We’re going to Ti(c)k (Tok) all the boxes!

published on: February 10th, 2024

HODLFIRE – The TikTok Edition

Ok, Let’s be honest, those of you that know Wendy Landman (and her challenge with technology) might be thinking “Never did I think this day would come”.  However…drumroll – we are excited to announce the launch of our official account on TikTok – starring none other than the woman herself.

With the launch of our new and highly successful HODLFIRE indicator, we thought there was no better way and no better time to reach as many people as possible to let everyone know all about how we are profiting and how they could be profiting too.

Now, our new TikTok account will, of course, provide a platform to showcase HODLFIRE trades and how best to achieve these great results, but it will also delve a bit into fast, minute scalping and also highlight the lighter side of our brand and Wendy.  You think you know her…’you ain’t see nothin’ yet!’

We are really looking forward to experimenting with a variety of formats, including visual experiences that may just surprise you a bit, and invite you to come along on this wild ride with her.

Please follow our official account – @intrepidtrader – to stay updated with the latest news, HODLFIRE trades, and some fun and sometime kooky content.  However, don’t’ be fooled, even though we are going to have a bit of fun, we take trading and profiting seriously so, stay tuned and profit with us!

To give you a bit of an insight of the why, where, what, and how, we sat down with Wendy to have a chat about the HODLFIRE and why the foray into TikTok…We’re going to Ti(c)k (Tok) all the boxes!

Tell us a bit about yourself and why you got into Crypto Trading.

Thanks for inviting me to share more on Cryptocurrency Trading and hopefully get more people interested in making some great profits this year.  For those who are new to cryptocurrency, my name is Wendy Landman and I have been trading cryptocurrencies for about, gosh, 8 or 9 years.  I started off collecting alternative coins back when most of them were pennies on the dollar.  My husband, Marius Landman started buying Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum to see if he could make better investments than our stock gains.  With both of us seeing gains, we decided to master learning how to invest and trade cryptocurrencies and, the love for crypto began.  We started Bitcoin Trend & Forecast and, from there, we have evolved into one of the largest global trading communities in the world. Today, we have a training and education platform that specializes in the cryptocurrency markets.


We hear that you will be starting a TikTok channel and that your name will be “Intrepid Trader”.  What made you choose that name?

Well, my team helped me pick a name.  Intrepid is a good description of how I trade, fearlessly, and my teaching style is a bit on the fun and humorous side, keeping it simple and teaching others to not fear the markets but to enjoy trading.  We will give it a go and try our best not to bore you with charts but instead show a fun new way to trade for daily profits.


What type of content will you be sharing on your TikTok channel?

The focus will be on our insanely great new indicator the HODLFIRE and how it works so others can try it out.  We will also slip in a few minute scalps to show people how fast and fun it is to trade for profits in MINUTES in case they want to have a bit of extra income or seek a life change in careers.


What will make you different from other TikTok-ers out there?

Something I trade is CRYPTO – not many on TikTok trade crypto – so hopefully it will help get some interest going as a whole.  I am not used to social media so I’ll be a good target for people to see someone quite nervous – but be gentle – I will try to up my game and make it a fun channel.  If I get comfortable, we will open up for live Q&A sessions but let’s see how we go first.  LOL.


Fun and fearless, eh?  Will I still be safe following you?

Of course……I have been trading for 8 years and I think I have it mastered on the minutes.  I do not leverage trade, tried it and make more money and less stress on Spot – so, fun and fearless, but also simple and safe.


The HODLFIRE – Can you tell us a bit more about it?

LOVE talking about the HODLFIRE – for sure!  My team and I have been working for 19 months to design a simple way to teach people to take profits daily.  Many cannot afford to take the courses and do not have the time to learn technical analysis and trading skills.

The HODLFIRE was designed to assist our minute (scalp) Traders to make profits daily to pay the bills, while they were practicing with little money to learn to minute scalp better.  We found that the HODLFIRE is ideal for newer traders to use on the 4-hr timeframe to practice and take a nice profit each week.  When they master the 4-hr they can try using faster time frames like the 2-hr or 1-hr to take profits daily/every other day.

We do not recommend using the HODLFIRE on shorter times without further training and education on trading.  Our Scalpers who have had training like to use the 15 min timeframe and 1-hr the most.  The HODLFIRE can be used on ANY timeframe and works very well to assist even long-term traders to know when to take profits before the market retraces.


Ok, so you said that you like to trade, fast and furiously on the 1-minute charts, so why the deviation into the longer-term space with the HODLFIRE?

Personally, I only 1 minute trade, that’s me.  I am on the screens every day, all day.  However, a lot of  people don’t have time to do that, but do have a few hours a day or can set up trades and continue to work their jobs.  The HODLFIRE helps people take profits daily without being on the screens continuously, but instead out doing life – which is good for everyone.


Would someone need know how to trade in order to use the HODLFIRE?

We have a great explainer video that shows how to use the HODLFIRE and we even created an extra helpful video for those newer to trading to help them use it better.  We allow everyone to try it free for 7 days and we even give you a free spreadsheet to help you practice using the HODLFIRE before you even need to buy it.  It is also a super low cost so it is easy for so many to use it and afford it.


It sounds like a person can use the HODLFIRE with minimal trading knowledge, so how would taking the HODLNOTS course benefit me?

The HODLNOTS Course is best suited for people who want to learn to trade well. It teaches you how to read indicators, charts and know better times to buy and sell maximizing profits.  We specialise in minutes and like any other trade, it takes practice and time to master.  We have live support to ensure you understand the process and how it works.  It’s not just your boring online course – its quite a unique and different learning experience, where we get to know you personally.  Knowing how to read charts will also help you use the HODLFIRE on shorter timeframes, thus maximizing your profits.

How much does this indicator cost?

Knowing the power and the coding it has taken to get that win rate high, we’ve ensured to have it dialled in well to not just cryptocurrency but to Stocks, Forex, Gold and all charts on Tradingview (all asset classes).  We have been told we will not sell it if we do not ask for a high price as others won’t believe it is as good as it is…but we know people need help and we priced it super low so those who really need it will see hope.  We believe the price will pay off in the future and we are after quantity to see MANY in abundance, and not just benefiting the people with funds.  (Currently, it’s priced at $30/month or just $15/month if you are also a member of our HODLNOTS Den).

Can I use it no matter where I am in the World?

YES, everyone should be able to get on the Tradingview platform as it is a charting platform.  You do not need an exchange to trade on, but only a place/app where you can buy/sell cryptocurrencies.  THIS makes the HODLFIRE even more desirable as many people in the USA and CANADA are unable to use many exchanges.  We love this being a great way to work a new way to trade and simplify it for everyone.

OK, it sounds like you are sold on crypto trading, but if you could do anything else besides trade crypto – what would it be?

I will always trade crypto – it’s that much fun.  However, if I had to do anything else, I’d love to run a fishing charter business and enjoy my favourite sport.  HODLFIRE FISHING ……let’s just say I do have that on the future bucket list.

We hope you enjoyed learning about the start of our TikTok Journey and we’d love if you join us.

Remember, we are all new at this, so please be gentle on Wendy – it’s taken years to get her to do social media…and most importantly have some fun while we profit together. We’re going to Ti(c)k (Tok) all the boxes!




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