Community Update – Episode #45

published on: April 22nd, 2023

Community Update – Episode #45-bitcointaf

💚| Community Update | Episode #45

🟢Partnership Announcement – We’re excited to partner with Metaskies and want to thank them with supporting us with their network and expertise. Together, we’re focused on combining charitable organizations with play-to-earn blockchain games. Through this partnership, Charitablez will provide our charitable partners with a decentralized donation system, while Metaskies will reward users for playing games on its platform, with a percentage of the rewards donated to associated charities through Charitablez’s blockchain-based system.

🟢Launch update – We want to assure you that our team is fully committed to launching our project, and we are working tirelessly to secure the necessary funding. However, this is not a simple task, as we are currently pitching to high-level venture capital firms, angel investors, and other potential partners. Our goal is to secure the resources needed to begin developing our cutting-edge application, which will be accessible on both the App Store and Google Play. As we move forward with our fundraising efforts, we will keep you updated on the progress of our initial funding round, which we plan to share promptly through this channel. Thank you for your continued support.

⭐ Community

Please be aware of known scams that are happening on a daily basis across Telegram. Always confirm if you are really talking to a Charitablez team member. Remember we will never DM, call you directly or ask you to send funds and be alert of fake accounts and fake chat channels.