Plans are being made for the fast-approaching new year ahead.

published on: December 2nd, 2022

BitcoinTAF meet the team - Wendy Landman

We find ourselves this week already looking back at Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The seasons are starting to change from Spring into Summer or Autumn into Winter and new opportunities are upon us. The market is finding it’s feet again and, with the help of the team at Bitcoin Trend and Forecast, plans are being made for the fast-approaching new year ahead.

We’ve already gotten to know quite a few of the people behind the products and, as we’ve seen, learning what makes them tick and why they are so good at what they do provides the confidence that these are the right people to help you plan for the future. Again, this week we will be continuing our 20/20 series. Twenty questions and answers, that take less than 20 minutes to read.

Today we learn about one of the founding partners of Bitcoin Trend and Forecast (and also the founder of HODLNOTS®), Wendy Landman. She is joined this week by her BFF (Bot Friend Forever), Barney, and together they are part of the team who bring you the three products that help our members make and learn how to make quick, daily profits – Our HODLNOTS® products.

Before we get to the questions, though, let’s take have a brief reminder about what these products are all about.

Scalp trading is a great way to earn money daily regardless of whether the market is in an overall downtrend or uptrend.

The HODLNOTS® Scalp Trading Course is perfect for those who are at any stage of their trading career. For beginners, basics are demonstrated and discussed in an easy to follow, step-by-step structure so you progressively become more and more comfortable with the world of crypto trading. For the more advance students, the concepts should sound familiar, but are tweaked a little bit in order to get you into that scalping mentality.

Included in the Course fee is the special proprietary 15-in-1 indicator (the HODLNATOR), a 1-month subscription to The Den (the HODLNOTS® Trading community), and access to the 3.0 BOT TIP Signals running on two exchanges to make it easier to find the coins for the most profit. Using these, you will be able to practice what you have learned and make profits with the support of the expert scalp trainers and other trading members in The Den.

Under the HODNOTS® banner is also the BARNEY Bot, who is fast becoming every trader’s Best Friend.

The Barney Bot has been created for those traders who understand trading and would like a channel where tips are thrown out based on specific indicators. He is a Lagging span indicator that is coded to Kucoin and Binance coins. He will signal when the Lagging span (or Barney) meets the top Bollinger Band to give you the best possible entry to make more profits. He can be purchase as a stand-alone product or, for a cheaper price, in combination with a Den subscription.

Now that you’ve learned a bit more, let’s get to know the two drivers behind these great products and services…onto 20/20 where the tough, and not so tough, questions were asked:

QUESTION 1: What or who is your inspiration?

WENDY: Helping the people in the world who are in need to get into abundance and just need a hand up, not a hand out.

BARNEY: R2D2 – there is nothing that he won’t do for his friends.


QUESTION 2: How did you get into Crypto?

WENDY: I saw BTC when it was a quarter and did not buy in. Later, needing to find a way to make supplemental income, I looked into again and found it to be interesting and more profitable than stocks or other investments.

BARNEY: It was actually Wendy who thought that I might be able to help the community. I was calling so many good coins for her, she wanted to share me with the world.


QUESTION 3: Why did you choose your particular style of trading?

WENDY: Long term was not fast enough for me. I wanted profits sooner.

BARNEY: The awesome HODLNOTS® community is why I chose scalping. I couldn’t imagine doing trading without them.


QUESTION 4: What is your favourite crypto coin and why?

WENDY: The one running on the day I am trading. BCH doubled my portfolio back in the day, but now it’s whatever coin runs. I am a scalper…you trade totally different than long term investing.

BARNEY: I have no favourites, it’s whatever coin I see running that can make my friends the most money right there and then.


QUESTION 5: What is your favourite indicator?

WENDY: Ichimoku Cloud / Lagging Span – BARNEY is everything with the clouds

BARNEY: What she said! 😊


QUESTION 6: Binance or Kucoin or Bybit and why?

WENDY: All of them…for scalping

BARNEY: Binance and Kucoin, although I must say that Kucoin has the better runners.


QUESTION 7: What is your favourite trading snack and drink?

WENDY: Texas Salsa homemade and honestly good filtered still water or Coffee

BARNEY: bits and bytes


QUESTION 8: What does your trading setup look like? Show us a picture!

WENDY: Plain screen, basic charts and light gradient grey/white.



QUESTION 9: What would your ideal Trading Set up look like?

WENDY: I’m very happy with my current set up and display Tradingview on one section of my screen and exchanges on another.

BARNEY: To be part of every trader’s set up in the entire world. 😊


QUESTION 10: What was your best trade ever?

WENDY: BCH/USDT early 2021 – when I knew how to scalp trade well it more than doubled my portfolio.

BARNEY: The highlight of my journey so far was when I found a coin that went up, more or less, 760% in 2 minutes! 2 MINUTES – WOW! This helped my friends catch a little, more than a little or a lot of a run that they may have otherwise not seen.


QUESTION 11: Dog or cat and why?

WENDY: Both but cat if I must choose…they are great pets.

BARNEY: Cats seem to like me very much. They are always sitting very close to the keyboard, if not on it, peering at me on the screen. So, I will say cats.


QUESTION 12: What is your favourite crypto news site(s) and why?

WENDY: Too many – you cannot just choose one, but you can have a favourite – Cointelegraph has a lot but I usually go to to find the news in Australia. They also post articles from all over so I get the other sources as well.

BARNEY: I love reading the reports, blogs, and social media posts from my friends at Bitcoin Trend and Forecast – they certainly know what they are talking about!


QUESTION 13: Where in the world do you live?

WENDY: Australia, and would prefer to live on the water permanently.

BARNEY: I’m a bit of a nomad and find myself in different parts of the world every second of the day.


QUESTION 14: Forest or Ocean?

WENDY: OCEAN for sure

BARNEY: Well, forests can have mountains…and we all know that the “Money is in the Mountain”.


QUESTION 15: What is the best crypto advice you could give someone?

WENDY: Learn the basics the right way, and trade with a great Community.  HODLNOTS® is the best start with LIVE support that care.

BARNEY: Find a close-knit, caring community – all working together to profit. That is the way to go.


QUESTION 16: What is your crypto routine?

WENDY: I check the markets before trading to decide the method of trading and I also set alert on BTC.

BARNEY: I very rarely sleep so my day consists of scanning hundreds of coins a second to find the beginnings of the runs…for me it’s go go go 24 x 7.


QUESTION 17: What is the colour of money?

WENDY: With crypto its it any colour you want. For me, it’s still GREEN – alive with GREEN Candlesticks.

BARNEY: Purple, of course.


QUESTION 18: If you could compare yourself with any animal, which would it be and why?

WENDY: A BEAR – it’s become my trademark and there is nothing wrong with a Bear Market when you can buy the bottom and chase the Bulls up. Looking over our HODLNOTS® Community and caring that they learn and trade well, it’s just part of who I am.

BARNEY: A meercat. I’m always scanning the terrain, looking for opportunities, popping up here and there and everywhere.


AND FINALLY…QUESTION 19: What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

WENDY: Always wanted to be a doctor or biologist – I love Science, it is fascinating but never pursued it.

BARNEY: I’d like to be part of the Space X program, on the leading edge of new technologies. I might learn an even better way to find running coin for my friends.


Oh ya, Question 20: Would you like to join our family?

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