published on: June 22nd, 2022

There is no denying it, trading in this market is tough. It’s volatile, it’s risky and it’s been a wake-up call for those who were complacently riding the crypto waves of the past. Everyone is wondering…Is this the last dip? When will the market recover? Will it recover? Is this the bottom? How can I trade in this market?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the answers to those questions? And, even better, wouldn’t it have been nice to know this was coming before it happened?

Well, one man, Bitcoin Trend & Forecast founder Marius Landman, and his team knew it was coming. They also know how to trade in this market, and know what is coming next.

With a background grounded in starting successful companies and the educational achievements to match, Marius has a passion for building businesses and creating million-dollar investment opportunities. If you didn’t know, Marius has a Masters Degree in Science, certification in Quantitative Surveying, and was a maroon beret Lieutenant in the SA military. He also has qualifications as the Lead Auditor for Quality and Environmental Management Systems – preparing audit reports given to the Coordinator-General in Australia, focusing on pipelines and oil rigs.

In 2016, Marius realised he could use his knowledge, background and experience with mathematical equations, scientific processing, and risk management and apply it to mastering the trend analysis of cryptocurrencies. Developing a technical analysis skillset and proprietary algorithm, like none other in the world, Marius was able to understand the trend of a coin, trade it profitably and become debt-free in a matter of three years, solely trading cryptocurrency.

He took his vision, the required discipline and drive and also the needed appetite for risk management and set up a company to help others achieve financial freedom as well – Bitcoin Trend & Forecast.

In the early years, he was able to call the 2017 HIGH in Bitcoin and advise his subscribers that he was exiting the market with profits. During the first crypto bear market, Marius successfully developed a farming coin technique which landed him 518% gains in the down market for the year. (See Chart below)

More recently, he was the first and only person to call the TOP of the crypto market in May/June 2021 – 6 weeks in advance of the actual event.

Now, knowing all this, wouldn’t you like to have access to this front-running knowledge for yourself? Well, you can! Bitcoin Trend and Forecast has two products that do just that….

If you are blessed with capital and want the opportunity to mirror Marius’ trades, Trade Partners is the group for you. Trade Partners is for the savvy investor who understands cryptocurrency and is already a skilled trader. Being a member of this group gives you access to Marius’ own trade set-ups that you can mirror – all you need to do is buy and sell to enter and exit trades. The cost is substantially lower than that of the Inner Circle as Marius has endeavored to make the price affordable.

For those of you who find mirroring isn’t quite enough and would also like an even more personalized service, then the Inner Circle is your group.

This exclusive, limited membership includes a live weekly webinar with Marius where he will share data and trades solely for the special investors of this group. Membership also includes access to on-call Analysts who help with portfolio reviews and guidance and decision management. This personal touch can ease the anxiety that is acquired from hearing the World News talk of risky asset investments, growing recession and stock markets heading for another week of red.

Marius holds firm on his optimistic views and decisions and has confidence in his technical analysis; something that has gained him well over 500+ 5-star testimonies on his website. Marius’ trading style has always been long term, trading the trends for increased profits and farming coins to arrive at maximum profits.

Even now, Marius is so optimistic about the market, he has made an insane call exclusively for the Inner Circle and Trade Partners members, stating that, by working together, it could be possible to turn $60K into $1.6M, trading a number of 12 selected coins.

Is this something that you would like to be part of? Don’t delay. The challenge has already started and our Inner Circle and Trade Partners members have already begun to trade their way to this goal.

Learn how the team identifies today’s patterns to anticipate tomorrow’s opportunities. Become an Inner Circle or Trade Partners member and start your journey today!

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