DTM Essentials - A Beginners Series

DTM Essentials - A Beginners Series


DTM Essentials - A Beginners Series

DTM Essentials introduces you to the unlimited possibilities of DeFi while helping your harness strategies that can produce results in real time - saving you time, headaches and money.


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Discover the financial freedom Bitcoin provides and take back control of your money with Decentralized Finance and Self Storage Solutions. Integrate our cutting-edge security and self-storage best practices to ensure your funds are safe at all times and learn how to take full advantage of the entire Bitcoin economy to pay for day to day and monthly expenses.

DTM Essentials is proud to bring you a series of Micro-Courses strategically constructed to introduce you to the possibilities of DeFi while helping your harness strategies that can produce results in real time - saving you time, headaches and money:

1) Beginners Guide To Bankless Living & Secure Self-Storage

- Establish Your Foundation to Sovereignty

- Take Back Control of Your Finances with True Ownership

- Securely Spend Profits & Enjoy the Crypto Lifestyle

Secure Self-Storage has never been more important, with regular collapses of Centralized Exchanges, Government Overreach and Confiscation, and Social Engineering Hacks. Here at DTM Essentials, we have laid out a Blueprint for you to see consistent success within the Crypto Markets.

Gain Access to step by step tutorials, walk-through videos, workbooks and everything you need to get off exchanges, secure your wealth, and lay the foundation for generational growth while enjoying your life of sovereignty.

Getting Started

First off, we show you exactly which wallets to focus on in order to maximize your results for time invested without the headaches of trying to figure it out on your own. Whether you're in it for the long haul, or trading across different DeFi Networks and Protocols, we've got the solutions for you.

And of course, what good is generating crazy Crypto Gains if you don't get to enjoy the spoils?

We show you how to live the Bankless life, with how to accept Bitcoin for products & services rendered, payroll from your current job or career, and even paying for all of your favorite subscriptions and Day to Day living expenses.


Order today and you will receive:

- Members-Only access to training videos and tutorials

- Top Resources on Wallet Choices and Networks

- Best Practices for Privacy Protection, Password/ Key Management and Stable Coins

- Step-by-Step Tutorials and Walkthroughs for the Best Wallets on Any Device

- How to navigate MetaMask, NFTs, and Tokens

- Hot, Cold & Browser Extension Wallets

- Bankless Living, Financial Sovereignty, Cryptopreneurship

- Workbooks, Tools And MORE!

2) Beginners Guide To Decentralized Finance & Privacy Protection (New Addition!)

In this beginner Decentralized Finance course we teach you the skills to diversify and grow your portfolio with confidence and without requiring traditional centralized systems or the headaches they bring. This course focuses on the basics where you will come out with the foundational knowledge you need to successfully navigate Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and the underlying Economy. as well as protecting your privacy with Monero.

Unlock your share of the $12 Trillion Dollar Bitcoin Economy, explore alternative assets that cause the next Bull Market, Get off centralized exchanges and harness the full power of Binance Smart Chain while learning how to protect your privacy with Monero. 

- Gain Complete Confidence with Navigating Decentralized networks, protocols and opportunities 

- Navigate Public & Private Blockchains with Ease while taking full advantage of the Decentralized Economy

- Protect Your Privacy and Security with Cutting Edge Tools & Techniques

What you'll get:

- Discover Decentralized Finance and the Key Pillars that make it Possible

- Grow your Understanding of the differences between CEXs and DEXs

- Effectively navigate DEXs and Decentralized Swaps on the BSC Network

- Utilize peer to peer networks to cut out the middle-men and save you more money

- Engage with the Decentralized Economy using Monero and Privacy Projects

- Know exactly what to do BEFORE the market moves for Massive Success

3) Beginners Guide To NFT's, Minting & Marketplaces (Currently In Pre-Launch)

Gain Complete Confidence & Eliminate Confusion with Minting your NFT’s and Listing on the Hottest Marketplaces for sale.

- Share your Passion for Art, Music & Design with the International Crypto Community

- Establish your Presence in Online Marketplaces

- Mint your Greatest Creations with Real Verifiable Digital Ownership

Non-Fungible Tokens or NFT’s provide REAL Digital Ownership, this can be music, art, real-world items, digital items like weapons and skins in video games, and the list goes on and on and on. Using Non-Fungible tokens, we are able to effectively monetize our passion and generate various additional income streams that can evolve that expensive hobby into a Full-Time Cryptopreneur Career!

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s) have taken the Crypto Market by storm and are rapidly evolving. With new use cases exploding onto the scene, be among the first to distribute your passion into the hands of the waiting cryptocurrency community.

- Expand your knowledge on the History of NFT’s

- Better Understand Blockchain and the Magic behind the Bitcoin Curtain

- Discover the Best NFT Use Cases you can Monetize

- How to Protect yourself against Scams

- Step by Step Minting and Marketplace Listing Tutorials

- Smart Contracts, Platforms, and MORE

Share your passion with friends and family, send unique items anywhere in the world with a wifi connection and possibly even go viral with our step by step tutorials and educational services.

And this is just the beginning! Our promise to you is that you will always be up-to-date and have the most current information available. The Crypto Space is forever changing and evolving so it’s super important to take full advantage of the time we have now to prepare and position for long-term success. This will be the difference between seeing some good growth and Financial Freedom for generations to come. 


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Our videos ARE NOT financial advice!

All of the content available through this channel is for educational purposes only.

This is not financial advice and BitcoinTAF is not liable for the outcomes of your investments or trades.

Make sure you understand the risks involved in trading.


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Day Trade signals
How on earth do I get the signals mentioned in the Telegram channel???????


Day Trade signals
How on earth do I get the signals mentioned in the Telegram channel???????


Evolving course, but would appreciate less lengthy intros.
Looking forward to more content as this course evolves. Just some feedback from my side: the intros are way too long for the short instructional videos. I would suggest adding an intro only on the introduction video. And on the follow-up videos, add only the title. The intros are a little bit of an overkill.


Excellent Content and Team
I was pleasantly surprised by the high-quality content, detailed information, and knowledgeable team. Their work was impressive, and I have decided to become a lifelong member.


The module and chapter numbers do not match the numbers in showing in the screenshot picture.