Why Launch a Token?

published on: May 29th, 2023

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There are so many coins and tokens in the Cryptoverse. There can be almost any type of coin/token for almost anything that can be imagined; So why launch a token? 

Many digital currencies, like BTC, are typically used for peer-to-peer transactions or a store of value. Decentralised open-source blockchain platforms, like ETH, that allow the creation of smart contracts and dApps. There are utility tokens that are used to access specific products or services within an ecosystem. Security tokens represent ownership or equity in an underlying asset and can often provide dividends or profit sharing. Governance tokens that are used to participate in the governance of a blockchain ecosystem. Stablecoins, pegged to a stable asset such as the US dollar, provide a more stable store of value and are used to facilitate trading on crypto exchanges. The NFT space represents ownership and/or proof of authenticity for a specific item that is distinct and unique. And don’t forget the meme coins that have no intrinsic value whatsoever.

With so many coins and tokens of varied types out there (approximately 10,000 according to CoinMarketCap), the question begs, why would anyone want to create another one and after answering this question, what type of coin does one actually create?

Well, this week, we hear from Marius Landman, a founding member of Bitcoin Trend & Forecast, our lead analyst and the catalyst behind our very own BTAF token.  Let’s hear what he has to say;

Question 1: Why launch a token? 

You have been a successful, trusted analyst since 2016. What were the gaps/shortcomings that you saw in the market that made you want to create and launch your own utility token called BTAF token (btaftoken.io)

There are several good reasons why we developed the BTAF token. One important reason was to create financial flexibility for our members worldwide. As the popularity of cryptocurrencies takes effect, it is important that financial institutions such as central banks are not able to control personal financial transactions. The world population should be free and flexible when it comes to financial transactions. BTAF token achieves this principle by supplying cheaper and faster money transfers on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC) network, while the BTAF decentralized payment system cannot collapse at a single point of failure. BTAF token can be used by members globally as a secure form to achieve flexibility of cross-border payments, without delay.

The second qualifier is the world situation and the need to create a trusted community of like-minded individuals. Cryptocurrency can sometimes be challenging when it comes to security and trust. Since 2016, BitcoinTAF.com has been a trusted source for thousands of traders worldwide, that have come to have confidence in us. Trust and confidence can only be built over years of hard work, being consistent, and delivering on your promises, week after week. It is for these reasons we built the BTAF token for members worldwide, who can trust and have confidence in the fact that we will always deliver on our promises.

Question: Who, would you say, benefits the most from this token? What are the areas of utility?

This question really leads us to understand the importance of the past and coming Hyper Inflation. The BTAF token, which is built on the BNB Blockchain, is built in such a way as to protect users or holders from inflation. While most fiat currency decline in value against the $US during inflation, we now notice that specifically the Binance coin, (BNB) appears to hold its value against fiat currencies. Most fiat currencies are down dramatically against the $US.

If we look at cryptocurrencies as an example, Bitcoin is down 60.76% from its previous all-time high, as of the date 28 May 2023, while BNB is down only 53.65% (compared to Bitcoin). BNB is literally outperforming Bitcoin, while BTAF appears to be stronger than and outperforms BNB. Both BNB and BTAF are currently outperforming the US$. This trend is expected to continue.

The areas of utility lie in the fact that BTAF can be used as a cross-border payment system globally, it is fast, secure, and easy to use and it protects against inflation. Currently, BTAF can be used to purchase goods and services offered on our site, BitcoinTAF.com.

Question: What makes BTAF tokens different from everyone else in the market?

In general, we refer to cryptocurrencies as digital coins and tokens that represent real-world value without relying on a central issuer. So, instead of going through a bank or a government, cryptocurrencies rely on cryptography, public ledgers, and blockchain technology to verify ownership.

BTAF token achieves all the aforementioned information. However, the main difference is that BTAF is backed by a global network of like-minded traders, users, and members from the BitcoinTAF family. Our member base is constantly growing and globally utilizing the BTAF tokens as a payment system at BitcoinTAF.com. The BTAF token has multiple working projects (products and services), a dedicated use case, and a growing community of users. It is always great to do business with people you know, trust, and have built credibility over a number of years.

Question: There are a lot of blockchains, why did you choose BNB Smart Chain (BSC)?

We looked at a number of blockchains and analysed them from a risk management perspective on several important critical key factors. One key risk management principle was longevity and this is where the BNB Smart Chain (BSC) had the edge. We then looked at high-performance infrastructures, decentralized trading, interoperability between blockchains, support for smart contracts and DeFi products, and last but not least tight security with backup support.

Therefore, we decided strongly to utilize the BNB or BSC blockchain as the backbone for BTAF. It is secure, strong, and fast, and turned out to be the best decision we made.

The BNB Smart Chain, unlike many other blockchains, is Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible, so our BTAF developers can use the same programming languages to build decentralized applications on Ethereum resulting in making dApps migration fast and easy while supporting smart contracts. In the near future, BTAF will make use of these unrestricted advantages. We have done our homework and we have the edge.

Question: What is your vision for the future of BTAF tokens?

BTAF token’s goal is to become a medium for daily transactions that are fast, secure, and hassle-free but remain decentralized and anonymous.

Question: Your thoughts on the crypto space

On a similar note, everyone would love to hear your thoughts on the crypto space in general for the next few years and beyond?

The long-term outlook for the industry is solid thanks to the fact that mass adoption is likely to continue past 2023. More people will get comfortable with crypto this year and into next year, despite bad news such as the FTX collapse, and others.

Question: Mass adoption in the crypto space

Speaking of mass adoption, what do you think the key areas of focus are to gain mass adoption?

Mass adoption will continue into 2023 and beyond. One main factor is mentioned here and I will reiterate that cryptocurrencies allow direct money transfer, that is, the transfer is without the involvement of financial intermediaries like banks, and it is also free from government control.  As fiat banks are collapsing worldwide, more and more people will move their fiat currencies into cryptocurrencies. The weaker the world economy gets; the better cryptocurrencies will perform. It sounds odd, but Bitcoin and ALT coins were designed for these perilous times.

The two questions are this:

Do you trust a government-controlled bank with your cash or would you rather hold your own cryptocurrencies in your own secure wallets, your own keys, and your own password phrases, without government involvement? Most people don’t trust governments these days.

Will the cash you have in any Government bank account outperform inflation if not Hyper Inflation? The short answer is no, your cash value will decline during inflation and your best bets are the following:

  • 1. Smart individuals buy cryptocurrencies
  • 2. Smart individuals buy Gold and Silver
  • 3. Smart individuals buy good quality land and housing

There is no better time to join the BTAF Family.

Well said, there is no better time to join the BTAF Family. We hope to see everyone soon! 

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