Inner Circle Private Group

Inner Circle Private Group

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The Inner Circle is an exclusive private group that provides you direct access to Bitcoin Trend and Forecast (BTAF) founder Marius Landman, the team of skilled and experienced analysts and access to their trading strategies  that will assist you with setting up a balanced cryptocurrency portfolio. 

Exclusive Private Group providing the following:

  • - Access to our Analytical Team
  • - Confidential and private one-on-one personal portfolio review, guidance and support along the way (you stay in charge of your own trades and assets. We do not trade for you).
  • - Dedicated confidential and private Telegram Support Channel as communication between you and our team of analysts.
  • - Timely short, mid-term and long-term trade strategies, buy & sell targets, stop limit settings posted in a private Telegram Channel. 
  • - Access to Long Term Trade Reports by Marius Landman included Algorithm Data. 
  • - Weekly live Zoom calls where you can ask Marius and the team any questions. 
  • - Once a month you'll have access to AMA (Ask me anything) Zoom call with the team (this is a dedicated live workshop for all members)
  • - Educational Video content related to Stop Limits, Laddering in trades, and many more.
  • - Timely guest appearances / speakers (Tax, Finance, new ICOs and anything in this space and related info).
  • - Access to Nosis and Asset Management tools (Easier way to manage your own portfolio).
  • - Confidentiality assured as you meet like-minded traders with the same goals or you can remain anonymous.
  • - Options: 6 and 12 month joining options.


Yes. Email Bill Nolan @ [email protected]

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