The Time Point Is Now To Get Debt Free

published on: May 15th, 2023

Become Debt Free with

Here at we have been an advocate of teaching our members to become debt free. The time point is now to get debt free…

Hyperinflation is coming:

The coming Hyperinflation, that we warned about in 2019, happened and properties across the world almost doubled and some tripled. Those who listened and took action made some stunning equity and/or profit. Reminder we do not provide financial advice. Our data is objective historical data based on Algorithms. Now today, on 15 May 2023, I am again warning that properties are about to double again in the next 3 years.

Yes, you read this correct, home prices in good quality neighborhoods, and quality agriculture farmland, is set to double again. During a Live Zoom Webinar, I pointed out to two important areas in the world where land will triple (specific Farmland), and I pointed towards an area in Australia that will become the world Number 1 destination and the hottest growth area in the world in terms of properties. Please heed the warning or opportunity as you may see it. But again, please understand we are not financial advisors.

The gurus want to tell you properties will become worthless. If so, why is BlackRock buying properties all around the world? Regardless of the Elite buying properties as mentioned above, our data is based on objective historical cycles, and although we may have some deflationary cycle/s the end game is a shot upwards for Hyperinflation that will bring about a season of wealth for those who are positioned correctly.

Invest in four ways:

In my latest Long Term Trade Report, I mention three investments that is due to take off and they are:

  1. Cryptocurrencies (you must be positioned correctly)
  2. Gold and Silver (physical, not paper money gold)
  3. Properties and farmland (mentioned above)
  4. To a lessor extend, Stock Markets (for Franked Dividends).

Position yourself to become debt free:

You must be positioned correctly. Here are 4 valuable points:

  1. Know that going against the grain is sometimes necessary for success
  2. Stand your ground and remain focused
  3. Be intentional
  4. Spend wisely

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