TRAINING: Learn How To Trade Markets

TRAINING: Learn How To Trade with Self Pace Videos (specific to cryptos)

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This specific and unique Day Trade Training Course is a valuable add-on to your current membership & ideal for those interested to improve their Technical & Analytical knowledge for Day Trading Crypto currencies and/or using our Long Term Trade Strategies. ​This course aligns with the Long Term Trades from Marius Landman and is the only recommended training course to accompany these trades. 
  • This course is highly recommended for anyone who has been trading in cryptocurrencies but would like to extend their knowledge and skills to the next level of their trading abilities
  • The skills you'll learn will help you read & understand swing trading charts with much more confidence
  • There is no prior knowledge and/or training requirements  to take the Day Trade course. 
  • Once the course is complete you may want to get access to a number of ALT Coin Trade Signals, directly via a private members subscription VIP Telegram Broadcast Channel  > or click red Subscribe Now button
  • You can then use Binance or your favorite exchange to do day trading


  • Module 1 Chapter 1 > Profit Planner - 22 minutes
  • Module 1 Chapter 2 > Trading View setup/use - 21 minutes​

  • Module 2 Chapter 1 > Candle Stick Patterns - 17 minutes
  • Module 2 Chapter 2 > Trading Patterns - 30 minutes 
  • Module 2 Chapter 3 > Trading Indicators - 12 minutes
  • Module 3 Chapter 1 > Support & Resistance - 21 minutes
  • Module 3 Chapter 2 > Fibonacci Retracement - 13 minutes
  • Module 3 Chapter 3 > Market Structure - 10 minutes
  • Module 3 Chapter 4 > Supply, Demand & Imbalance - 14 Minutes 
  • Module 4 Chapter 1 > Placing orders, stops & OCO orders on Binance - 8 minutes




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Andreas Liebenberg
capable and experienced

I recently completed the TrendSig TA Day Trading Course under the guidance of very capable and experienced trainers (all TA's). My objective Read More TrendSig TA Day Trading Course under the guidance of very capable and experienced trainers (all TA's). My objective for doing the course was to up-skill myself to become a more competent trader. The knowledge gained was invaluable. We covered all the necessary indicators to evaluate coins for day trade signals. These were presented to us in an interactive approach, giving us ample opportunity to ask questions to ensure complete understanding of the subject matter. One session focused mainly on how to develop your trading strategy with the objective of protecting your investment capital and how to maximise profits via your trades. The psychology and emotional aspects were also covered. In addition, we (course participants who have completed the course), have access to a secure chat that provides ongoing support going forward. This is a huge asset to any trader. Community support in Crypto trading is a bonus. I would not want to go this journey alone! Once a week we have access to a Masterclass during which topics of interest and relevance are disseminated - priceless. I have done the course twice and will repeat it again and again, as the information provided keeps on evolving to include additional and relevant tools to succeed. A BIG THANKS to the ENTIRE team! 8 July 2020
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