Where is your HAPPY PLACE?

published on: August 17th, 2022

Where is your HAPPY PLACE? 

You know that place. The place that makes you smile, where you feel safe, calm, loved and joyous and where you know you are making a difference in other’s lives.

Hi! I’m Wendy Landman, founder of HODLNOTS, and for me it’s trading in THE DEN (our worldwide community of traders) and having fun and sharing life in the LODGE (our worldwide community of certified HODLNOTS) – both on Telegram. Here, you can find me almost every day teaching our members about the art of scalp trading to help them gain an extra source of income.

Are you curious why this is my happy place and why I love to help others learn how to scalp trade? The answer could also be the answer to these questions:

– Have you ever wanted to learn how to make daily, extra supplemental income?

– Do you wish you had more money to pay bills or for the little (and big) extras?

– Need a career change?

– Wish you could expand your pension funds?

– Want to work your own hours and from anywhere?

– Would you like to belong to a community all sharing life and helping each other profit together?

Of course, you probably answered “YES” to more than one of these questions, and I want to help you achieve these things. But why learn Scalp Trading with HODLNOTS?

HODLNOTS is now in its 3rd year and, in that time, we’ve trained thousands of people of all ages and abilities to scalp trade safely and make money doing so; men, women, youth, physically challenged, and even hearing impaired – helping them find their happy place too.

HODLNOTS Course is like NO OTHER TRAINING Course out there. We invented the methods and we have perfected them over the years. Our support is second to none and we are there with you every step of the way. We help you to make money in MINUTES, every day!

Our Course offers:

– Profits are made even in the downtrends.

– No high-risk trading methods are used.

– Some trading courses can range from upwards $5K to $10K and can be over a year-long… NOT the HODLNOTS Course.

About the HODLNOTS Course

Our course costs less than $1K, is held over a 2-week period and we include so much…

– Pre-Course recorded videos teaching you the platforms which you can start immediately after registering.

– Live sessions with me, the Course Trainer, teaching you all the basics.

– FREE Tools/GIFTS – The HODLNATOR (our exclusive trading indicator) and a specially-designed Profit Planner.

– Daily support with expert scalp Trainers who help you every step of the way.

– Learning to trade with others, meeting new friends from around the world.

– A FUN way to learn through LIVE interactive homework exercises and Zoom sessions with the Trainers.

– You will be practicing trading by your first weekend…WOW, now that is FAST!

– 3 months of access to the Course videos for reviewing.

*In the near future, you will also be able choose from a recorded self-paced video course or the LIVE supported 2-week training course.


After graduation, your course fee includes 30 days in our LODGE and DEN – my happy places – and also includes our HODLCross BOT TIPS so you can find those running coins. The Trainers and I also host LIVE weekly trading and training sessions, in different time zones, included with your DEN/Lodge membership. I think that these places will quickly become your happy places too!

And that’s not all. We have recently commenced a FREE training program, called 3M – Minute Money Masters – for our Lodge members that teaches how to start with $20.00 trades and work up to $1000.00 trades. Many of our members are well on their way, progressing through the steps, becoming expert scalp traders and are raving about the program. (If you start the HODLNOTS course in September, you could apply to be part of the 3M program by November!).

Come join me in MY HAPPY PLACE and see all the HAPPY traders making profits. Sign up for the next HODLNOTS Course and begin your pre-course training modules today.

If you would like to know more about the Course, the Den, the Lodge or the 3M program, please join HODLNOTS on Telegram. We will be discussing my happy places and why I’m confident they will become your happy places too!


– Visit HODLNOTS on BitcoinTAF for more details about the course.

– View the HODLNOTS Course Reviews.

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The Hodlnots Team

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