Meet The Team

  • Marius Landman

    Founder Bitcoin Trend & Forecast Lead Analyst, Forecaster and Editor at Long Term Trade Reports, Inner Circle & Trade Partners. Co-Editor MTT Crypto Reports (SCBG).

  • Wendy Landman

    Co-Founder Bitcoin Trend & Forecast, Founder of Hodlnots Lead Trainer & Analyst at Hodlnots Analyst at Long Term Trade Reports, Inner Circle & Trade Partners

  • Michelle Gray

    Head of Administration & Operations

  • Vikki Zanotto

    BitcoinTAF Advisory Board Principal Training & Development at Hodlnots BTAF Team Support

  • Nico le Roux

    BitcoinTAF Advisory Board Lead Analyst at Day Trade Masters (DTM,TrendSig) Lead Analyst and Trainer at Ultimate Crypto Day Trade Inner Circle Analyst

  • Justin Babcock

    Junior Analyst at Day Trade Masters, Trainer at DTM Essentials, Master Certified Professional Coach

  • Cory Gardiner

    Senior Analyst at Day Trade Masters (DTM, TrendSig) and Lead Trainer at Mastering Defi Training

  • Jon Meinking

    Lead Trainer at Hodlnots

  • Reon Scrooby

    Team Lead Graphic Design, Content Creator & Customer experience

  • Ruben Dario

    Team Lead IT Specialist