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published on: December 9th, 2022

BitcoinTAF Meet the Team - Marius Landman

This week, the holiday period is right around the corner and there is, unbelievably, only approximately 2 weeks to go before Christmas. We are starting to make plans to celebrate with friends and family and also starting to think about the year that was and the year that is yet to be.

Over the past 5 weeks, we’ve taken a peek behind the curtain and learned a bit more about some of the people behind our products. Learning what makes them tick and why they are so good at what they do has hopefully shown that there is no better time and no better place to be than right here. What will this next year in crypto bring us? No one can be sure, but sticking with us here at Bitcoin Trend & Forecast will give you the best chance to take advantage of the exciting opportunities available in the coming new year.

Again, this week we will be continuing our 20/20 series. Twenty questions and answers, take less than 20 minutes to read.

Today, we learn about our other founding partner and the driver behind all of Bitcoin Trend and Forecast, Marius Landman. Marius has been bringing the community his extremely successful Long-Term Trade Reports since June 2016. He and his team of analysts use Algorithm Sequences, Mathematical Equations & Time Cycles to predict the trend in the market long before it happens. Along with Long-Term Trade Reports, Marius helps drive all of the Bitcoin Trend and Forecast products in one way or another and due to Marius’ vast knowledge, expert formal qualifications, and experience in algorithms and risk management, his point of view is also highly sought after in our two exclusive membership groups – Inner Circle and Trade Partners.

Before we get to the questions, though, let’s have a brief reminder about what these products and services are all about.

Long-Term Trade Reports (“LTT”) discuss those all-important viewpoints for longer-term trades, referred to as swing trades, that play out over a period of 1 to 3 and even up to 4 to 6 months.

Mathematical equations are used and have been developed to indicate targets and percentages, while the date cycle indicates ending patterns. Almost like seeing into the future, the unique proprietary predictive algorithm can foresee the long-term price action in multiple cryptocurrencies and in some cases months in advance.

Long-Term Trade reports will help you determine when to sell and when to buy in order to maximize your portfolio, farm coins by buying the lows, and keep you ahead of the market sell-offs by learning to sell earlier before a high cycle ends.

If you would like to delve a bit deeper into this knowledge and if you are seeking support with crypto assets in larger portfolios, this takes some extra time and attention for liquidity reasons. The Inner Circle allows you direct access to Marius and all our key analysts, support, products, and training to help you achieve your goals.

Our Team of experienced analysts will be there to assist you to grow your portfolio and to help you make better-informed decisions without further cost, as often as needed, to support your trading goals. We will provide you with the correct training and guidance for you to make objective timely decisions either entering new trades or exiting on highs. Preservation of your capital and then growing your portfolio over a longer-term period is our goal with a private weekly webinar giving market updates before the reports come out to the public. We do not give financial advice but rather trend analysis so you can make the best-informed decisions for your goals.

However, for those crypto enthusiasts and more experienced traders, we offer a second level of exclusive membership called TRADE PARTNERS. Trade Partners include the same daily and weekly trade setups as in Inner Circle without the personalized service.

If you require additional support, the team at Trade Partners is available in different time zones, and can be booked on an hourly basis for consultation and questions.

Now that you know a bit more, let’s get to know the man behind these great products and services…on to 20/20 where the tough, and not so tough, questions were asked:


QUESTION 1: What or who is your inspiration?

MARIUS: Wendy making her money in ALTS and seeing crypto was a great investment opportunity for us.


QUESTION 2: How did you get into Crypto?

MARIUS: I was searching for a better investment than stocks and other assets to produce faster and more significant gains. Look where Bitcoin and Litecoin went in just 10 years.


QUESTION 3: Why did you choose your particular style of trading?

MARIUS: Long term is how many investments are made, in time and being patient.


QUESTION 4: What is your favourite crypto coin and why?

MARIUS: ETHEREUM if I have to pick one. It’s been a steady strong coin from the beginning


QUESTION 5: What is your favourite indicator?

MARIUS: Elliott wave, it’s incredible. I use this together with my proprietary algorithm data.


QUESTION 6: Binance or Kucoin or Bybit and why?

MARIUS: Binance, if I must choose one of these 3. But I spread risk and use multiple exchanges.


QUESTION 7: What is your favourite trading snack and drink?

MARIUS: Funny but I never snack while working and trading, instead I take a break and enjoy time away from computers and devices. Drink is filtered water or real Rooibos Tea.


QUESTION 8: What does your trading setup look like? Show us a picture!

MARIUS: I would like to show you but for security reasons let’s keep it private.


QUESTION 9: What would your ideal Trading Set up look like?

MARIUS: A set up where I can see all the Bitcoin Trend & Forecast products and services at once.


QUESTION 10: What was your best trade ever?

MARIUS: Litecoin – I first bought #LTC at 30 cents. Its now up over 5000% (2013 – 2022).


QUESTION 11: Dog or cat and why?

MARIUS: CAT…and we have a few of them. I’ve always loved dogs but Wendy had to have a cat so I did what any husband should do, happy wife, happy life…and learned they are great pets. But I really love bulldogs, especially the friendly once with no slobber.


QUESTION 12: What is your favourite crypto news site(s) and why?

MARIUS: Too many to mention really but I use World events and data sites more than crypto news.


QUESTION 13: Where in the world do you live?

MARIUS:  Wherever Wendy is. Right now, in a house but hopefully a nice boat is in the future.


QUESTION 14: Forest or Ocean?

MARIUS: Ocean for sure – we fish and they live in the water, but I love to walk the beaches and be near the water. The ocean makes me calm too.


QUESTION 15: What is the best crypto advice you could give someone?

MARIUS: Be patient. Sell the top, never exit the bottom. Nothing is wrong taking profit at any level.


QUESTION 16: What is your crypto routine?

MARIUS: Check the markets, read data daily, look at charts and do analysis and reports. The rest of the day is filled in by having conversations with members. I can do this all day.


QUESTION 17: What is the colour of money?

MARIUS: It looks like Wagyu steak…whatever colour that is.


QUESTION 18: If you could compare yourself with any animal, which would it be and why?

MARIUS: The Ant. They have superhuman strength and for me that is in the mind – you must have a strong mind to overcome things; they do not have ears and Wendy thinks I don’t hear her many times. Ants are also farmers and I farm coins every chance I get.


AND FINALLY…QUESTION 19: What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

MARIUS: I am still and Oil & Gas Consultant but crypto trend analysis is the one I am enjoying the most. I do not spend much time thinking about changing it, it works and I am happy…it’s nice to be content.


Oh ya, Question 20: Would you like to join our family?

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