MTT – The Way forward

They say a change is as good as a holiday and they are rightly compared to each other. Both can offer new, positive opportunities and both can improve your wellbeing.

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MTT – The Way forward

They say a change is as good as a holiday and they are rightly compared to each other. Both can offer new, positive opportunities and both can improve your wellbeing. And now, here at MTT, both will be shaping our destiny.  

First the holiday: Our people. 

A chance meeting between Inus and Ryan, on holiday back in 2017, lead to a wonderful friendship. As they started delving deeper into the crypto space together, it was Marius Landman’s Long Term Trade Reports that schooled them. Fast forward to 2022 and here we are, all working together at MTT to bring as much value as we can to our community. 

Meet the Team at MTT

Inus de Bruin - Lead Technical Analyst at MTT:

Inus has an arsenal of technical analysis skills and experience which he uses to analyse and discern market conditions. He has a knack of finding those ready to move gems and uses his skill to give our community entry points, suggested stop losses and take profit levels. Inus specialises in the Ichimoku indicator, founded by Goichi Hosoda in the 1960s, and Time Cycle Analysis to assist in predicting future price movements of coins within the crypto market.

Marius Landman - Lead Analyst at Long Term Trade Reports & Founder of Bitcoin TAF:

Marius uses Algorithm Sequences, Mathematical Equations & Time Cycles to bring his members some of the most accurate data within the crypto space. His unique proprietary predictive algorithm can foresee the future long-term price action in multiple cryptocurrencies and in some cases months in advance. The mathematical equation indicates targets and percentages, while the date cycle gives an indication of ending patterns.

Ryan van den Berg - Research Analyst and Marketing Assistant (*Specialist) at MTT:

Ryan is the latest addition to the MTT team. He will be delving deep into the ever-changing trends within the blockchain landscape. Ryan will share all he has learnt about NFTs, The Metaverse, Web3, DAOs and more with the community at MTT. While assisting with the marketing at MTT, Ryan will be continually looking to add value to the MTT members to make the experience even better. 

And now comes the change: Our name 

MTT – Medium Term Trades is the newest (rebranded but familiar) offering from Bitcoin Trend and Forecast. As the new name suggests, our team will be dedicated to bringing our community the latest medium-term trade setups that are ready to explode and provide our members with the best possible gains. Our trades will range from 7 days up to 30 days and even, sometimes, 60 days. Some trades can play out much faster, but as usual, we’ll be there to keep you posted with any changing information.

While we believe that your long-term crypto portfolio is vitally important, we also see the very real need for more people to take advantage of medium-term trades within the trading cycles. With inflation hitting record numbers and with the global economic devastation caused by lockdowns, we believe that MTT offers our community the best opportunity to create that much-needed additional income.

Along with our name change, we also have a fresh, new business model. We will not only be focusing on the Small Cap coins, but instead our unique analysis and information will be used to search for any of the best crypto assets and the coins in the market – specialising in coins that may outperform Bitcoin in a 7–45-day cycle. 

But, rest assured, not everything has changed…we’ve taken the best of the old and the new and merged them together.  

At MTT we still do all the hard work for you so you don’t have to sit behind your computer all day. 

MTT will still offer our members a weekly live Zoom call where we discuss market conditions, trends, the latest medium-term trade setups and where you’ll get a chance to engage in our Q&A time. We will still present 2-3 weekly PDF Reports consisting of the top MTT Cryptocurrencies we follow, with clear entry, buy and sell targets – all data is easy to understand, and simple while entry and exit points are clearly explained. We will still send trade setups to your smart device via our Private Telegram Channel or they will be easily located in your BTAF dashboard.  

At MTT we will still be constantly on the lookout for new & changing trends and we’ll delve into some of the new “buzz words” in blockchain, like NFTs, WEB3, Metaverse, DAOs, Gaming and other trending categories. We’ll assess the opportunities these new “buzz words” bring, the risks involved and how to take advantage of each one’s cycle within the greater cryptocurrency cycle. 

Extra crypto trades (coin picks) may be posted on the private Telegram channel. We may also post updates consisting of major news events, and ready-to-move coins, indicating entry and exit points, in an easy-to-read chart format.

It is still our number one goal to help our members profit and grow their crypto portfolios, while training them to manage risk. We will be there with you every step of the way.  

Isn’t life fascinating? Sometimes, what seems to us to be the most insignificant moment in life’s journey, often blossoms into something much greater than we could have ever thought.

Sometimes we can look back on our lives and identify those “insignificant” moments as SIGNIFICANT indeed. So, through change and holidays…the new team at MTT is looking forward to the journey ahead and we can’t wait to welcome new subscribers into our community.

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