The Den….What is all the fuss about?

published on: July 16th, 2022

The Den….What is all the fuss about?

Have you been scalp trading alone and find you are missing some of those fast running, high percentage coins because you just can’t look at every coin at once?

Are you looking for a community of like-minded people all working together to profit?

Well, look no further! The Den is perfect for you! But what exactly is it…and what’s all the fuss about?

Well, In shortOur Den means profits in people – scalp trading with a community.

And in long…

HODLNOTS began as a unique training course teaching people how to profitably trade cryptocurrency on the 1-minute charts. Over the years, thousands of people have taken the course and have become successful in creating supplemental income or have changed careers and are now scalping full-time.

After the first few times that the course was run, however, we found that, upon completion, graduates had learned so much and had so much fun doing so, they didn’t want leave their follow students or their trainers and go out on their own. They also realised that being in a group of like-minded people could be more profitable for everyone.

Our HODLNOTS Den of traders was born from this and is now a burgeoning telegram group of active cryptocurrency scalp traders. If you’re wondering, the name comes from its founder, Wendy Landman, whose nickname is Mama Bear (she is fiercely protective of and teaching life skills to her members – the Cubs”).

To this day, most of our members are fully trained certified Hodlnots who have completed the HODLNOTS scalp trading course, but the Den is actually available to any scalp trader wanting to join in on the fun while finding running coins.

With members from all over the world, The Den runs 24×7 and more eyes on the coins means serious-minded traders can profit quickly; it’s time-saving trading with like-minded people all sharing together. Profits can range from 1% to well over 100% in any given hour of good scalping.

Whether you are an extrovert or a private trader, our Den has something for you – You determine how much or how little you interact. Anyway you choose participate, the Den can make the daily work of trading more fun and more profitable.

DON’T trade alone. Laugh, have fun, build lasting relationships and most of all profit together!

“Anybody on a coin? “Who’s in MBL with me? “Shib looks like it’s trying to turn”. “Barney just popped out if the BB on the 1 min”, “BETA ruining after the retrace”. “Just made 12.9% on BETA…thanks!” “Ok, burning the mid night oil…just needed to check one more time then…. Just can’t stay away”

Join the Den today…every scalp trader is welcome!

Have a look at our recent public AMA where we share what the DEN is all about below:

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The Hodlnots Team 

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