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published on: January 4th, 2022

Small Cap Big Gains (SCBG), now known as MTT, started its journey more than a year ago, on 1 March 2021, by the Founder, Marius Landman. Marius saw a need in the market for traders and investors in cryptocurrency who were desiring to make a profit more frequently than their long-term investments. Many also wanted to diversify their portfolios and spread the risk with a larger selection of investment options. This was what started the vision which launched the SCBG product to satisfy these needs/gaps in the market.

Our unique information on market conditions and technical analysis allows our members to trade coins within a time period of 7 to approximately 30-45 days for maximum gains. Our product is ideally focused on traders who are unable to sit and trade at a computer all day and do not do day trade or scalp trade. SCBG product allows traders to ride out the wave to take profits at specific technical mathematical levels based on chart history.


At SCBG, we specialize in finding coins that outperform Bitcoin on a relative basis within the strongest sectors in the market. We found a niche within the following TOP 5 market categories:

1. Gaming Blockchain – This category is set to explode as over 3 billion people are moving into the gaming industry
2. METAVERSE – coins that are similar to WAX and ONT as an example. These coins have a constantly growing list. (As an example, WAX is now up 4000% since one of our analysts made the call in our reports)
3. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO)
4. NFTs
5. Cross-Chain-Interoperability

Additionally, any other specific group of coins where the narrative is HOT and big money is flowing into the market, we will be covering and keeping you current for potential profit opportunities.

We have a first-class team of professionals within our business and have two of the most experienced Analysts specializing in this cryptocurrency market, on board the SCBG team.

Our Lead Analysts for SCBG has an arsenal of technical analysis skills to analyze the market conditions, for finding the best coins that run, and to distinguish the market cycle lows and tops. We specialize in the Ichimoku indicator founded by Goichi Hosoda in the 1960s and Time Cycle Analysis to assist in predicting future price movements of coins within the crypto market.

The Small Cap Big Gains (MTT) team is part of the group where our home is and offers incredible value to our community.

Become part of our family of members at SCBG (MTT) where future wealth will be created over the coming years to assist you in your journey to become financially independent.

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