published on: August 26th, 2022


“Successful traders do two things:

1. Complete the HODLNOTS Course

2. Complete the Ultimate Day Trade Course

Don’t do it the other way around. Now you are set up to trade. We have seven years of data showing the better educated you are the better chance you must succeed in cryptos.

– Marius Landman – Founder Bitcoin Trend & Forecast


A bold statement to make today in a world of many courses. Like in court, some well-proven facts are usually needed to support this.

So what sets us apart from all other courses? What value and support do our students receive? What level of skill will they reach over time?

We at BITCOINTAF believe that in our ultimate day trading course, students should be free to speak for themselves. We should hear their opinions and how they found value in the system.

Just the truth, Nothing more – Nothing less.


With a top 5-star rating, we see powerful comments like:

“Today I just finished Module 1 of this multi-module course. Module 1 covers the basics to give you a strong foundation in your learning. In my opinion, the chapters on Trading View were priceless”

“The way they compiled the course is easy to follow and understand.”

“The Ultimate Day Trade course is the best training I’ve ever done. It is a life-changing day trade course.”

“Training is excellent, and support is second to none.”

“If you are looking for a course that will enable you to do your analysis, this course is perfect. Highly recommend!”

“The presenters are excellent; the content is world-class.”

“I’ve never encountered a course where so much detail is shared. Everything is taught to the tee! I’m blown away by the standard of the presenters! I wish I could start with this course five years ago when I started my crypto journey. I could save myself a lot of headaches, lost funds, etc.”

‘’This course meets and exceeds all my expectations….”

“I wish this course was available when I first entered this space! I have learned so many more efficient methods of charting and analysis….”

“It’s helpful and great detailed content….”

We are grateful but remain humble and follow our simple yet very effective WAX ON/WAX OFF teaching principle. Ever heard the expression?


The Karate Kid, released in 1984, follows a teenager, Daniel, taught Karate by a humble gardener, Mr. Miyagi.  Through Mr. Miyagi’s teaching, Daniel learns both karate and essential life lessons, such as the importance of personal balance.

His approach to teaching is somewhat different – making Daniel do all types of work around his house but telling him to do it in a specific kind of hand movement. Sanding, painting, cleaning, etc., to the utmost frustration of the teenager until such time that he wanted to give up and scream – ‘’I thought you were going to teach me karate, not be a laborer.”

Miyagi shows him that he has trained his brain to fend off blows by using much repetition and sticking to the hand movements.

We also follow the training rule of sequence, repetition, and ultimately finding confluence with everything to make you a highly skilled analyst.

We only supply the truth – we leave opinions to YouTube and social media.

The Ultimate Day Trade Course with Lifetime Indicator, The Detonator™, is included, and an add-on, The Detonator™Bot – is available to all our students.


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The Day Trade Masters Team

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