Ultimate Chart Patterns - Never Trade Without It

Trading becomes simpler with the most comprehensive Chart Patterns Book for Technical Analysis in the world.


Ultimate Chart Patterns - Never Trade Without It

Discover the world's most comprehensive Chart Patterns Book, available in a user-friendly, searchable, and printable PDF format, designed to simplify Technical Analysis. This book has been acclaimed as The Ultimate Trade Pattern Book, trusted by traders worldwide for stock markets and now tailored for cryptocurrency traders.


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Ultimate Chart Patterns - Never Trade Without It

The following Reports and Guidelines are available.

As of 18 October 2023:

ULTIMATE Patterns for Traders - 2023 (36 Pages)

Elliott Wave Theory Guide Version 1_2023 (50 pages)

Elliott Wave Corrections 2023 (20 Pages)

Trading Chart Patterns Cheat Sheet (A4, quick view style PDF)

New and Updated Chart Patterns Coming During 2023.

Reversal Patterns

Continuation Patterns

Bilateral Patterns

Symmetrical Patterns

Consolidation Patterns

Elliott Wave Theory - A Helpful Guideline - complete

Wyckoff Patterns

Supply and Demand 

Support and Resistance


Does my subscription include all new PDF updates?

Yes, as long as you have an active subscription, you will receive a notification via email as soon as we upload a newly updated Ultimate Chart Pattern booklet.

Can I download and print the PDF Chart Pattern Booklet?

Yes, it can be downloaded, saved and printed in black and white or full color.

How many updates will there be per year?

Every 14 to 21 days we will post an update consisting of a vast amount of important chart patterns. These are chart patterns we use to increase our portfolios. Some are proprietary detailed chart patterns.

Can I use the Ultimate Chart Pattern Book for Day Trading stocks and cryptocurrencies?

Yes, these patterns apply to both the World Stock Markets such as the Dow Jones Average, S&P 500, and all cryptocurrencies.

Ratings & Reviews


Total 7 Reviews


Johann Stapelberg (VERIFIED) 🏆👑

helpful and added a lot more thought to my trading.
This is a must-have - indeed helpful and added much more thought to my trading. Please add some more chart patterns. Thank you!

Sam12365 (VERIFIED)

Cannot trade without it
These chart patterns are fantastic; thank you, team. Very detailed.

Sean Mithuba (VERIFIED)

Good charts
I am using it, and it is good. Thank you.

Johan F.

It is like having a cheat sheet
Thank you, excellent chart patterns, its like having your own cheat sheet, love it!


Impressive Content Great Charts
I am grateful for the team's provision of valuable resources on Elliott Wave Chart Patterns. The content is well-crafted, accurate, and immensely helpful for trading and long-term investment reports. I appreciate your hard work and dedication.


Wow! Incredible doc, thanks
A detailed but power-packed analysis of bull cycles and bear cycle patterns. Very easy to understand, and helps me with every trade. Thank you.

Bitcoin King

I'm a keen user of chart patterns, both for longer-term and shorter-term trades. Excited to get into trading with these patterns next to me. With the knowledge this book provides, I'm sure I will be prepared for whatever the market brings. Very well explained. And for some of us who are just starting with trading cryptocurrencies, this is a life lien. The charts and candle sticks are precisely shown. There are plenty of clear images, it's precise, and to the point, easy to understand. Definitely recommend.