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Hodlnots PREMIUM

Hodlnots PREMIUM
📅 Publish Date : 10-02-2023

HODLNOTS is proud to announce an alternative to our wildly popular HODLNOTS group Training course - HODLNOTS PREMIUM!

Due to popular demand and based on our comprehensive and interactive, one-of-a-kind HODLNOTS Scalp Trading Course, HODLNOTS PREMIUM Training is designed for those who would like to learn the art of Scalp Trading, at times that suit a busy lifestyle, in a private 1-on-1 training environment.  


The skill and strategy of scalping involves 'scooping' profit on a regular basis. This means you buy a coin at a lower price and sell at a higher price in a short time frame. Many small profits can easily compound into large gains and, with a tight stop loss, capital can be protected.


We teach you how to make profitable quick scalp trades safely and daily in both up and down markets. You can make scalp trading your main trading style or use it to make profits while you are waiting for your day or long-term trades to play out.

  1. Once purchased, you will receive a private consultation with the Management Team who will work out an individual training schedule based on your needs.
  2. Your course will consist of exclusive and private, live 1-on-1 training sessions with an Expert HODLNOTS trainer at times that suit you.
  3. You will have access to a private Telegram chat where you will be guided throughout the training period and be able to ask questions and interact with your assigned trainer.
  4. We give you the inside scoop on how to set up and use your Tradingview account with our exclusive indicator - THE HODLNATOR - that is dialled in specifically for scalp trading. This indicator is only available to our certified members and is yours to keep after you graduate. 
  5. You will also receive a 1-month free subscription to the "DEN and Lodge" (our private Trading/Learning Communities), where you will receive support from our other experienced trainers and community members. This benefit will kick in after you have completed your training. You will also have access to our 3.0 BOT TIPS which finds potential bigger scalping runs.
  6. You will have two additional follow-up sessions with your assigned trainer during your time in Den/Lodge to ensure you are progressing successfully. We want to ensure you are equipped to trade together with other successful traders already in our DEN & Lodge.
  7. You will also have the opportunity to apply for our 3M Challenge where  you will learn how to Scalp trade with bigger money.

HODLNOTS Premium - Learn to take control of your trading and your time and profit daily on very short-term trades that may last anything from a few minutes to a few hours.

Take back control of your time and your finances today!  PREPARE yourself to know how to earn income from home in case a situation arises where you need it - it's like having an insurance policy.  Learning now is KEY to preparedness and less risk for the future. 


    1. Training Duration:  Minimum 7 days to a maximum of 30 days - you and your trainer set the pace. 
    2. Training Delivery: Consists of Zoom training sessions, quizzes, homework, and live chat participation to further cement what you learned. Extra sessions are also held a time to suit you. 
    3. After you have learned the material,  you then continue into the DEN (and Lodge) where you can take advantage of all it has to offer for a month of trading, learning and support with all of our existing members (included in your course fee). So that is up to 60 days total with us with your course price.
    4. Goal: To learn how to successfully and safely Scalp trade the markets for daily profits, in both uptrends and downtrends.
    5. Prerequisites:  Prior trading knowledge is not necessary as we will teach you the basics of trading during the course.  You begin with our self-paced Pre-course Essentials videos to help you get started, as well. 
    6. Technology: Zoom, Telegram and an internet browser are used and a stable internet connection is required.

Here is a breakdown of what you will learn - All this will be discussed with your trainer during your orientation call: 

  1. Pre-training Essentials Videos: After registration, you will be granted access to a series of Pre-Essential Course videos to watch to help get you set up for the course.  
  2.  Indicators – Part 1 – Moving Averages, RSI for Scalping & MACD
  3.  Indicators – Part 2 – Candles Selection, Support & Resistance, Bollinger Bands, Ichimoku for Scalping and your Intro to the HODLNATOR™ (exclusive indicator).
  4.  In-depth look at Time Frame analysis, Retracements and scalping differences.
  5. Overview of the Exchanges, Coin pairing, finding coins to scalp and setting alarms on the HODLNATOR.
  6. LIVE, Quick decision TRAINING sessions with Q&A and homework, dedicated Trainer support.
  7. Buy/Sell, Stop Limit, OCO. Focus on STOP LOSS.


PRE-COURSE Essential Set-Up video training is now offered and included in the cost of your course fee. 
For those who are a bit unfamiliar with exchanges and charting websites, we give you an exchange and charting overview and show you how to start setting up your charts for the course. You and your private trainer will decide which videos you will watch prior to the commencement of your course. 


You will have a choice of two options for your training - as far as trainers go...

  1. You may choose a highly experienced and expert HODLNOTS trainer and trader to guide you through your journey.
  2. For a bit extra, you may choose HODLNOTS founder and expert scalp trader, Wendy Landman as your guide. 
Regardless of who you choose, the information, quality and attention your receive will remain the same. 


You can purchase the course at anytime and start learning as per the schedule that you and your trainer create.  There are certain dates, though, where we will be unable to teach, so your plan will work around these dates if required. They are as follows:

24 March - 11 April 2023
Wendy, specifically,  will not be available during the month of May 2023
09 June - 23 June 2023
01 September - 15 September 2023
10 November - 24 November 2023 
22 December 2023 - 05 Jan 2024

If you have any questions or are still unsure if this course is right for you, please email [email protected] ...we're always happy to help! 


Our course is NOT financial advice!
All of the content available during the course is for educational purposes only.
This is not financial advice and BitcoinTAF is not liable for the outcomes of your investments or trades. Make sure you understand the risks involved in trading.
The course is not transferrable to another person.
Ensure that the registration details are correct. We use those in our systems to verify your payment.
The registration details (Name, Surname) are also used on the certificate.