foundational course is tailored towards you, the student. This means that the knowledge gained can be applied to any time frame or any trading style.

Will I be able to scalp trade after the course?

The HODLNOTS course will provide you with the knowledge to start your scalping career. After the course you will enter the Den with the confidence to practice what you have learned. As with any new skill, you will continue to practice and find your rhythm. With time you will be able to scalp trade successfully. Everyone's learning curve is different.

How much time to do I need to scalp trade?

Scalp trading is a very active form of Trading - it's not set and forget. It requires you to be present in the moment and watch the charts minute by minute, hour by hour. You will need a reasonable amount of time in front of the computer to scalp successfully. The good new, however, is there is usually at least one coin running at any time and in any given market.

Can I scalp 24 x 7?

Where the crypto market does operate 24 x 7, it is influenced by other factors - institutional traders and futures markets taking "time off". It is also influence by outside factors. Historically, there are better times of the day and better days to trade, so you will need to organize your time accordingly.

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The HODLNOTS Premium course suited me perfectly. I can't recommend it highly enough!
TexasCowBoy is my name and I have been in cryptos since 2015, all self-taught. I started my first Hodlnots course with Wendy, and then only completed it through the recordings. A couple of years later I did the Live course with Wendy and as part of that course I met the awesome team. Not long after that I went through some real trying times with my health. Once I felt I could get back into it, I realised things had changed and my memory was still failing me. At that time Wendy brought out an extra 1-on-1 training course. We had a choice with whom we could do it. My number one choice would have been Wendy as she is the master, but the reason for choosing the personal trainer that I did, was that during our interactions over the courses I felt that she was a the right fit for me. Well, I was right, she was so understanding of my position, very knowledgeable, and very accommodating in working with times that suited both of us, and most of all, she was very, very patient . My trainer would never let me move forward if she thought I didn't understand something, and was very thorough. Nothing was ever a problem for her. She loves what she does, and has a passion for it. She always makes you feel like you're the centre of her attention - no question goes unanswered . I would HIGHLY recommend any of the Premium trainers to take you through this course, and you will come out the other side an awesome and confident trader. The cost of the course will be made up very quickly after this personal training.🤠❤️