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Trade Partners Mirror Analysts Trades

Take the fear out of your trading and get access to our profitable trades, know when to enter and exit by simply following all trades we secretly execute.
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Welcome to Trade Partners, a division of Inner Circle 

The Trade Partners Portfolio is up by $1.97m (started 14 May 2022) - Join now, do NOT wait!

For those crypto enthusiasts and more experienced traders, we offer a second level of membership called TRADE PARTNERS.

Trade Partners include the same daily, and weekly trade set ups as in Inner Circle. 

Within 24 hours of joining a one hour zoom call is organized with Marius Landman and a consultant to familiarize you with process flow and how to read the charts.

In Trade Partners you manage & control your own portfolio and decide on which trades is best for you.

If you require additional support the Team at Trade Partners is available and can be booked on an hourly basis.

Based on your individual needs, here is what you can expect (summary):

20+ detailed charts of the best coins in this space detailing entry points, take profit points and time frames for each trade.
Private trade charts are updated regularly and posted in the TRADE PARTNERS members telegram announcement group.
Full and detailed analysis on the predictive algorithm developed by our team, all inside info and longer term analysis. 
A one hour zoom call with Marius and a consultant to get you set up and explain how to read the charts and technical analysis.
Access to the live INNER CIRCLE weekly webinar and recording.
Access to the highest-level paid version of NOSIS that you can use to manage your assets and portfolio.
Asset Management Workbook.
Ask Me Anything (AMA) 1 hour consultation.
Private Telegram Group where Charts and important market updates are posted.

Products included with your Trade Partners Membership

- 3, 6 or 12 months access to Trade Partners 
- 3, 6 or 12 Months access to the Long Term Trade Reports by Marius Landman 

Pricing for Trade Partners is 3, 6 or 12 months membership, paid in crypto currency, Bitcoin, Litecoin and/or USDT.

If you need more information, schedule a zoom call with Marius and Wendy Landman at email [email protected] 

Welcome to Trade Partners
The Team @ BitcoinTAF 

Reminder, nothing at Trade Partners or any other product, should be regarded as Financial Advice. Our factual algorithm analysis data is intended to train and educate you to make your own choices.

Trades shown are personal trades. We are not financial advisors. Please read our Terms and Conditions before subscribing.