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Trade Partners Mirror our Trades

 Mirror our Trades made by Marius Landman and the team of BTAF analysts.

📅 Publish Date : 11-09-2021

The video is an in-depth explanation of what Bitcoin Trend and Forecast Trade Partners is about.


This product was specifically designed for crypto enthusiasts and more experienced traders where you get to mirror trades made by Bitcoin Trend and Forecast (BTAF) founder Marius Landman and the team of BTAF analysts.

This product is also for traders who do not require daily one-on-one analyst support that is provided within the Inner Circle.

You will have access to video content, reports and trade calls.

This product is suited for traders with a portfolio value of $50,000+ with some experience in utilising Tradingview and basic trade indicators. The team can assist you here with the initial set up.


What you will get:

- An immediate one-on-one private and confidential assessment of your portfolio, with our team of analysts.

- Regular crypto trade setups in visual chart format via a private Telegram Channel.

- Clear buy-in zones, exit points with a number of Target Points (TP) to take profit.

- Charts are updated as market moves and clear instructions are given on your next alt coin(s) trade strategy and how to trade the specific alt coins we recommend.

- Manage your own funds and portfolio and decide on which trades to take from our recommendations. We provide clear analysis and instructions that are easy to follow.

- Timely short-, mid- and long-term trade strategies, buy & sell targets, stop limit settings posted in a private Telegram Channel.

- Access to Long Term Trade Reports by Marius Landman included Algorithm Data.

- Weekly live Zoom calls where you can ask any question with Marius and Team.

- Once a month you'll have access to "ask me anything" Zoom call with the team (this is a dedicated live workshop for all members).

- Educational Video content related to Stop Limits, Laddering in trades, and many more.

- Timely guest appearances / speakers (Tax, Finance, new ICOs and anything in this space and related info).

- Options: 6 or 12 month options available.



Email Bill Nolan @ [email protected]

Contact Bill on Calendly:

Contact Bill on Telegram @BillNolan




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Johannes Moore
I've been a member for 5 year plus

I’ve been a member since the old PythonSignals days and have seen the company evolve into I can only speak highly of the p Read More e the old PythonSignals days and have seen the company evolve into I can only speak highly of the professionalism, humbleness and business ethics of the entire team. I’m a member of Inner Circle Trade Partners and my portfolio is up substantially. Great calls, great mindset, great people. I intent to renew again.
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