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Day Trade Setups from Day Trade Masters #DTM (TrendSig)

Day Trade Masters (DTM Core)
📅 Publish Date : 11-08-2021

Day Trade Masters #DTM & Bonus MTT Reports (included for active subscribers).

The Ultimate Source of High-Impact, Proven-to-be-profitable Altcoin Trading Setups and Training - Generate Consistent Crypto Gains with Near-Zero Risk. These are the same analysts who brought the DTM community 2500+% cumulative profit in 2022 (the worst possible year for Traditional and Crypto Markets alike) with an 88% yearly average success rate. There was a month when we had NO LOSSES with over 800% cumulative profit and a handful of other months with 94% accuracy with nothing less than triple-digit gains every month.

Day Trade Signals Channel from a training and educational perspective.  Past Performances do not Guarantee Future Results; for Coaching & Training Purposes Only

Fast-Track your Portfolio with 2-14 Day Trade Setups

Upon Registering, you will be directed through our Getting Started email with Step-by-Step instructions and training to jumpstart your journey the right way. From there, you can hop into our DTM Announcement Channel and start trading!
DTM positions you for Tremendous Success in the Crypto Markets with Proven-To-Be-Profitable Trade Setups delivered straight to your preferred device without costly delays or missed opportunities. We include step-by-step tutorials and training to further enhance your skills, with 1-on-1 Coaching available (separate cost) if you want to accelerate progress or are struggling in any way. Either way, you have everything you need to see tremendous results (statistically speaking) with the support and guidance to keep you on track and living the good life. Receive Trade Setups to your preferred device multiple times per week, learn how to set alerts and automated tools to make life easy, and choose between our set-and-forget or compounding strategies.

Make industry-leading gains without giving up control of your assets from anywhere in the world with a wifi connection. A one-stop-shop solution to quickly transition you towards Financial Freedom and Independence, and an incredibly powerful stepping stone to reaching your full potential with Bitcoin & Digital Assets.

In summary, you will receive this and MORE:

Consistently Profitable Trade Setups & Interim Updates through an easy-to-use Telegram Channel

- High Definition Trade Setups with ample time to take action on the most lucrative opportunities
- Setups include Entry & Take Profit Points as well as Stop-Loss Levels to maintain Proper Risk Management
- Hone your Strategy with our Weekly Live and Interactive Market Update (separate zoom meeting from the Onboarding call)
- 2 to 10+ Trade Setups per week, depending on market conditions

- Ever-Evolving Beginner through Intermediate Video Tutorials and Training for Maximum Results
- Weekly Onboarding Calls to Get Started Right
- Monthly summarized report of wins/ losses and profits
- Trade Setups are 2-14 Days but may be extended based on performance.

For best trade profit results, we recommend you also complete the self-paced Ultimate Trading Course

Imagine for a second…

What working shoulder to shoulder with these same Analysts would do for you and your portfolio during a 3+ year Bull Market?

With 15+ years combined experience, we can guide you through the roughest of waters and not just survive but THRIVE through the chaos that can be crypto. Our strategies and methods evolve with the markets; on average, every 45-90 days, there will be alterations and transitions to more profitable and advanced time-saving methods. Take your Day Trade Masters (DTM) experience to the Next Level by replicating the Best Crypto Analyst's Strategies and know exactly when the team is getting in and out of trades, with real-time updates to your preferred device. 

Utilizing advanced trading strategies, you will understand the difference between Early Entries for additional profits, adding back positions after taking profits and waiting for a pullback, or adding additional allocations on positions that are in the 2nd, 3rd or even 4th stages of a Trade Setup posted by Day Trade Masters as we ladder in and out of positions for Maximum Profit.

What Sets Us Apart

Gain Behind-The-Scenes access to the same analysts who brought the DTM community 2500+% cumulative profit in 2022 (the worst possible year for Traditional and Crypto Markets alike) with an 88% yearly average success rate.

There was a month where we had literally NO LOSSES with over 800% cumulative profit and a handful of other months with 94% accuracy with nothing less than triple-digit gains each and every month.

After Becoming a Subscriber, you will Gain access to:

- 2nd, 3rd, and 4th stage Entries on DTM Trade Setups as our Analysts take them

- Real-Time updates on the fastest-running coins through our Announcements Channel

- BTC and ALT Trading Pairs

- Copy our Trade Strategies on EVERY setup, with TP% balances and Stop Loss updates as the trades mature.

- Fast n Furious 2-48hr Trade Setups and MORE

This is for Intermediate to Advanced Traders ONLY

We highly recommend taking the Ultimate Trading Course before attempting it as there will be highly technical concepts and rapid action is taken.

This is an Add-On product to the Day Trade Masters subscription and is not intended to be and never will be Financial Advice - For Coaching & Training Purposes Only.


Welcome to the team at Day Trade Masters (2-14 Day Trade Setups)


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DTM Essentials

All I can say is "WOW". I am so pleased with the training and guidance given here at Day Trade Masters. My trading success has risen dramati Read More cally using the tools that they provide. It is definitely worth the investment :)
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DTM review

The signals are spoon and there is enough training going around to make a success of them. Also it's just a good and safe and profitable as Read More can be way to get ones feet wet in the crypto space.
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MTT signals..

I was trading by myself for a while and did not loose or make anything significant. Scrunched here and there to pay my $180 to get into MTT Read More signals just to loose the bit i made. I must say, since i have started to pay for courses to teach me and pay for signals to make some money to pay for the next signal, i have just lost more. Not a hapoy chappy.. After this one i am deleting my proifle, this has just caused me loosing thousands of dollars since i started in 2020:(
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New MTT Report

Thank you for the great new report - it is concise and easy to use. I did like the "risk indicator" that the previous report had for each Read More coin. Would it be possible to add it again? Thank you Team for your dedication and hard work to make trades as easy as possible for us. It is great to be part of this Community!
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This is now my home

Thank you to the team and the consistently day trade signals. The 6 days of bull cycle explained was probably the most valuable information Read More you folks provided. From my point, I can say thank you for the weekly trade signals. I make a constant 10 to 30% so I am extremely happy. I've also done the training and it is amazing. Thank you Nico, Cory, Justin and Marius. Keep up the great work.
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Great Product, Better Community

The team is amazing. Fantastic calls, great TA, always willing to support. The community is amazing. Always sharing updates and findings. Ve Read More ry fortunate to have found this group. Continuing to grow my portfolio here!
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Marianne Van
Brilliant Trade Analysis

I would strongly recommend anybody to take advantage of this brilliant Trendsig Trading course! From beginners to veteran traders will expan Read More d their knowledge, skill and not to mention Bitcoin bank balances One of the best investments I have ever made. Thank you Trendsig Team. Your support and training is outstanding.
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