The Ultimate DeFi Course

The Ultimate DeFi Course


The Ultimate DeFi Course

Know exactly how and what to do before the markets move for massive success with DeFi and Web3


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Comprehensive DeFi & Automated Finance Education - Decentralize your Finances, Ownership, and Wealth Generation Strategy

Know Exactly How & What to Do Before the Markets Move for Massive Success!

Diversify your Investment and Trade Strategies while harnessing the best-performing assets of our lifetimes - Artificial Intelligence(AI), DeFi and NFT's are just the beginning.

Gain the skills to diversify and grow your portfolio with confidence and without requiring traditional centralized systems or the headaches they bring. This course focuses on the Highest Power opportunities across the most popular networks, platforms and protocols enabling you to live on the cutting edge. Eliminate confusion & overwhelm in the crypto markets and know exactly what to do and how to do it before the markets move for massive success!

Getting Started

We kick off the course by laying out the foundational Blockchain knowledge you need to fully plug into the industry, and know where the limits and boundaries are that can be tested (and the one's better left alone!) From here we can branch out with more exotic networks and bleeding-edge tech development and innovation.

Gain insight into recommended coins that can help you bridge the decentralized gap and get off of centralized exchanges. You will spend time directly with our Senior Analysts on a weekly basis to develop your master strategy and implement various cutting-edge solutions into one Powerhouse Portfolio. Harness the full power of DeFi isn't easy and takes time, but you have EVERYTHING you need to see tremendous success, not just "one and done" but repeatable consistently winning strategies that will position you to win for years to come.

- Take back control and ownership of your assets - currencies, tokens, NFT’s, identity management, Privacy & Security

- Navigate Networks, Bridges and on/off ramps with complete confidence

- Understand the benefits of Blockchain & how it will be integrated into your life in various ways

- Understand different types of cryptocurrencies and how to focus on the Best Performers while avoiding the rest

- Stay ahead of the Game with Cutting-Edge Innovation & Regulatory Updates - Know Exactly How & What to Do Before the Markets Move for Massive Success

- Take back control of your money and gain rewards directly from regulatory-friendly staking options that eliminate the middle-men.



- Modules include workbooks and downloadable resources to make life easy

- Gain Complete Confidence Navigating Decentralized Networks, Protocols and Platforms

- Generate Returns from Staking, Yield & Liquidity Farming without Regulatory Risk

- Cutting-Edge Tech, Tools & Strategy to Powerhouse your Portfolio



Order today and receive immediate access:

1. 6 months access to pre-recorded coursework and all new video updates

2. 6 months access to Telegram Channel for course updates and announcements

3. 6 months access to Weekly Live Training calls through Zoom

4. Monthly 10x DeGem Report that deep dives into the blockchain, use cases and technical analysis on medium and long term time frames


What you'll get:

- Grow your Understanding of the differences between CEXs and DEXs

- Expand your knowledge on the most popular Layer 1s, 2s and Sidechains

- Effectively navigate DEXs and Decentralized Swaps, Networks, Lending, Borrowing. Farming & Compounding

- How to Position for Long-Term Growth with Staking Rewards WITHOUT Regulatory Risk

- Utilize peer to peer networks to cut out the middle-men and save you more money

- Confidently transition between the most popular blockchain networks using Bridges and Swaps

- Explode your Portfolio with Bleeding-Edge strategy using Onchain Analysis for Web3, NFTs & MORE!

- Live Training and Q&A every Week with our Senior Analysts

- Monthly 10x DeGem Report that dives deep into projects our Analysts are investing and trading and WHY (Includes mid and long term target points and analysis)