published on: May 9th, 2023

BitcoinTAF 6150% Portfolio Gain

6150% total portfolio gain!

It’s not a dream…it really happened…here at HODLNOTS…Twice…So far…and it wasn’t by accident! 

Not to brag but, well, actually we’ll brag a bit today. It’s not to rub it in other’s faces, quite the contrary, it’s to hopefully help others profit and achieve their goals as well!

Let’s be honest, during the past year we’ve heard that the market is bad, the market is down, the market is sideways or the market is slow. Whist that may be unfortunate, especially for longer term traders waiting for trades to play out, it didn’t stop not only one, but two of our HODLNOTS members from achieving a whopping 6150% total gain on their portfolios – from scalp trading only.

Want to know how they did it? Read on and find out…

Whilst not every HODLNOTS member achieved that whopping number, HODLNOTS were still scalping up a percentage storm each and every day, regardless of market conditions. Who says you can’t make money scalp trading?

Before we go further, let’s pause for a moment.

What is Scalp Trading?

Scalp trading is a very short-term trading strategy that aims to make quick profits from small price movements in the market. Scalpers buy and then sell a coin or token within a few seconds to minutes, aiming to capture these small price movements for profit. Then, add up all of these small trades to form a larger total percentage for the day. We are in and out fast, taking advantage of the here and now and not worrying about what is to happen in the future. Each day brings new possibilities.

We keep it simple and use technical analysis tools and indicators to identify scalping opportunities and execute trades quickly. In fact, we even have our own proprietary indicator, The HODLNATOR, and our own coin calling BOTS developed to help us do just that.

Scalping is not easy nor is it set and forget. Scalp trading requires discipline, skill, practice, time and experience to be successful. It requires making quick decisions to react rapidly to changing market conditions.

It’s important for scalp traders to have a well-defined trading plan, manage risk effectively, and control emotions to avoid making impulsive decisions. It is also important to have a robust, supportive community to both trade with and to lean on when help is needed.

But how do we achieve all that at HODLNOTS?

Well, we do things a bit differently. Our “Course” just isn’t a Course, it’s the first step in the scalping journey which continues with included membership to our supportive, live Telegram community.

Firstly, the HODLNOTS Scalp Trading Course teaches both beginners and seasoned traders the HODLNOTS method of scalping using live support throughout the course to answer any and all questions that arise. Secondly, after the course, we hold interactive practice and live trading sessions, Q & A sessions and, of course, coin calling sessions on Zoom and in our Telegram chats. We discuss, amongst other things, technical analysis methods, trading indicators, the best scalping exchanges, risk management plans and also, almost most importantly, the psychology of trading. Thirdly, to really succeed we add more practice and accountability. Both of these promotes a culture of continuous improvement. When we practice and are held accountable for our actions, we are more likely to learn from our mistakes and successes and improve our performance in the future. This can lead to better outcomes and greater success.  Lastly, we have FUN!

Now, all this brings us to the big question;

How did our members make not only great % daily profits, but also 6150% total profit in this, or any market?

Well, they learned the tried and tested HODLNOTS scalping method, were supported by the community and combined those with 5 little words – HODLNOTS Minute Money Masters (3M) Challenge.  (All fitting together to help them achieve this goal)

The Minute Money Masters (or 3M for short) Challenge is the practice and accountability part. It is a 6-level, fully supported challenge where our members use all the tools provided to learn how to use bigger money to scalp their way to that 6150% total portfolio gain.  (and then continue on doing it!)   It’s not easy, but the proof is in the pudding – just ask our 3M graduates!

The 3M program is open to all certified HODLNOTS as long as they have been with us for over 30 days after the course finishes and commit to staying with us for the duration of the challenge. Best of all – it’s FREE – we want to give our members every chance to succeed.

So, why wait for that next bull run, when you can be making profits right now, in any market condition. Just think, if you started now, where you could be by the time the market is really running?

Join us today and let us help you achieve your goals every step of the way.

Start your scalping journey today

We have two great options to get started:

Our group HODLNOTS Scalp Training Course sign up now to start the pre-course essentials videos right away!

Or our HODLNOTS Premium Course – our 1-on-1 training option designed for those who want a more tailored approach to their training at a time that suits.

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