The Awesome Foursome

published on: October 22nd, 2022

The Awesome Foursome at BitcoinTAF

So, what is trading in its basic form?

It’s buying and selling a product for a profit – buying low, selling high, taking proceeds along the way AND being able to hold on to those profits.

In trading, we are offered daily opportunities to make money to benefit our lives, however, without learning the correct techniques, skills, tips and tricks and having the correct information we often take uneducated guesses, rely on ‘hopeium’ or allow our emotions to take over, resulting in, at best, missed trades or, at worst, loss of capital.

Here at we have four of, what we think are, the BEST training and education courses in the crypto space – taking you from beginner to advanced, simple to more intricate. By learning new skills and learning new information, you can take advantage of trading opportunities with the knowledge that you are armed with the best information and skills and have learned it from the best of the best.

Our courses, like the students who participate in them, are all individual and different, yet, each is a vital piece of the trading puzzle.

Today, we look at our 4 offerings, learn their similarities and differences, their personalities and how they complement each other to help you in your trading journey.


Our first offering is our HODLNOTS Scalp Trading Course.

Designed for the more active trader, the skill and strategy of scalping involves making quick trading decisions and taking profits on a regular basis. This means buying a coin at a lower price and selling at a higher price in a very short period of time – seconds to minutes. Many small profits, then, can be combined into large gains.

We teach you how to make profitable, quick scalp trades safely and daily, in both up and down markets. You can make scalp trading your main trading style or use it to make profits while you are waiting for your day, medium or long-term trades to play out.

While Scalp trading is not easy, it IS simple.

For the beginner with little to no crypto knowledge, we begin with the basics of the platforms, introduce popular indicators and teach simple ways to use and read them for scalping.

For the accomplished long-term or day trader, we go back to basics, review already understood indicators and also teach how to use them differently for scalping. Some techniques familiar and others completely new.

For both type of students, though, over two weeks, we use our proven tools and techniques, and our specially coded 15-in-1 scalping indicator (included in your course price), to teach you to safely trade for yourself, all with live support from friendly, knowledgeable trainers who guide you every step of the way. We will have you practising and trading after the first two weeks and, by the end of the course, you’ll be trading and having fun with our community (the Den – which is included in your course fee) and be well on your way to profiting daily with continued support and training.

For more information and to purchase this course::


After completing the HODLNOTS Scalp Trading Course, you will be armed with new key knowledge (and /or have completed a great review) and will now be ready to add to your trading skills and take the next step in your journey.

You will be ready to dive into our second offering – the world of Day trading with THE ULTIMATE DAY TRADING COURSE (UTC).

Now, the title is surely a mouthful but for a very good reason! It’s a packed, comprehensive course delivered in a well presented, self-paced format, with live weekly support sessions.

UTC teaches you shorter day, intra-day, swing, and position (long-term) trading strategies. The course provides support like no other day/long-term crypto trading course available today and a live and recorded weekly webinar assists and teaches you. You’ll also have access to highly skilled analysts whose only concern is to help you reach your full potential and goals.

Like many of you, the creator of the course struggled for years to find the best trading strategies and principles and made a lot of expensive trading mistakes. To help you, he summarized and saved all the best skills and knowledge and included them in this course, so that you do not waste time or money and can progress to becoming a high skilled analyst in the least amount of time.

The course has over 30 chapters of only the most necessary information and each chapter comes with a workbook and relevant charts to assist you in your studies. The course is ever-evolving and the chapters are updated and new chapters are added as technology evolves. It will not remain stagnant – we always keep it up to date!

To add to your toolbox, our students will receive life-long access to the best day/long-term indicator with the course for FREE. The indicator has 19 built-in indicators. It will change your trading outlook forever and tell you precisely what markets are doing. NO MORE GUESSING.

Along with this, the indicator has an add-on bot, available separately, that searches different coin pairs and exchanges to bring you high-probability trade setups.

The UTC course is affordable compared to any other day/long-term trading course you will take online and is much more comprehensive, with tons of support. (And the free indicator is worth the price of the course alone).

UTC – The pinnacle of Day & Long-Term Trading Education

For more information and to purchase this course:

You are now most likely taking your trading seriously and want the best tools within your toolbox to make better informed decisions.

Why not upskill even more with our third offering – The Trading with Fibonacci Circles Specialist Course?

Fibonacci Circles is a very powerful tool in technical analysis which maps out the way where the price action may find specific and key support and resistance lines based on the mathematical ratios.

In the self-paced “Becoming a Fibonacci Circle Specialist” course, our students are taught the best methods to implement and draw Fib Circles and Fib Channels that compliment most types of trading and redefine your trading strategies on any timeframe.

If you have any questions, a live and recorded weekly webinar, with our Medium-Term Trade (MTT) analyst, will also assist and teach you and you will be able to ask any questions that you have during the session. The course also includes a workbook which is used to practice what you learn in each chapter.

You can apply the Fib Circle and Fib Channel tools in any trading market in any timeframe. Knowing where the potential bottoms or tops may be and defining your stop-loss levels will guide you to time-perfect entries in combination with the right chart setups. This is ideal for scalping, day trading or swing trading on larger time frames to find pivots where the market may move quickly to targets.

The accuracy rate is based on the amount of confluence the trader can find in the discovering process throughout the course.

Take advantage of these markets to add a skill to your trading arsenal to benefit in the long run if you are serious about trading. The course is currently in pre-sale where the price may increase from December. This product has since been removed from our Store and no longer available.

Our last offering in our awesome foursome group is actually useful to you at any stage of your trading journey – Our DTM Essentials Courses.

These courses are designed for you if you ready to learn about the next wave of Blockchain Projects that have been exploding onto the Crypto scene and want to protect your investments.

The total value locked in decentralized finance has increased by over 4x since July 2020, but the value of cryptocurrency lost to security threats increased by more than 9x between 2020 and 2021. – source

This tells us that although there is tremendous opportunity in the cryptosphere, we need to ensure that we are protecting ourselves and our wallets through education and proper training. The worldwide blockchain market is forecast to grow to over $65 billion by 2026, so there has never been a better time to cement yourself within the space and secure your slice.

DTM Essentials courses were designed with you in mind. Our expert team has provided step by step tutorials, walkthrough videos, workbooks and everything you need to seize these opportunities and squeeze every drop of value from them.

We show you exactly where to focus in order to maximize your results for time invested without the headaches of trying to figure it out on your own.

The first and most important step is laying your foundation with our Wallets & Secure Storage Course. Whether you’re a Bitcoin Beginner or a DeFi Degen, this course will expand your knowledge on Secure Storage and erase bad habits you may have picked up along the way.

Manage your portfolio with ease and position for long-term success with cutting edge storage options that reduce risk while establishing the foundation for additional opportunity in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space.

From there you can jump straight into the action with our Mastering DeFi Course where we teach you the skills to diversify and grow your portfolio with confidence and without requiring traditional centralized systems or the headaches they bring. This course focuses on the most popular networks, platforms and protocols with bleeding-edge technology at your fingertips.

You will spend time directly with our Senior Analysts, on a weekly basis, to develop your master strategy and implement various cutting-edge solutions into one Powerhouse Portfolio.

There you have it, our four awesome courses.

However, this is just the beginning! Our promise to you is that you will always be updated and have the most current information, training and education available.

The crypto space is forever changing and evolving so it’s very important to take full advantage of the time you have now to prepare and position yourself for success. This will be the difference between making uneducated guesses or seeing some good growth and financial freedom for generations to come.


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