The Team Behind BitcoinTAF

Our customers benefit from a full-service solution that combines technical expertise and creative style. Meet our core BitcoinTAF team below.

The BitcoinTAF Team is Empowering Traders with Knowledge and Insight. 

Marius Landman

Founder Bitcoin Trend & Forecast Lead Analyst, Forecaster and Editor at Long Term Trade Reports, Inner Circle & Trade Partners. Co-Editor MTT Crypto Reports.

Wendy Landman

Co-Founder Bitcoin Trend & Forecast, Founder of Hodlnots, Lead Trainer & Analyst at Hodlnots, Analyst at Long Term Trade Reports and Inner Circle & Trade Partners.

Michelle Gray

Head of Operations, Administration, IT and Customer Support, Hodlnots Marketing Support.

Vikki Zanotto

BitcoinTAF Advisory Board, BTAF Token Partner, Principal Training & Development at Hodlnots, BTAF Team Support.

Nico le Roux

BitcoinTAF Advisory Board, BTAF Token Partner, Lead Analyst at Day Trade Masters (DTM, TrendSig), Lead Analyst and Trainer at Ultimate Crypto Day Trade, Inner Circle Analyst, Team Lead BTAF Token NFT.

Cory Gardiner

Founder of DeFi Training. Senior Analyst at Day Trade Masters (DTM, TrendSig) and Lead Trainer at Mastering Defi Training.

Justin Babcock

Team Analyst at Day Trade Masters, Trainer at DTM Essentials, Master Certified Professional Coach.

Jon Meinking

Lead Trainer at Hodlnots, Community Manager for BTAF token.

Reon Scrooby

Team Lead Graphic Design, Content Creator & Customer experience.

Ruben Dario

Team Lead IT & Data Specialist, NFT Web development.

Mr. X

Elliott Wave Analysis & Algorithm Forecast Specialist. The Team Behind BitcoinTAF and our customers success.

Legal & Compliance

In-house legal & Compliance Team. Contact Support through Help Centre.

BitcoinTAF has established itself as a trustworthy and reputable source of information and expertise for traders. Our team has delivered technical data, fundamental research, and training to traders at all levels since 2016. Our products are designed to cater to new and seasoned traders’ requirements, enabling them to attain their trading, mindset, and strategic objectives. You, too, can become part of the ever-growing community of traders who have placed their confidence in BitcoinTAF.